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In last year, the tablet war erupted and heated up between almost all mobile manufacturing companies.  Every other company is trying to launch its own variation of tablet devices. While some are giving it a shiny look and making it looks beautiful, some are providing more attention towards processing power and usability. Though in the beginning, many contenders were seen competing for market share, looks like, only two of them are making it up; although many do consider Acer Iconia also to be in the race.

Obviously we are talking about two most famous and heavily sold tablet products, viz. Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although both products offer similar kind of hardware configuration and other services, which one is superior if we get a chance to buy any one out of these two and which one could provide us more reliable & efficient service? Let us find out!


We have tested Apple iPad 2 and Samsung galaxy tab based on various criteria like price, features and so on. For the sake of convenience, we have tabulated head-to-head comparison so as to make it easier to compare these two devices.

iPad 2 Galaxy Tab 10.1
OS iOS 4.3 Android 3.0
Display 9.7-inch, LED-backlitIPS LCD with 1024x768px resolution 10.1-inchPLS LCD with 1280x800px resolution
Processor 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 1Ghz dual-coreCortex-A9 processor
Versions based on storage 16GB / 32GB / 64GB 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Expandable memory No Up to 32Gb
Rear camera/Front camera 0.7MP Fixed-Focus720p video/0.3MP VGA 3.0MP Auto-Focus with LED Flash (720p)/ 2.0MP
Network Support 2G, 3G Network, HSDPA at 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA at 2.0 Mbps Capability 2G, 3G with HSDPA at 21 Mbps & HSUPA at 5.76 Mbps
Other Features GPRS ,EDGE, GPS & A-GPS, MicroUSB Support, TV Out Support GPRS, GPS, EDGE, MicroUSB, Adobe Flash 10.1 Support
Price(Wi-Fi only) $499 (16GB)$599 (32GB)$699 (64GB) $499 (16GB)$599 (32GB)

Although from table we can clearly see that Galaxy tab by Samsung is clearly topping many of the criteria, we shouldn’t forget that iPad 2 was launched before Galaxy Tab 10.1 and is backed up by a brand as strong as anything, Apple. If we are to check availability of applications for both iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab, Apple Tab manages to surpass Galaxy Tab by quite some distance.

In the end, all matters is your ability and desire to spend cash. If you want to have a Tablet device that is stylish and make you look ‘cooler’ but on other side also has some serious processing power and other features, you might do good with Apple iPad 2 but if you don’t pay attention to looks and simply, efficiency of tablet is what matters to you, then definitely go for Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Whichever device out of these two, you are thinking about purchasing, please do not get biased after reading this comparison; this doesn’t tell the whole story!

You should still decide your pick only after getting demo of each tablet. Be sure, whatever you choose out of these two, you are going to get the best!

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The Apple iPhone and iPad are classy devices but with a big screen which gets dirty quickly. Despite of having an anti-oil coating on screen it shows fingerprints and smudges so easily. These little obstinate specks of dust like smudge marks and oily finger prints makes Apple’s new beautiful device to look less appealing.

how to clean ipad and iphone

It’s really important to keep your screen clean because even small amounts of dust and dirt can damage the screen coating leading to more scratches. Spare some time to make your iPhone and iPad shine like new product just as it was out of that Apple packaging.

Cleaning the iPad and iPhone Screen:

  • First turn off the iPad / iPhone and then disconnect it from any external power sources and other accessories.
  • Gently wipe the screen with very soft and slightly damped cloth. Be sure to not allow moisture to get into the openings of the iPad/iPhone.
  • Do not spray cleaners directly onto the item.
  • Repeat until the screen is clean again.

Never use any type of cleaning solvent such as Windex or Window cleaners which includes rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover and other chemical agents. Use only water and a lint free scratch resistant cloth to clean the screen.

The chemicals in window cleaners can damage the oleophobic screen coating and can make thae iPad/iPhone screen less responsive to touch over time. The 3M Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is usually preferred which is available in the Apple store.

Clean your expensive device iPad/iPhone carefully and regularly so that it continues to look great and retains its value over time. Another way to keep your screen clean is by using an invisible SHIELD or other protection device. There are wide variety of accessories for iPad and iPhone like cases, covers and protective shield to protect the device, ranging from affordable price to even luxurious ones. These screen protectors will protect the delicate screen and keep it clean.

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Reading E-books books in leisure time will require your imagination to do all the hard work to add that extra bit of geekness. However, with the debut of Booktrack readers can freely imagine the character and atmosphere in the story.

Booktrack is a New Zealand born; New York based company and an iOS application that adds sound tracks and sound effects to your reading subject.

