How To Increase Speed Of Streaming Videos in Browser

Most of the videos streaming is possible in internet all because of Adobe Flash Player. The player loads the video or any media through buffering, the process by which the media is temporarily downloaded onto your computer before playback.

And when your playback stops due to “buffering” this indicates that the download and storage speed is slower than the playback speed.

To prevent this one thing is you increase your internet speed and other option is as follows:

1. Select the media you wish to play in your web browser.

2. Right click on the player and click on the settings of the flash player.

increase streaming video speed on flash player

3. Click the check box to use the hardware acceleration in the first tab.

reduce buffering of flash player

4. Click on the file folder option in the settings.

5. Adjust the slider to set the buffer size on your local storage (this gives space for the media to be downloaded and played in the browser).

reduce buffering of flash player 2

6. Close the window. Now you can stream your videos faster than before by changing these settings as the buffering video file will cache in your local temporary folder to load faster.

You can use the to set the local storage buffering size for all websites at once.

Right Click -> Global Settings

increase streaming video speed on flash player for all sites

These settings are applicable to all Linux, Mac OSX and Windows Computers with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari browser. For the ultimate streaming of videos, you should have at least of 512 kbps of internet connection speed. Is this trick helped you to stream video faster than before? If yes, then please share this post with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

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