How to install Ubuntu/Linux Mint upon Windows using Wubi/Mint4Win?

A common fear among all Windows users migrating/trying out Linux is that they’d miss all their programs and games they enjoyed running on Windows installations.

A peculiar myth is that Linux overwrites Windows partitions while installing. Its completely wrong and dual booting is quite possible with Linux. And with Wubi/Mint4Win, it’s easier than installing Windows Xin addition to Windows 7.

These two gems, coded by some noble souls on the Internet, make Linux atop Windows installation a breeze. Infact, you won’t even have to go through the partitioning bit (Where most people get confused).

Wubi is an acronym for Windows UBuntu Installer. Mint4Win is made for Linux Mint and does the same.

Please note that although the two tools are well tested by many worldwide, including us, neither us nor the developers take any responsibility in case of any kind of bootloader corruption or Partition table malfunction.

Lets move on!


  • A PC with Windows Vista/Windows 7. The program is known to have some issues with Windows XP.
  • Ubuntu/Linux Mint ISO. Download Ubuntu from here. Download Linux Mint from here
  • Free 20GB disk space in any one of your Windows Partitions


  • Download the Ubuntu/Mint ISO and place at a convenient location. Chances are Wubi/Mint4Win installer may be present in the ISO itself.
  • If you’re conversant with ISO mounting, do that and mount the ISO using DAEMON tools or some other equivalent. Else download Wubi from here or Mint4Win from here. Place them in the same folder as the ISO. Steps for both Wubi and Mint4Win are same.
  • Now run the file. It’d automatically detect the ISO. Select the drive, Installation size (Yeah you can change it!), Username-password and just click next. It’ll automatically do the required things

  • Next time you boot, there will be an entry for Ubuntu in bootloader. Select it to install Ubuntu.

  • To remove Ubuntu, simply uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs list!

Thus the two apps make the process easy as pie!

If you like the tutorial, please share! Stay Tuned for Linux tips!



  1. WOW, I clicked on Demo/Fullinstall because I was anxious to test mint and didn’t see the second option. Doing that turned me off from trying mint when it asked me to set up the partition.


    1. He could have meant ‘comfortable’, but by all means, let’s ignore his tutorial and give him an English lesson.

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