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N.O.V.A 3, the most challenging action and impressive Sci-Fi Fps franchise is now back once again, and this time on iOS devices. Yes, we are talking about the latest N.O.V.A 3. N.O.V.A 3, also known as  ‘Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance’  is finally availble in iTunes App store. Get the experience of ultimate action & fighting game.

Recently, Gameloft India has officially announced the availability of N.O.V.A 3 for the iOS devices in the App Store.  Also, company has mentioned that an Android version will be available later this month. N.O.V.A. 3 is already the most important & successful part for the company’s growth & scussess. Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (N.O.V.A.) has had 2 previous versions released for both iOS and Android platform.

n.o.v.a 3

N.O.V.A 3 is a sci-fi first person shooter game with a similar feeling to the Halo series. In this latest version of N.O.V.A, the graphics have been improved and you will find some of the interesting upgrades that have been added for better gameplay performance. Along with the solo first player mode, there are multiplayer and solo deathmatch modes as well.

N.O.V.A Storyline

Kal Wardin has been laying low since Folsom’s death, nut now he has received a desperate plea from Yelena to come to Earth. Once again, the hero must rise to save mankind. So, Kal Wardin coming back to save the Earth.

n.o.v.a 3

Overview & Offerings:

  • An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns to Earth after years of exile! Fight in 10 immersive levels across the galaxy, from a war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.
  • Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot, drive vehicles, and pilot a mech to defeat hordes of enemies.
  • Join 12-player battles in 6 multiplayer modes (Capture the Point, Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 6 different maps.
  • For the first time, multiple allies can jump inside the same vehicle and spread destruction on the battlefield.
  • Discover the new FPS benchmark for graphics and gameplay on iOS (real-time shadow & lights, particle system, ragdoll physics, etc.)

About N.O.V.A 3 for iOS Devices:

N.O.V.A for iPhone & iPad is a iOS application lastly updated on 10th May, 2012. The game is running on versions 1.0.0. Size of this game is 1.57 GB & it is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. The game is Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch & iPad.

It requires iOS 4.0 or later. There are new weapons and powers, improved vehicle gameplay and up to 12 player multiplayer mode with six different multiplayer maps. N.O.V.A 3 for iOS devices is priced at 6.99 US Dollars. Buy it today from iTunes store. You can also watch the trailer for N.O.V.A 3, you will find that below. Also check out, Experience FIFA Soccer 12 on iPad & iPhone.

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Machinarium is a puzzle point-and-click adventure game developed by Amanita Design. The game has been already realeased on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry PlayBook, PlayStation 3’s PSN & this time for Android devices. The goal of this adventure game Machinarium is to solve a series of puzzles and brain teasers.

Machinarium on Android

Machinarium was and is still one of the best indie games for the PC platform. That popular and award winning puzzle solving game Machinarium has finally arrived on Android. It is available in the Play Store for $3.99 but the negative part is, it only works with devices that contains HD display.


Machinarium is actually perfect for the touchscreen Android smartphones that are available today in the market. As we know it is point and click puzzle game. This is an award winning adventure developed around world of robots, challenges and puzzles.

Overview & Offerings:

You can discover the steam punk world to progressively solve the puzzles of Machinarium . Also enjoy navigating a clever little robot called Josef from the scrapheap into the city to save his robot girlfriend. Machinarium is a very clever and fun game for those users who enjoy puzzle games and have patience in them.

You can move the robot around by touching where you want it to go and also manipulate the objects within its reach. When you collect the certain objects by touching them, use them separately or combine them to form something to use in your environment. You will get limited hints for every level to help you figure out your next move.


You can solve the puzzles, quests, brain-teasers and mini-games to free the city from the wicked Black Cap Brotherhood robots. The game has been developed with exciting hand-drawn graphics and animations. It bring the robot’s story to life, using unique comic bubbles and symbols to convey the plot.

About Machinarium for Android devices:

Currently, Machinarium only works with devices that contains HD display. It is only supported on tablets and a few phones, like the HTC One X, Sony Xperia S, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Note, etc. May be the reason for this could be the games needs a dual-core processor as a minimum requirement to run it properly.

Machinarium for Android devices is a very entertaining application. It was last updated on 10th May, 2012. The game runs on versions 1.0.0. Size of this game is 17.0 MB & it is available in English. Machinarium is Compatible with Android devices that contains HD display. This application priced at 3.99 US Dollars. Buy it today from the Play Store.

