How to Record complete Android Mobile Activity

How to Record complete Android Mobile Activity with Friday App

Do you want a services which always records your complete activity of Mobile? Are you looking for recording your call data during important calls? Now its possible with the new Friday App. With this Particular App, you can not only store your complete Mobile Calls activity but also can store your complete information about the Gallery, Message data and Location wherever you are traveling with.

While one of the most important feature is that it has the ability to answer all the questions which has been passed to it. For Example: If you ask, How many Missed calls you have received, then it would answer you your query since it is completely a tracking system.

Step 1:
You first have to Download the App from Friday App and then install the app from the Android Market.

Step 2:
Then you will have to create a password for your app, once its done then you just have to start using the app and it will automatically start tracking all your Mobile activity.

Step 3:
Now, when you Startup this app once again, it will show you all your previous tracked details which has been captured in your previous sessions.

Step 4:
Using this App you can now track all details and activities along with to that of  call logs, messages, music you heard, the places you went, photos which you have been taking.

Step 5:
Once you use this app again, it will list out all the App along with tracking sessions which has been captured. It will also show up stats related to your Mobile usage and various things. It also allows you to customize the settings from the settings menu in this App.

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