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There are many ways by which you can promote affiliate products easily over the Internet. I, however selected the most comprehensive and effective way of promoting affiliate products which every pro-Internet marketer considers as “the best”.

Getting your business out there and advertised in the digital age isn’t easy. Name and reputation will only get you so far. Sometimes you need help to get yourself out to customers over email, social media and even search engines. When it comes to online marketing, you are not going to find anywhere better than Network Solutions. They offer everything a business could possibly need to get their popularity up and their name out there to potential clients. One of the best things offered by Network Solutions is their pay per click advertising. This neat little way of using photo banners can help to draw the eye of potential customers and you still get paid when they find their way to your website. Email marketing can help you to stay in touch with existing customers and to help draw them back in to make them loyal returning customers again and again. With these different types of marketing you can be certain that you are covering all of your bases. Customer service at Network Solutions is some of the best around.

They do their best to be constantly in touch with you while you are creating your marketing plan. Once your marketing plan is in effect, they will be in touch regularly to share results and answer any questions you might have. Network Solutions covers all the bases when it comes to taking care of your business. Their marketing strategies are cutting edge, and they will implement them in your business, no matter the size of your company.

First thing to ensure before promoting affiliate products is that you should have a website that not only relies on the affiliate link but also impressive and good quality content.

Website Traffic

One thing you must consider while promoting affiliate products is how you divert traffic to your website. This is of course the main concern of every website owner. Because, when it comes to Internet marketing nothing is more important than getting enough traffic to the pages of your website where the affiliate products are displayed. So, the best way to promote affiliate products is building enough traffic to your website. How?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Get your website ranked among other sites that promote affiliate products by optimizing it through search engines. SEO is a great way for people to find your site easily on search results.

There are various things though you must consider while optimizing your site, but one thing that is very important other than web-page tweaking is to make sure you have included meta tags on each page of your site. It is also important to submit your sitemaps to the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

Another method of optimizing your website is coming up with good quality content daily and regularly. This helps search engines list your site on search results. The more content your site has, more are its chances to get listed in search engines, and this means getting more traffic. And more traffic means more leads to the affiliate product you are promoting.

eBook Marketing – This is an excellent way of promoting the affiliate products you are selling. eBook is a virtual book that contains certain amount of information on a specific topic.

With an eBook, you can improve your online reputation, drive more traffic and aside from that you can link your affiliate ID which can earn you a chance to increase your online sales of the affiliate product you are promoting. Make sure your eBook is free and it gives everyone the permission to host your eBook on their sites too.

One good thing in eBook marketing is that it can become viral. If your eBook has a very good and excellent content, people will like it and distribute it to others who are interested. This in turn helps you generate more traffic to your site and therefore more sales. It is also good that you must submit your eBook to other online eBook directories, so that more people can download it easily.

Create Your Own product

I came across a website that details an effective way of promoting an affiliate product and it says, “to promote an affiliate product is by creating your own product” to which I absolutely agree.

I have been in online marketing business for over a year now and I believe that creating your own product is an excellent way of promoting an affiliate product aside from driving traffic to your website.

One example is eBook marketing, which I have already mentioned above. eBook is one of your personal product to which you can link your affiliate product and if someone buys it, you earn a commission.

Another thing is blog and article marketing, where you can link your affiliate ID or write a product review and promote a product you’re reviewed. If the readers buy it, you earn a commission.

Example of Own Product

If you have come across a website called instantdomainsearch.com, you can see how their own product promotes an affiliate. Their product is domain searching, where everyone can search an available domain. I tried searching a domain, and the results were displayed quickly. My friend bought the domain from the link that was displayed and it’s of GoDaddy, see how it works. My friend didn’t know that he found the domain from that site but bought it on the other site. The instantdomain— is an affiliate of GoDaddy and they simply promote their affiliate product by creating their own product. Do not just simply rely on links and referrals.

That is how your own product works together with the affiliate product you are promoting. What I mean in creating your own product is a strategy on how you get leads from your own products.

You have something to add?

If you have something to share with us on the topic of promoting affiliate products, cast it by leaving a comment below.

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Our ecological balance depends a lot on energy consumption. So all consumers, including computer users (both professionals and casual) are now looking to adopt Eco-friendly ways for making this planet a better place to live .


Computer users can reduce negative impact of computing on global energy resources by using the following tips:

Always Switch-off your PC, when not in use!