Music or sound effects follow the reader on words-per-minute reading speed basis. A handy speed test is also devoted inside the application to test your reading speed. The application allows minimal social media integration.


Booktrack, invariably makes an attempt to create a more engaging way to read books and enhance the experience to keep you absorbed in the story for a longer duration.

The idea to develop this application was first proposed by Mark Cameron, co-founder and brother to Booktrack chief executive and co-founder Paul Cameron.

The idea had originated when Mark Cameron was traveling in Hong Kong and attempted to read a book and listen to music on his iPod simultaneously.

He wondered if there could be any possible way to combine both the experience. Three years later, Cameron’s converted this wonder positively into a $13 E-book application.

Readers have the leverage to personalize reading speeds on their idevices. Soundtrack of the application matches pace with the story progression and adds music and sound effects to influence understanding of a scene depicted in the book.



Thus, if you go by the theory you can hear the clang of swords and impact of every blow when it comes to a fight scene.

One is free to fine-tune the sound effects volume, add a bookmark to any page or change the theme of the book page and share whichever part of the book he likes via Facebook.

Adjustment options

Booktrack is a free application that offers you both, free and paid versions of books and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The collection is however restricted to limited books only such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Power of Six, Selfish Giant and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi).

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‘Facebook’ app for iOS has always been welcomed by users, in my experience till today I have never seen any iDevice without the free Facebook app. Recently Facebook introduced new app which supported every phone called as ‘Facebook for every phone’ well, the essence of iOS was missing from long time as the PC version (website) of Facebook undergoes couple of changes every time. Never the late, Facebook for iOS is update with lots of (you can say monstrous) updates.

Have a quick look on the app update,

Made it easier to share with who you want

  • Added the ability to tag friends and places in posts
  • Added the ability to share external links from a web view
  • Added new design for Profile and Group Walls
  • Improved the sharing tool to add privacy controls on posts and match your settings on the web site
Improvements and bug fixes
  • Improved Notifications speed
  • Fixed a number of Chat bugs
  • Made it easier to select filters in News Feed
  • Fixed a bug with the Notifications bar disappearing
  • Fixed a number of Photos bugs
  • Improved performance and stability overall
This app brought handy feature for Facebook even on iDevices, the ability to tag friends, places, control privacy which could be only done from PC can be also done from your iPhone or iPod Touch. I am impressed with the bug fixes rather than the updates as Facebook app for iOS had hell lots of bugs, this update brought a new, a lighter experience of Facebook for iPhone.

Here’s how to get this update

  • If you are existing user of Facebook app, just head to App store and you will be notified with an update for Facebook, do that and you are done!
  • You can also connect your device to iTunes using Dock Cable and update it from there.
  • If you use the cracked version, just head to Install0us app and check your update list.

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In this era of Tablet computing we picked two of the latest tablets against one another. The Apple’s iPad2 and the Motorola XOOM two respectable tablets under market right now the kind of price  almost similar to one another and both have similar hardware under the hood such as large displays, 1GHz Dual Core Processor, Front and Rear cameras so let’s compare these devices and see which one will be the favorable among the two.

apple-ipad-2-vs-motorola-xoom comparison

Detailed Comparison of Apple iPad 2 Vs Motorola XOOM Tablets:

The Design

On the surface they might not look different from one another built with premium choice materials. The first thing that captures our attention  is  iPad’s intricate razor thin profile an engineering marvel when compared to the XOOM, the Motorola XOOM being 0.5” is thicker than the iPad2 being 0.34”.

The iPad2 with its sides give a comfortable feel and also prefer the brushed Aluminum case better equipped at repelling scratches, debris, and fingerprints. Whereas XOOM, its metallic rear casing is vulnerable to dirt, finger impressions and is rather difficult to clean as well.

The Display

One of the major differences between the two tablets is the display. The XOOM is built with 10.1” LCD display with the resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels versus the 9.7” IPS display of the iPad 2 having the resolution 1024 x 768 pixels. And the oleo phobic coating on the iPad 2’s display makes it very easy to clean versus the XOOM.

The audio

Since the iPad 2 carries over the same single speaker, it’s nice to see that the XOOM employs two speakers, left and right, which enables it to deliver stereo sound.

The volume rocker of the iPad 2 is exponentially better than the tiny and rather stiff felling volume buttons with the XOOM.

The Camera

Both have one front faced camera for easy video chat. With the iPad2 it’s a VGA camera while on Motorola XOOM  its higher 2MP camera and also both have rear one with iPad2 having  720 / 30p video  and the Motorola XOOM with 5 megapixel AF with dual-LED flash, 720 / 30p video.