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The latest from the rumor store says Google’s interest lies in developing a social gaming network for Android like Game Center on iOS. Why? Lack of an integrated gaming hub is blocking the gaming market on Android.

Apple’s iOS devices already have access to Game Center, an app that consolidates all the gaming apps and leaderboards together for iOS users in a very organized way. On the other hand, Google, the search giant relies more on third-party solutions provided by Gameloft and OpenFeint. But not anymore! Google is gearing up to provide a similar Game Center hub for Android.

Google’s Game Center for Android:

Like Apple’s Game Center, Google’s version is expected to feature an achievement system which will give people awards and trophies for doing certain things in games. Also it will have leaderboards which will rank players against their friends and a friend finder option that will help players find more online friends.

What is not clear at this point is whether the friend-finding app would rely on Google+, the search giant’s social network or some other services. Given Larry Page’s emphasis on making products interconnected, It wouldn’t be surprising if Google+ integration finds its way into Android’s upcoming gaming hub.

I think Google has started to really understand needs and wants of its mobile users. Personally, I believe the step from Google will not only help it compete against Apple in the mobile gaming space but also draw in bigger and better games and more independent game developers towards it as this issue has been bothering Google for quite some time now.

Lastly, one more area where Google hasn’t been feeling shy at all in mimicking Apple is fixing payment system for Google Play. As you might know Google Play is an online store where players buy Android games and other apps. Changes that will be introduced in payment  system of Google Play  in not-so-distant future will make your experience of buying games from Google Play as smooth as buying them in the App Store.

I, therefore welcome the change from Google. What about you? Any thoughts? Let us know them in the comments section below!

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This is one of the most interesting topics in PSP Gaming. There definitely must have been a question in your mind whether it is possible to copy a Game from your PSPs UMD and paste it onto your computer.

So for all those people who have been waiting to do this and trying for long to copy a Game from your PSPs UMD to your computer there is good news. YES you can! This however is stipulated to one condition and that is you need to have a cracked PSP. What I mean by cracked PSP is that you should have Custom Firmware (CFW) installed on it. Note that you should be using the latest Custom Firmware so that the process can be executed on your device easily.

To be very specific, I would suggest you to go for the PRO-B series of Custom Firmware since they are easy to install and light in weight. And also ensure that you are on CFW 6.20 or higher. So once you are ready to start the process, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the UMD Auto-Start option is Turned Off.
  • Insert the UMD of the game you want to copy in the PSPs UMD Slot.
  • Now press the Select Button on your PSP and you should see the CFW Menu.
  • Move down to the USB DEVICE option, which should be set to MEMORY STICK.
  • Using the Left Arrow key change it to UMD Disc and then EXIT the menu.
  • Now connect your PSP to the computer and select USB Connection.
  • If properly done, instead of the regular Memory Stick you will see the UMD Disc.
  • Simply open it and copy the Image File of the Game to your computer.


This way you can copy all your games to a computer and store them on your system. But once you are done, do not forget to change back the USB DEVICE option back to MEMORY STICK.


This section is going to be really helpful to a lot of people out there. If you have a PSP that uses an older Custom Firmware Version and if it does not allow you to update your PSP Firmware but gives you a message saying, “Your PSP is already up-to-date” then this will solve your problem.

The problem arises because of a file named Version.txt in which your PSPs firmware version is set to 9.90. And in order to update your device all you have to do is follow the same procedure I showed above but instead of UMD Disc, set the USB DEVICE option to FLASH0. Then connect your PSP to the computer and select USB Connection. Now you should be able to access the system files of your PSP. Find the text file named Version.txt and just change your version from 9.90 to say 6.00 or 6.20. Once done save the text file, exit and you should be done !!

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The Sony PSP is one of the best handheld gaming consoles. There are a lot of things that you can do with it apart from playing Games, the main purpose of the device.

And if you happen to have a cracked PSP, then you definitely must have heard about PSP Homebrew Applications. Homebrew Applications are applications that are developed by third parties but are not digitally signed by Sony and hence cannot run on PSPs with Official Firmware (OFW). Of course you might be able to find Homebrew Applications that do work on all PSPs since they are signed. But to be honest, most of the cool Homebrew Applications do require your PSP to run Custom Firmware (CFW).

So here is a list of some of the best and interesting Homebrew Applications that I have been able to find for you. I will surely tell you about all of these but I will not be able to give you the actual files nor will I be able to give you any links using which you can download them. So you will have to find them on your own on the Internet. It won’t take much time if you Google them.