Never forget to turn-off your computer overnight or whenever your work is over. This is perhaps the most useful and logical way to save energy. Remember, you can easily contribute in creating a green planet by doing this.

Vampire Power – Many computers or monitors, even when you switch them off, can consume power from the spike strip they are connected to. Therefore always remember to turn off the power of the strips, or other connectors which you are using.

Avoid Screensavers – Never believe that screen-savers can save power or can keep your monitors in good health. They originally consume more power than monitors that are allowed to get dimmed out when not working.

Live Paperless

Yes it’s not only possible but easy also. You really don’t need papers when you own a computer, laptop, or even a mobile device. You can easily find methods to carry on with your needs without paper when you put them in your computer or mobile phones. This way you can save thousands of plants and lives which are necessary to maintain the balance of our eco-system.

Green Computing for Printers


Please avoid unnecessary printing to save papers and ink. Use printers of same pedigree in your office to facilitate recycling. Say, for example if you are using 20 laser printer with similar features, then you can easily replace one’s parts with the other. Then you don’t have to condemn the whole machine. Thus, you can easily save money and encourage re-use.

Discourage Recycling of Toner Cartridges

Well, some spoke about use of recycled toner cartridges. This is obviously a cost-effective method but there are some issues with it. This can lead to paper wastage, deterioration in quality of printers, leakage problems etc.

However, the most alarming fact is that recent researches revealed that recycled toner cartridges can add carcinogenic particles in the air and cause cancer. So be careful and never encourage such use.

Do I Really Need Large Screen?


Check out whether you really need to invest on large TFT or CRT monitors before buying new ones. Remember that large screens consume more energy than regular ones. You might be looking for larger screen resolutions rather than larger monitors.

Hardware Roll-out



If you are contemplating a hardware rollout, then keep the following suggestions in mind while dealing with your hardware vendor:

  • Check out its cost and compare with its other alternatives as well.
  • Possible time frame for the hardware to get outdated.

These are absolutely crucial, for ensuring long-term good health of hardware.

So these are the green computing tips which you can adopt to help our mother earth sustain. Look, it’s our responsibility to join this initiative to create a better future for our children.

Tips on going Green with your Windows PC may also interest you.

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Imagine a scenario where you are sitting in your office or working out a project with colleagues. It is finely tricky trying to stay focused in an environment like this. But there are still a number of distractions which normally interrupt your working furrow like a cell phone rings up, a loud conversation between office staffs etc. So what are some of the things we can do to minimize such interruptions and distractions? Well, here I give you the top 10 ways to concentrate in your work at office or at any place.

10 Ways to Concentrate In Your Work

1. To-do list and plan your day

All you have to do is to make a To-do list that describes your day’s total plan ahead and make things easy. There’s nothing like a To-do list placed next to you to keep you focused and determined. When you have a list of the things you need to achieve in a day, having that neat to you all the time reminding you of what ought to be done is a fine way of keeping things on track. It will not only remind about the work you need to do but also about the pending work and the work which has been already done.

2. Schedule your time

Scheduling deals about dividing the work time appropriately according to the need of your task. In a demanding work place, people are moving and talking all the time. If you play a role in a team or as a project member where others wants to interact with you, try distributing a time slot they can break off you. By providing time slots for every task you do, you just make it easy for you to handle your work and get some time for others too in a tight schedule. At all other times, you can really get some work done.

Scheduling Software are great resources to improve your efficiency and productivity.

3. Do not check personal email in the morning

Checking personal emails early morning can be very distracting. This come to reality when your friends send you links to interesting sites, jokes or videos on YouTube and other sites. If you’re not careful enough, you can get stuck for checking and accessing your mails for hours and get wasted your precious time behind it. Instead of checking your personal email in early morning, try starting work straight away. You should check your personal email only after you have completed few tasks.

4. Filter your E-mail

Setting up filters in your email can be an immense way of classifying out what’s important and vital from personal stuff which can wait and can be done later on other basis. If you spend a lot of your time doing conversation and planning in front of your computer, possibilities are you deal with emails on a regular origin. Instead of dealing with a single Inbox with hundreds of unread email, you only need to covenant with smaller folders categorized by project, urgent and framework.