The connectivity Ports

The preference is for the Motorola XOOM just because it equips in a traditional way with different ports like MicroUSB port for data connection, for power connection you got a proprietary jack, a micro HDMI port so you connect your HDTV to it and also MicroSD port to expand the storage capacity of the Tablet, whereas in iPad 2 it utilizes only one dirty connectivity port for all your accessories.

The operating system

The Motorola XOOM installed within the Android 3.0 Honeycomb responding little bit slower than the iOS4.3 of iPad2 but the XOOM is preferred much here because it gives you plenty of personalization aspects compared to iPad2 with restricted personalization. Also the Motorola XOOM comes with built in Flash which you cannot find in the iPad2.

The battery

The iPad2 gives you a better battery backup with 25Wh compared to the XOOM with 6,500mAh

The price

Motorola XOOM is priced with tag of $800 (Wi-fi only version is available on $499 now) with free upgradation to 4G connectivity the iPad2 comes in different versions to choose starting from $499 till $729.


Now this is your part to fill. I managed to keep everything about these 2 Tablets in front of you. You decide the conclusion and post it on the comments. I prefer Android OS instead of iOS. So, my choice will be any of Android Tablet. What is yours? Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for more Gadgets reviews.

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Today, the joke became real, the iPad is able to do phone calls using a small application developed by an Arabian team iPhone islam the application called Phone it iPad.

phone it pad

What is “Phone it iPad” ?

Phone it iPad is an application developed by Egyptian Team called   “iPhone islam”  this hack works only on iPad 3G with iOS 4.3.3 with a jailbreak , you can download the application from Cydia, of course can not have it from the App store.  Some thinks, that the application is like “Skype” which works through Internet protocols, but this is wrong, the application makes iPad as a real phone that accepts a SIM card with a communication network , this application works only with 3G devices because it is able to deal with the SIM cards .

How to Install ?

Install PhoneIt-iPad via Cydia through iPhone islam official source.

It will install the application and you will be asked for activation by buying a copy with ($ 19.99) and you will be directed to the site purchase.

After activation your iPad will restart and shows the phone icon and the icon of messages.

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The iPad 2 is definitely the Apple’s greatest tablet in the markets right now. Most recent iPad is lighter, thinner and faster with sophisticated upgrades across hardware and software. Apple iPad 2 is basically just one huge pane of glass that is scratch able, crack able, breakable glass, so one must handle this fragile device with an extreme care. There seems to be a big demand for iPad 2 cases to protect the device, ranging from affordable price to even luxurious ones.

Apple iPad 2 Cases are of immense importance, they not only cover up the iPad’s screen and back so that you can toss it in bag without worrying about it. They fold and bend into stands that support the iPad at angles this is ideal for typing, watching videos. These cases add on to its looks and make it feel like a notebook, opening up for easy note-taking, reading and lots more.

Here are few of the best Apple iPad 2 cases listed below, will help you select the best one as per your need.

1. The Padova by Orbino Luxury Case

These fine leather iPad 2 Cases are a full cover design integrates with Apple’s Smart Cover Technology. It is slim and matches the sleek design of the iPad 2 and is handmade to give high-performance to protect the front and back of the iPad tablet. It is priced around $689 and is available in Black, Brown, Deep Red and Pecan colors.


2. The Aquapac Waterproof case

The Aquapac case gives protection from water, dust and sand practical design for outdoor iPad users. It is priced around $47.48 with some attractive features. This high-end case uses ultra-secure plastic seals and has high-frequency welded giving assurance against leakage or grainy sand slipping inside. It also floats on water and each corner has grommet holes allowing users to secure the case to your backpack or boat.


3. Miniot iPad- Wooden Case

The Miniot case is Holland made iPad 2 cases which is carved from a single piece of wood. It uses magnets to grip the case tightly to the device and allows easy opening and closing it. This simple and elegant iPad 2 cases price starts at $70.


4. Speck iPad 2 FitFolio Case

The FitFolio ultra-slim case has a classy sleek, padded design and it is priced around $39.97. The custom fit cradle holds your iPad 2 firmly and the stylish cover folds back into a stand making it ideal iPad 2 case for working, reading, viewing, presentations and lots more.


If you find this article helpful, then do not forget to share this article on the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus! Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for more Gadgets reviews and comparisons.

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iPad 2 jailbreak was recently out early this month. Being a totally new device on the platform not all tweaks which run on iPhone / iPod / iPad 1 are supported on iPad 2. The iPad 1 tweaks cannot be made available to iPad 2 as they don’t run perfectly. So here are few must have tweaks for iPad 2 which will totally changed they way it used to be.