1. Homebrew Sorter

This is one of the best Homebrew Applications you will ever come across. This application lets you sort the Games and Other Homebrew Applications present on your Memory Stick using a proper sorting menu. Many a times it happens that the games you transfer on your Memory Stick are arranged in a manner that you do not like and there is nothing you can do about it, simply because many people think there is no way to do anything about it. But now you will know how simple and easy it is once you get this Application.

2. Lock the Folder

This is another cool Homebrew Application. This application allows you to lock the content on your Memory Stick. So you can lock the Photos, Music, Videos and even the Games present on your Memory Stick using a password system. Hence no one will be able to access your Games and Data without your permission. The best part is, you can lock only those things that you want and the other things can be kept unchanged.

3. Module Checker

This is a Homebrew Application that runs even on a PSP with Original Firmware. Actually speaking, this Application is made specifically for PSP 3000 models running OFW and CFW. Module Checker tells you the MODULE of your PSP 3000. This information is very important and mandatory if you are planning to downgrade your PSP 3000 to an Older Firmware. This is important because PSP 3000 models with Module ‘09G’ have a high probability of not being able to go back to an older firmware. Hence it is very important to check the PSP Module.

4. Chronoswitch Downgrader

As the name suggests, this application is used for the purpose of downgrading. Many a times, PSP users want to downgrade their PSPs Firmware instead of updating it to the Latest Release. Logically speaking, downgrading is not possible but Chronoswitch Downgrader makes it happen. It is easy and simple if you follow the step-by-step process but if you miss out somewhere or do something wrong, then things might get complicated. If you are interested in downgrading your PSP using this tool, then you might want to check out this post.

5. Black Speed 2

This is an application that lets you test the Speed of your Memory Stick. This application provides us with a very simple, fast and easy way to check the READ and WRITE speeds of your Memory Stick. Hence using this application, you can check whether a Memory Stick is Original or not since almost all fake Memory Sticks will show very poor results when tested.

6. PSpaint

This application is fun to use. PSpaint tries to bring the ‘Microsoft Paint’ to your PSP. You can actually draw and color on your PSP and even save the files that you have created. Considering the screen size of the PSP and the limitations due to the controls, the PSpaint does a very good job.

7. Bookr

Bookr is very similar to PSpaint. Because Bookr brings the ‘Adobe Reader’ directly to your PSP. That’s right, using this application you can run PDF files on your PSP. So now you can even read your favorite books on your PSP. How cool is that, you do not need a separate device to run your PDF files.

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The Sony PSP is a very popular handheld gaming device. And many people out there owning a PSP are interested in cracking their PSP. Why? Just to unleash its true power.

Before proceeding further, I would like to mention that ‘Cracking your PSP’ means ‘Installing Custom Firmware’ on your PSP. This allows you to use a lot of Hombrew Applications and Games on your PSP through the Memory Stick.

So in this post, I will let you know how to crack a PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000 model. All the models follow same procedure initially, but later change their course a bit. For your convenience and understanding, I will cover the common part first and then different parts later.


This part is applicable for the PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000. This is the first stage in the process of cracking and hence applicable to all the above-mentioned PSPs. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you are on Official Firmware (OFW) Version 6.60.
  • If not then you should update your PSP to Original Firmware Version 6.60.
  • Check out this post to find out how you can update your PSP device.
  • Now you need to download a file named 6.60 PRO-B10.
  • Search for it on the Internet and you should be able to find it very easily.
  • This file is available as a .ZIP or .RAR file.
  • Extract the contents of the file and you should get three folders named PROUPDATE, FastRecovery and CIPL_Flasher.
  • Now connect your PSP to the computer and to your memory stick copy all the above 3 folders to PSP -> GAME folder.
  • Now disconnect your PSP from the computer and on your PSP go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK and Press X.
  • You should see the 3 files from the folders you just copied.
  • Now first run the file named PROUPDATE by pressing X.
  • On the screen that comes up, Press X and then Press X again to start the PROUPDATE.
  • Your PSP will not restart and the Custom Firmware (CFW) will be installed on it.
  • In order to check this, go to SETTINGS -> SYSTEM SETTINGS -> SYSTEM INFORMATION.
  • There in the field for System Software it should say ‘6.60 PRO-B10’.

So this means you have successfully installed CFW on your PSP.

This completes the common part of the process.