5. Listen music

Music is the best way of getting into your work. Particularly, listening music can bring down the out office noises like printers and background chattering of co-workers. You must follow the kind of music that amuses and calms your brain instead of rock or hard music. Many people favor to have absolute silence when working. If you’re doing some serious project work it is some time not appropriate that you can totally focus on work, so better suite your self accordingly.

6. Use water bottle

Drinking water frequently for keeping yourself hydrated is pretty important for all sorts of health reasons. Instead of going to the water cooler every hour, try filling up a water bottle at the dawn of the day while you begin your work and keep it near your working place. This helps a lot of things – firstly, it helps you to save time by roaming around for water every time you feel thirsty and secondly, it prevents being hanged up into lengthy discussions around the water cooler with co-workers.

7. Use shortcuts on your PC

If you come across you do the similar things on your desktop computer more than once throughout the day, you might find it helpful to look for ways in which you can do them without too much manual go over. Take for an example, if there’s a project folder you access all the time, and keep on accessing the same data again and again instead try adding a shortcut to your Explorer so you can get access to it with a single click, instead doing it over again.

8. Close programs you’re not using

Being a software engineer, I use a whole lot of programs kept opened important to my work. But, in most cases, I only need some apps open at the same time. Instead of Alt-Tabbing frequently and boxing with the computer to locate the program you need, make sure and try having the apps you need open. Close everything else. For example, if you have already located a file or and application and no longer need a particular Explorer at that instance open, then close it.

9. Change your mindset

For many people, it is difficult to stay motivated on doing things. Many people not by nature interested in doing. To be motivated through out the day just read some motivational quotes before you start your work and when you get bored. However, be mindful of the fact that your insight of work is something you can desire and control. A distracted mind is an unconcealed mind. So make things fun around you!

10. Set your online services offline at work

Many of the people get distracted in their work just because their social servicing sites are left online on their Pc’s by them. This tends to be the main root cause problem for the distraction. Because people get attracted to chat with their friends and families being online and beating around the bush of conversations among with them. So it is always better to set your online services offline at work.

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Any business website unwilling to disclose and commercialize website’s name address and phone numbers raises a flag of distrust and makes the website look suspicious. If you cannot inspire trust in your visitors, you cannot get them to make a purchase. Follow these guidelines and make your website look genuine and legal. Make it safe for credit card use!

safe website

Register all the website users.

Assign each user with a unique username and password. The process will eliminate the possibility of accessing your account by any wildcat, limiting the right to the user only.

This standard practice will guarantee safety to the user while using your site.

safe website

Encrypt and secure the data

Encryption is a format where an ordinary language is converted into a code. Install appropriate security systems such as digital signature certificates and Secure Electronic Transaction so the information is harder to intercept and decode.

Customer, if interested, will move to the ‘Order’ page to make purchases by entering his unique card number but will also check for an ‘s’ after ‘http’ in the URL. The ‘s’ letter after an http signifies that the site uses encryption technology. This technology scrambles credit card information to safeguard it against cyber-terrorists so make sure your website holds this ‘s’ factor.

safe website

Recent modern techniques employ use of unbroken key or close pad lock on user’s screen.

safe website

Use an electronic payment service that is set up through banks

Electronic payment services that are set up through banks devote a high level of security role-play.

Make your website look genuine and legal

Popularize the website’s name address and phone numbers.  Any business website unwilling to do so raises a flag of distrust. Therefore do the appropriate to make your website look genuine and legal.

Seek some professional help if necessary

To do this, contact more beneficial Business Bureau for their critical reviews and to evaluate your website on grounds of security. Make your website more proficient with their recommendations.

Get your website certified

An esteemed website will never show any reluctance in disclosing their business information about how it processes orders. The details of such processes are enclosed in privacy and security policies. Your website must feature at least one of these policy documents.

Take a trial of authenticated services like Verisign and PayPal that affords communication and commerce between your website and the consumer with confidence. Get an approval of verisign authenticated services like identity protection, Verisign trust seal etc. to know more visit the website www.verisign.com. Other official website such as PayPal devote much swiftness for making online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account through your e-mail. Log on to www.paypal.com  to check what the site can do for you.

Contact National Computer Security Association for their certification if necessary. Once you meet the standards of the association you can post their logos on your site to boost your business.

Association’s logos on your site will signify that customer’s information security is a topmost priority for your website.

You can learn here how to take MyLife Refund.