1. Winterb0ard

Winterb0ard is unofficial theming client for iOS. Its already been successful on the small screen (iPhone/iPod) and even the iPad 1. Installing this tweak totally changes the why how iPad 2 looked by replacing fonts, sounds, backgrounds and icons. Already there are variety of themes developed very few among them look good on iPad 2. I’ll highly recommend this tweak it’s available for free at Cydia store.

2. Dreamb0ard

Dreamb0ard is successor of Winterb0ard which supports additional elements which were being limiting for Winterb0ard. Dreamb0ard brings elegant user interface to iPad, it changes the way how iOS looked. Certain themes from Dreamb0ard can even add HTC Sense like touch or Android 3.0 neon element to the iPad 2. Dreamboard is priced at $2.99 at Cydia store.

3. SB Settings

Already been one of the most popular tweak for iPhone/iPod, SB Settings now also works on iPad 2. SB Settings create a shortcut gesture over the clock which allows you to access all your settings directly from the home or lockscreen without actually going into the settings app. SB Settings is available at Cydia Store for free.

4. RetinaPad

If you ever tried running the same iPhone only applications on iPad they look blowned up. Since iPad 2 have more resolution than iPhone, running iPhone apps on iPad makes it upscaled with poor build. RetinaPad is a perfect jailbreak tweak to run all your iPhone apps on iPad. It fixes the pixels and makes the app look really good on iPad size. RetinaPad is available at Cydia store for free.

5. PhoneITiPad

For running this tweak you must be having the 3G version of iPad 2. Basically Apple designed iPad to get only data service over 3G but PhoneITiPad made is possible to get calling facilities too. Using PhoneITiPad you can gain access to calling facilities which people normally get over iPhone so you can use your iPad as phone too. PhoneITiPad is available for $20 at Cydia Store.

6. Barrel

If you are tired of the same sliding menu changing animation, here’s a perfect solution for you. Barrel changes the way how menu slides by addition of various effects like 3D Cube, Spiral etc. These are sheer unexpected effects, just install Barrel and see the magic. Barrel is available for $3.00 at Cydia store.

7. iFile

If you are a developer or if you like playing with the device source code, iFile is the app you are looking for. Editing the source code is pretty tough job from PC and if you go wrong anywhere you might crash up everything. iFile allows editing the source code from your device itself. It works pretty smooth and is more safe than SSHing the device and using plist editors over PC. iFile is available for free at Cydia Store.

8. GridLock

GridLock is a very small tweak which unlocks the grid like assembly of the icons at home page and allows you to place your icons anywhere on the home screen. It’s just like basic Windows ‘Arrange to Grid’ concept brought over iPad. GridLock is available at Cydia store for $0.99.

9. PkgBackup

Sometime due to accidents your purchased app from Cydia might be get deleted, that results in buying the app again. Its total burn to the pocket if the app is not cheap. Now there’s no need to worry about this issue, PkgBackup brought an all new way which backs up your purchased applications, tweaks over Cydia. So even if you loose the app, you can restore it from PkgBackup without spending any money by downloading it again. PkgBackup is available at Cydia store for $7.99.

10. FullForce

FullForce is just an alternative to RetinaPad and performs just same like it. FullForce allows to run iPhone apps at full resolution on iPad 2 eliminating the distortions and making it pure iPad app. Using FullForce with ‘BytaFont’ gives a perfect example how things were and will be. Like RetinaPad, FullForce is also available for free at Cydia store.

11. BytaFont

BytaFont is an appearance tweak, you might think it something related to Fonts from its name and Yes!, BytaFont is a jailbreak tweak allowing to change the existing Apple font provided on your iPad. There are many BytaFont supported fonts available at Cydia store. BytaFont is available for free at Cydia store.

12. PDF Patcher 2

iPad 2 got lot’s of PDF security holes, one of this hole was itself responsible for the Jailbreak of iPad 2. These security holes are readily attacked by malwares. PDF Patcher 2 plays important role in fixing this holes making your device safe from malwares. PDF Patcher 2 is available for free at Cydia store.

13. Infini folders

In iOS, you are restricted to put only 12 apps in each folder on home page. This in some cases turns out to be hectic increasing the number of pages. Infini folders allow to put infinite number of applications in each folder which can be easily accessed by scrolling down the apps in the folder up and down. Infini folders is available for $1.99 at Cydia store.

