Motorola Defy vs Motorola Defy+ – What’s the difference?

Motorola Mobility announced it’s mid end smartphone last year named as Motorola Defy. This thing got much demand due to it’s sturdy build and rugged surface. Being close competitor to Galaxy Ace from Samsung people went with Galaxy Ace over Defy that was because its poor hardware specs comparatively to the Ace.

Motorola didn’t undergo any major revamp in Defy + but just some minor hardware changes. Looking at every department there’s nothing such worth to be compared as almost every department is same except the CPU and the operating system. This new phone or the successor of Defy has just change in it’s internal hardware and rest is completely same including the dimensions of the phone too.

Defy and Galaxy Ace are just the twin brothers but Defy is rugged where as Ace is delicate as compared to that. Defy and Galaxy Ace shows off the CPU clocked at same speed but Ace ran ahead due to the unofficial Gingerbread ROM initially where Defy lagged.

Defy is modified with increase in CPU clocks for Defy+ and now the all new Defy+ runs at 1GHz instead of previous 800MHz the next modification is based on OS level, the Android 1.6 for Defy which was upgradable only upto Android 2.2 has now broke the limits and now Defy+ is factory ROM’d with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). Defy was pure classic and rugged where as Defy+ reaches new heights of strength and is IP67 certified with dust and water proof feature that too 1m in depth below the water level intact upto 30mins. That’s really impressive and makes Defy+ to be demanded over the mining or navy basis.

Well, yes even the battery for Defy+ undergoes modification and the older 1540mAh battery is replaced with 1700mAh. However in my opinion the the battery backup of the Defy+ will be approximately same like the old Defy due to its 1GHz CPU and Gingerbread being power hungry.

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