By following the above steps you have installed CFW on your device. But he process is not complete yet. Now depending upon the PSP model you have, it is time to finish the process accordingly. Follow the steps below depending upon your PSP model.

PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 (with Non TA-088v3 Motherboard):

  • On your PSP go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK again and Press X.
  • This time select CIPL_FLASHER and press X.
  • On the screen that follows press X again and then press O.
  • Your device should restart again.
  • Now again head to the location I mentioned above and check whether it says ‘6.60 PRO-B10’ in the field for System Software.
  • If it does, it means you have successfully cracked your PSP with Permanent CFW.

By the way, you guys do not need the FastRecovery file at all. So once you have finished the process, connect your PSP to the computer, go to your Memory Stick and delete the 3 folders that we have copied.

PSP 3000 and PSP 2000 (with TA-088v3 Motherboard):

  • On your PSP go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK again and Press X.
  • This time select FastRecovery and press X.
  • Your device should restart again.
  • You are almost done. By the way, you do not need the CIPL_FLASHER file at all.
  • So once you have finished the process, connect your PSP to the computer, go to your Memory Stick and delete the folders PROUPDATE and CIPL_FLASHER but DO NOT delete FastRecovery.

This is because the PSP 3000 and the Second Version PSP 2000 cannot be permanently cracked. Your CFW will go away once you Restart your device. Hence whenever you do restart your PSP or due to any other reason see that your CFW has been erased, you simply have to run the FastRecovery file again. Your CFW will be back.

By the way, if you have a PSP 2000 and are confused about whether your device has a TA-088v3 Motherboard or not, there are many ways to check that out but there are no guaranteed methods. In order to check whether your PSP 2000 contains a TA-088v3 Motherboard or not you should try these methods:

1. OFW Version when you bought the PSP

If you remember the OFW was present on your PSP by default when you bought it. So the next step is to check whether it is 4.01 or not. If it is, then there is a very high chance that you have this motherboard.

2. Identification Letter of your PSP

If you do have the Box of your PSP, then check for the label that has some bar codes on it and lines like these:

PSP 2000 CW



So if you have a letter G, then again there is a high probability that you have this motherboard.

3. Date Code

Remove the Battery of your PSP and check for the Date Code on the Panel. If it says 8C or 8D then there is a very high chance of your device having this motherboard.

Anyways, if you are not able to find out what motherboard your PSP has or if you do not want to take any risks, then simply use the ‘Second Method’ where we only use the FastRecovery. That way you wont damage your device.

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The Sony PSP runs on a system software referred to as Firmware. And if you are not a newbie in the world of PSP then you very well know that when it comes to the PSP, ‘It’s all about the Firmware’.

For people who do not know much about this, Firmware is the system software that runs on your PSP as I have already mentioned. It acts as the Operating system of your Device and is regularly updated and improved over time by Sony as they find out bugs and problems in their firmware and also when they want to include new features.

People are always trying to find out means to Update their PSP to a new Firmware Version. Another interesting point is that people even try to find out why should we Update our PSP to a Newer Firmware.

The basic reason for updating your PSP to a newer Firmware Version is to stay up-to-date with the latest software and get rid of all the bugs and problems that were present in the previous version. And at the same time it is important to update your PSP Firmware so that you are be able to play the Latest and Newly Launched Games. So let us check out how to do it.

How to Update your PSP Firmware?

There are 2 methods by which you can update your PSP Firmware.

1. Direct Update

  • Connect your PSP to the Internet.
  • Now go to SETTINGS -> SYSTEM UPDATE and press X.
  • The device will detect the latest PSP Firmware that it can support.
  • Download the latest Firmware Version file that has been shown.
  • The installation should start once you finish downloading the file.
  • If it doesn’t, go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK on your PSP and run the Update yourself.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and you are done.

2. Custom Update

Now this method is useful for people who prefer to download the Update File using a computer and then install it on their PSP and for people who want to update their PSP to a new firmware but not the latest One. I said so because, there are a lot of times when you are on Version 6.00 and you prefer to or want to update to Version 6.20 or 6.35 instead of the latest 6.60. So just follow these steps in order to Custom Update your PSP.

  • Search for the PSP Firmware Update file for the Version you want on the Internet.
  • Once you download the file, rename it to EBOOT.PBP if it does not already have that name.
  • Connect your PSP to the computer and open your PSP Memory Stick.
  • Go to PSP -> GAME and make a folder named UPDATE and paste the EBOOT.PBP file into it.
  • Once done, go to your PSP and you should be able to find this Update File in GAME -> MEMORY STICK.
  • Run this file by pressing X and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Your PSP will be updated to the Firmware of your choice.

