Precautions To be Taken While Attempting PSP Crack

The Sony PSP is one of the best handheld gaming consoles ever. It is a revolutionary device that redefined portable gaming. Hence for every gamer, it is must to own at least one of these legendary devices.

Since the launch of the Sony PSP, there have been many versions and models that have been launched as time passed by. It all started with the original PSP 1000, then came the ‘Slim’ PSP 2000 and then came the ‘Brite’ PSP 3000. Later on came the PSP Go and recently the Next Generation model named ‘PSVita’ was launched.

Now similar to iPhone Jailbreaking, PSP Cracking is another very interesting topic amongst people. Even though I am not quiet sure whether PSP Cracking is legal or not, I know that this fact hardly makes any difference to people who are interested in cracking their PSP devices. Hence in this post, although I cannot tell you anything about the ‘PSP Cracking Process’ I will tell you about the ‘Precautions that should be taken if you are attempting to Crack your PSP’.

So this post is specially written for all those Sony PSP users out there who want to Crack their devices. Cracking allows you to do a lot of extra stuff and opens up different options and possibilities. So if your are going to try and crack your PSP yourself then before you attempt, please go through the following points to ensure that you make no mistakes and are on the right track.

1. Check your PSP Device

As I mentioned earlier, there are different models of PSP. For example PSP 1000, PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 etc. Hence it is very important to identify which device you have so that you can attempt and use the ‘Proper Firmware Version’ and the ‘Proper Crack’.

2. Update to the Latest Supported Firmware

Every PSP can be updated to the New Firmware that is made available from time to time. But it is very important that you only update your PSP to a firmware that best suits you. What I mean by this is that one should use a PSP firmware that can allow his PSP to run a ‘Permanent Crack’ and provide ‘High Stability’ at the same time.

3. Use the Latest Cracks

There are a lot of Developer Groups who have been releasing Cracks for the PSP. But many of them are outdated or do not function as smoothly as others. Hence it is important that you use a Crack that is ‘Light Weight, Easy to Implement, Easy to Uninstall and Runs without Lags’. I would personally recommend that you try and use the PRO-B10 Crack released by Team PRO.

4. Check your PSP Motherboard Compatibility

There have been a lot of cases and issues where people have bricked their PSPs because they used a Crack that was not supported by their PSP Motherboard. Hence it is very important that you confirm which motherboard you have on your device. There are tools out there on the Internet, which can be run on your PSP even when it is not cracked and they tell you the technical details of your PSP like the Motherboard Version, Generation Number etc.

I would like to add an important note for all the PSP 2000 users. The PSP 2000 model comes in 2 different Motherboard versions. One with an older version that can be easily cracked and the other with a newer version that has the motherboard similar to the PSP 3000.

5. Go for Permanent Crack 

It is very important that you give first preference to ‘Permanent Crack’ instead of ‘Latest Firmware’. So if there is a Newer Firmware available for your device but there is no permanent crack available for it yet, then do not go for it. It is better to stick to an older firmware if it gives your device a permanent crack.

6. Take Care while trying to Downgrade

Many PSP users attempt to downgrade their PSP Firmware versions so that they can enjoy Permanent Cracks on their device. The downgrade process is a little complicated and at times does not support some PSP devices. Hence be absolutely sure that the downgrade process will work on your PSP and only then go for it. Any kind of mistakes here might brick your PSP.

Now that you know what problems you might face, the crack process should be easier. Please ensure that you have taken care of each point mentioned above, because if by any chance you brick your PSP, it will be very difficult and tedious and sometimes even impossible to unbrick it.

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