14. LockInfo

Tired of the same lock screen with just a clock, a wallpaper and slide to unlock text. LockInfo adds some exiting elements to your lockscreen making it same like Android. The basic difference between Android and iOS is the widgets on the lockscreen which give pretty fast access for all the applications. Since iOS officially lacks this feature the jailbreak developers took over this and developed LockInfo which adds lists of widgets on your lockscreen making it readily like Android lockscreen. LockInfo is available at Cydia store for $7.99

15. Some Minor Tweaks

  • CyDelete: Allow you to delete application downloaded from Cydia just like you do for other applications.
  • iNoRotate: Disables auto rotate of screen.
  • MultiIcon Mover: Allows selecting and moving multiple icons at once.
  • No LockScreen: Completely removes the lockscreen and slide to unlock text unless you have not set any passcode.
  • Keyboard fixer iOS 4.3 +: Fixes the keyboard bug in iOS 4.3+.

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Finally, iPad 2 has got jailbreaked! And that has made jailbreakers lay their hands on iPad 2 app development. Among these jailbreak app one is  Winterb0ard – Theme client for iOS but here I’ll also discuss about Dreamboard – Jailbreak app for theming iOS in all different way. So here’s some Winterboard as well as Dreamboard themes which I personally prefer on iPad 2.

Winterb0ard Themes for iPad

1. BlueiPad V2

A cool detailed theme for iPad 2 which includes SBSettings Theme and skins for Battery, Safari, Mail App, Ipod, Settings, a new look to Lockscreen, User Interface featuring Sounds, renewed dock for Multitasking and also PSD icons.

BlueiPad V2 is available on Cydia store for $2.00.

2.iFlat HD

A Simple and most loved theme for iPad 2, I just love the classic interface and color scheme of the theme. Once applied your device looks elegant and rich. It replaces almost every system icon matching with the interface and brings blueish feel to the screen.

iFlat HD is available on Cydia store for $1.50.

Dreamboard Themes for iPad

3. Midnight v1.0

Bringing total modification in your user interface Midnight v1.0 is darkish theme with blue neon element. The ideal example of the theme is Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) user interface seen on Motorola Xoom. This theme brings the same interface on your iPad 2.

Midnight v1.0 for Dreamboard is available for free here.

4. Boxor HD

Boxor HD totally replaces your device initial interface and brings cool black smooth interface and in addition to that integrates widgets on the lock screen with some shortcuts for iPod, Chat, Call and settings too.

Boxor HD is available on Cydia store for $2.29.

5. AppleCore HD

AppleCore HD brings wallpaper scripts and animated weather widgets too,  lock screen. It brings the feeling of HTC Sense running on iDevice. Along with this it has newly designed quick-launch and dock submenus with live RSS feed too. AppleCore HD is available at $2.99 here.

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Apple iPad 2 owners the wait is now over and it’s time to rejoice! The always wanted jailbreak for iPad 2 is floating on the surface. JailbreakMe 3.0 brings untethered jailbreak for almost all new Apple devices which even includes iPad 2 and rest all

  1. iPad 1
  2. iPad 2
  3. iPhone 3GS
  4. iPhone 4
  5. iPhone 4 CDMA
  6. iPod Touch 3G
  7. iPod Touch 4G

It is supported only on the devices which is running on iOS 4.3.3 (except iPhone 4 CDMA, running on 4.2.6). It’s all easy and no need of putting your device into DFU mode and all that hectic. It’s brought by the @comex and is the newer version of the same JailbreakMe which jailbreaked iOS 4.0. And its that simple as the JailbreakMe 2.0, Simple steps and you are done.

Here’s how to jailbreak,


iTunes, Dock Cable and WiFi connectivity or 3G network access.

Note: Make sure your device is in the supported list and is running on iOS 4.3.3.

Step 1: Connect your device to iTunes and take a backup and disconnect from PC.

Step 2: Launch Safari and browse “http://www.jailbreakme.com.”

Step 3: Now select “FREE”

Step 4: Tap on “Install”

Step 5: It’s done, Safari will close and Cydia will start installing.

Note: If anything goes don’t panic, just reboot your device and try again.

This method doesn’t work on the same L1merain exploit but does run on a very new PDF exploit and jailbreaks which executes your device’s code modify it which jailbreak’s your device.

It’s rumored that new iOS 4.3.4 might come up with a fix which will fix this exploit, but no such word from Apple yet and also iOS 5 is already announced. Let’s see what’s on their mind.

If you try Jailbreaking your device which is not on 4.3.3, Safari might crash every time when you try installing JailbreakMe 3.0 and will show the following screen,