Now after you have finished updating your PSP using any of the above methods, on your PSP go to SETTINGS -> SYSTEM SETTINGS -> SYSTEM INFORMATION and check the System Software. You should be able to see the Firmware Version to which you just updated your device. Once you finish the Update process, you no longer need the Update file and hence you can delete it if you want.

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The Sony PSP is one of the best handheld gaming consoles ever. It is a revolutionary device that redefined portable gaming. Hence for every gamer, it is must to own at least one of these legendary devices.

Since the launch of the Sony PSP, there have been many versions and models that have been launched as time passed by. It all started with the original PSP 1000, then came the ‘Slim’ PSP 2000 and then came the ‘Brite’ PSP 3000. Later on came the PSP Go and recently the Next Generation model named ‘PSVita’ was launched.

Now similar to iPhone Jailbreaking, PSP Cracking is another very interesting topic amongst people. Even though I am not quiet sure whether PSP Cracking is legal or not, I know that this fact hardly makes any difference to people who are interested in cracking their PSP devices. Hence in this post, although I cannot tell you anything about the ‘PSP Cracking Process’ I will tell you about the ‘Precautions that should be taken if you are attempting to Crack your PSP’.

So this post is specially written for all those Sony PSP users out there who want to Crack their devices. Cracking allows you to do a lot of extra stuff and opens up different options and possibilities. So if your are going to try and crack your PSP yourself then before you attempt, please go through the following points to ensure that you make no mistakes and are on the right track.

1. Check your PSP Device

As I mentioned earlier, there are different models of PSP. For example PSP 1000, PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 etc. Hence it is very important to identify which device you have so that you can attempt and use the ‘Proper Firmware Version’ and the ‘Proper Crack’.

2. Update to the Latest Supported Firmware

Every PSP can be updated to the New Firmware that is made available from time to time. But it is very important that you only update your PSP to a firmware that best suits you. What I mean by this is that one should use a PSP firmware that can allow his PSP to run a ‘Permanent Crack’ and provide ‘High Stability’ at the same time.

3. Use the Latest Cracks

There are a lot of Developer Groups who have been releasing Cracks for the PSP. But many of them are outdated or do not function as smoothly as others. Hence it is important that you use a Crack that is ‘Light Weight, Easy to Implement, Easy to Uninstall and Runs without Lags’. I would personally recommend that you try and use the PRO-B10 Crack released by Team PRO.

4. Check your PSP Motherboard Compatibility

There have been a lot of cases and issues where people have bricked their PSPs because they used a Crack that was not supported by their PSP Motherboard. Hence it is very important that you confirm which motherboard you have on your device. There are tools out there on the Internet, which can be run on your PSP even when it is not cracked and they tell you the technical details of your PSP like the Motherboard Version, Generation Number etc.

I would like to add an important note for all the PSP 2000 users. The PSP 2000 model comes in 2 different Motherboard versions. One with an older version that can be easily cracked and the other with a newer version that has the motherboard similar to the PSP 3000.

5. Go for Permanent Crack 

It is very important that you give first preference to ‘Permanent Crack’ instead of ‘Latest Firmware’. So if there is a Newer Firmware available for your device but there is no permanent crack available for it yet, then do not go for it. It is better to stick to an older firmware if it gives your device a permanent crack.

6. Take Care while trying to Downgrade

Many PSP users attempt to downgrade their PSP Firmware versions so that they can enjoy Permanent Cracks on their device. The downgrade process is a little complicated and at times does not support some PSP devices. Hence be absolutely sure that the downgrade process will work on your PSP and only then go for it. Any kind of mistakes here might brick your PSP.

Now that you know what problems you might face, the crack process should be easier. Please ensure that you have taken care of each point mentioned above, because if by any chance you brick your PSP, it will be very difficult and tedious and sometimes even impossible to unbrick it.

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Is Microsoft really on its way to announce the Most Powerful Gaming Console rumored as Xbox 720 ? And can we soon get our hands on its new and ‘Next Generation’ gaming console?

Well, Although there is not much information available on the new gaming console by Microsoft, it is quite possible the company will be looking for a ‘Total Victory’ this time.

