How To Recover Your Deleted SMS on iPhone in 5 Easy Steps

SMS (Short Message Service)  are the best, popular and hassle free way to get connected. No matter wherever you are, you can still be with your friends through Text messaging. If you have accidentally deleted your  messages, then do not worry. Your SMS messages remain on the iPhone after deletion. When SMS’s are deleted on iPhone they are hidden and are marked for deletion, SMS are then deleted the next time after you sync your iPhone with iTunes.

Recovering deleted SMS is helpful, when you delete your SMS  accidentally and then, you remember it is important for you. So here are some methods given below to recover deleted sms on iPhone.

Steps to Recover Deleted SMS On iPhone:

Note:  Make sure iTunes doesn’t automatically sync with iPhone when connected.

  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes.
  2. In iTunes select Preferences and in it Backup, or right-click on your iPhone and choose back up.
  3. Restore your iPhone by selecting “Restore” under Preferences option.
  4. Restoring your iPhone will restore the previous version of iPhone firmware. And your iPhone will be deleted completely after the new firmware is installed.
  5. Restore your iPhone from the back up you created on step 2 ,this will allow you to restore the data you have saved, including “deleted” text messages.

That’s it. Hope it helps!


  1. What if the messages I’m looking for was received between the last backup and now? Is there a way to retrieve those messages?

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