Monitor Your Data Usage with Onavolite – A Smart Android Application

There is good news for all the Smartphone users who would like to use best value data plans and keep themselves safe from the bloated data bills at the same time. Onavo Lite, a free and new Android application has been unleashed into the Android Market.

The application helps the Smartphone users to understand which apps are data-thirsty and through its automatic blocking tool blocks them once they exceed the data cap. When you first start it, it registers with the network and then identifies running apps that are using data.

Prior to its use, the clever free mobile application under its data plan set up (data plan and roaming plan) requires the user to feed in his data plan transfer limit, a date on which the data counter should be reset every month and how much you are paying for the plan. The app then shows the amount of data used (on a monthly, weekly or daily basis).

For the roaming plans it offers even more extensive set of options. The application is designed in such a way that it automatically detects the misuse of the valuable data plan by the user.


  • Data hog blocking Restricts specific apps to WiFi, or blocks your 3G data altogether once you exceed your data cap, thereby avoiding any additional costs.
  • Advice Gives good tips on best value data plans from your carrier or other carriers, depending on the actual data usage.
  • Simple setup– Sets your monthly cap, bill cycle and cost

The only downside of the application is that its Android version doesn’t include Onavo’s signature data-shrinking technology, as noticed in the iOS.

Overlooking the downside, Onavolite establishes itself as smart application that monitors and displays the data usage and predicts the usage estimates based on your previous data usage. Onavolite is compatible with Android devices that run OS2.2 or higher.

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