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How to Play Music Files Directly From Your Dropbox Account?

Dropbox has undoubtedly become one of the best cloud services trusted and used by many users today. You can upload a diverse range of files like audio, PDF, documents, etc to Dropbox.

You can read the PDF, document or Excel files in the Dropbox but cannot play music files directly from it. And if you want to do so you have to download the music content files to the computer first and then listen to your favorite song or music by opening a local music player.

What we have done here is provided a shortcut to this process with the help of a simple-to-use application. So, you can play the music files directly from the Dropbox.

Drop Tunes is a web application that lets you listen to music files from your Dropbox account. At first glance, the design of the homepage looked like a clone of the Dropbox log in page to me. Here, you are required to fill your Dropbox email, and the associated password with the Dropbox email.

Thereafter, the site redirects you to the Drop Tunes page where the website itself finds audio files present in your Dropbox and lists them to play in a neat order. The audio files are played using a special Drop Tunes audio player. Furthermore, the audio files with formats like MP3, M4A, OGA and WAV are played directly on the browser.

Drop Tunes

In addition the developers of this web app developed an iPhone app of the Drop Tune, that lets you to listen the music files in your Dropbox account on the iPhone conveniently.


  • Plays music files from Dropbox.
  • The iPhone app for this application is available
  • Plays audio files with formats likeĀ  MP3, M4A, OGA and WAV.

In this web app you can toggle yourself between the flash and HTML 5 modes, based on your browser preference. Moreover, this is an extremely useful website that plays the Dropbox audio files seamlessly easy.

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