In the battle between the ‘SONY PS3’ and ‘XBOX 360’, Sony clearly won the war as it was superior in terms of Technology. In spite of this, the Xbox 360 was able to out sale the PlayStation 3 to some extent. So now, the duo have moved to the ‘Next Round of the Battle’. A round that involves the release of new  and ‘Next Generation Consoles’.

Xbox 720

The Xbox 720 is rumored to be the ‘Most Powerful Console’ as it will pack in ‘6 Times’ more power than it’s predecessor, the Xbox 360. The console designs and concepts are not out yet.

This device is expected to include some kind of ‘Hybrid Chip’ that could make it super fast and smooth. It is therefore clear that the new ‘Xbox 720’ will be able to support DirectX11, multi-display output, 3D and 1080p HD Video.

 Tech Specs of Xbox 720

As I said earlier, it seems that this console will be powered with some kind of ‘Fusion Chip’ or a high-end AMD series. Pair this with an equally powerful GPU and you will be able to experience something like never before.

Most likely, this console will use the standard ‘Blu-Ray’ for their games or might even switch to pure Flash Memory. Even the Controllers design could be changed and different from what we had till now.

It would be interesting to see if Microsoft comes up with a totally new way to fuse the Standard Controller and the Kinect Technology. It is also quiet possible that this console could be running on a Windows 8 based system which will extend the power of connectivity with other Microsoft devices.

Another important feature that people will have their eyes on is ‘Whether Microsoft will lock games to accounts and whether the new Xbox 720 will be able to play used games’. And of course, support for ‘Backward Compatibility’ will always be a bonus.

And if your are really interested to know what other gaming giants are doing, then check out few more on topics like,

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If the logo below reminds you of all those awesome games you played/ memories you shared in past and if it gives you Goosebumps all over your body, then you are one of the many true fans of the ‘Sony PlayStation’.

The very logo defined the word ‘Gaming’.

Sony undoubtedly has best managed to continue this legacy, which started with the original PSX and then carried over by PS2 and then PS3. Now, Sony has decided to launch yet another masterpiece. ‘The PS4’.

Yes, the above logo might very soon be flashing on your TV screens once you get your hands on the ‘New PS4’ or ‘Orbis’, which is rumored to be the Codename for this new console just the way the new PSP was codenamed Vita.

Sony PlayStation 4:

According to trusted sources, the PS4 (codenamed ‘Orbis’) will be out in the summers of 2013! Sources have also revealed that ‘Select Developers’ have already received development kits for the PS4 at the beginning of the year; while newer and improved versions of this development kits have been sent out constantly. A much more finalized ‘Beta’ version will be shipped to developers by the end of 2012.

Tech Specs (The Good Part):

Sources have been stating that currently, the working hardware for Sony’s next-gen console includes an AMD x64 CPU and a Southern Islands GPU, with the console capable of resolution output up to 4,096 x 2,160, with the GPU featuring enough pixel-pushing power to comfortably support 1080p 3D gaming. Sony is also aiming to provide support for the latest 4K video playback standards in its Orbis console.

So what you can now imagine is a full fledged, highly powered and an awesome looking gaming console that will set a new benchmark in the world of gaming. The image below is rumored to be one of the most possible designs for the PS4:

Oops! (The Bad Part):

Now this is going to hurt a lot but we still have to wait and watch till the end to find out how much of it is actually true. So even though the PS4 is going to be a blast, there are a lot of things that might emerge as a roadblock in its success as a gaming console.

1. NO Backward Compatibility:

Sources state that the PS4 won’t offer backward compatibility and hence even PS3 games can’t be played on it and Sony leaks ‘No Plans’ of offering this feature.

Now if this is true, then a lot of people will have to hang on to their PS3s if they want to continue playing PS3 games.

2. Not compatible with used games:

It is believed that PS4 won’t allow used games to be played on the machine. It will have some sort of ‘Lock or Check’ that will stop used games from running on the console. So you ‘have to’ buy ‘Brand New Games’ either as Blu-ray discs or through PSN.

3. Compulsory PSN Account:

Now you can’t just buy a game disc and start playing right away. Why? The store has bought discs that ‘have to’ be locked to a single PSN account, where you can save your game data to your HDD or sync it so that you can download it later.

4. Internet Connection;

Yes, the PS4 needs a valid PSN account! It also requires an ‘Internet Connection’ to Start! So now it’s almost impossible to mess and fiddle with this console and get ways around it.

Personally, i feel PS4 is totally worth trying. Till then, let us keep our fingers crossed.

(Thanks to the sources from Kotaku)