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The work of recording business transactions and other quantitative information about finances is done mostly on paper. To change this, here is a new web service called Skyclerk. The service lets companies monitor their finances online.

The website does not require you to install any kind of software or expensive shrink wrap to buy. You simply need to sign up to create a free account and start using the app. Right when you log-in to Skyclerk you can notice a dashboard that gives you a quick overview of all activity. The powerful dashboard, with a mere glance lets you know how well your business is doing.

Skylerk aims to make bookkeeping and accounting dead simple. Any small to medium size business firm is allowed to run fully robust accounting system in seconds.

Many business owners will be glad to learn that Skyclerk now adds a mobile app (Android) to its already robust web-based accounting software. As a result of this, Android users can avail the features of the service on their device. They, no more will be required to go to their desk and record income.

For mobile users, the application offers 2 main tabs namely,

  • Add Income-  Displays relevant income amount
  • Add Expense- Displays relevant expenses amount

Other details can be included under category, date and amount for transaction ($) of the above 2 mentioned tabs. In addition, the home-screen displays some more tabs,

  • Ledger- Shows income and expense records, net profit/loss
  • Hide- Hides Add Income/Expense buttons
  • Log-out- Allows user to exit the application


  1. A user-friendly web service.
  2. Helps manage a company’s finances.
  3. Lets you easily feed in your transactions.
  4. Lets you add partners to your account.
  5. Keeps a ledger for net profit / loss.

In all, Skylerk proves to be an ideal assistant for all your small business transactions. Currently, it offers a free account with a limitation of 3 users and 20 transactions per month; to remove these limitations you can choose premium services which costs $9 per month. Visit Skyclerk.

You can check out for top accounting jobs at ICS as well.

Skyclerk for Android.

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Just read about the StickNFind app with Bluetooth stickers and found it interesting enough to share with my readers here on TGC. StickNFind stickers are the Bluetooth enable stickers which would help you finding your lost items.


Honestly, this is one of the best innovations for careless people like me who often lose the important things like, cell phone, keys, remote control, pen drives and much more. This new Bluetooth enabled stickers may help me finding my lost items without turning my house upside down.

These StickNFind stickers are just an ounce heavy and measure about the size of a quarter. These stickers are based on low-energy Bluetooth technology. You just need to stick these stickers on anything you often misplace and then the accompanying app will figure out where you kept it last.

This StickNFind app works more or less like radar. When the item with sticker comes in your range this app will give you an alert and also gives a warning alert when the item goes out of the range.

The radar functionality of the StickNFind helps locating the item but it just indicates the proximity of the item and not the direction. You just need to roam around the area and check where the signals are getting strong. Signals will get stronger when you reach near the item.

The Bluetooth stickers of StickNFind app work on the watch battery and every sticker uses a replaceable battery. The battery used in these Bluetooth stickers has a life of around one year when used for average 30 minutes a day.

The price for two StickNFind stickers is $35 and the pack of 10 stickers is priced at $150.

This is a funding campaign. StickNFind is raising funds to put the project intro full-fledged production and has set a goal of $70,000 on Indiegogo.

You can also check airport extreme with bluetooth 2.0 edr card, networking base and accessories for Apple computer systems at apple parts store.

Video Showing the Working Of StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers

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How is streaming live, on demand and paid Video and Audio over public as well as private IP networks to desktop, laptop, tablets, mobile devices such as smartphones, Internet Protocol Television, Set Top boxes and other web connected devices accomplished?   Well it is accomplished by unified server software such as the one developed by Wowza Media Systems.

Wowza Media Server is a Java application which is compatible with a wide range of operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, UNIX, and Windows. The biggest advantage of the Wowza Media Server is that it can stream simultaneously to a number of customers and devices. The streaming can be effected onto a number of devices like the iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone, iPod and also 3GPP devices like Android, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, etc. It can also be used to stream data to Internet Protocol Television SET Top Boxes as well as gaming consoles like Wii and PS3.


There are varied uses of the Wowza Media Server besides Live video and audio streaming. It is also used by service providers of on demand Video or audio streaming. It is also very helpful for effecting interactive communications such as video or audio chatting, screen sharing and web based games.

Wowza Media Server is increasingly used by sites such as CDN or content delivery networks, mobile operators Television broadcasting stations and so also by Radio broadcasters. In coming times more and more varied uses are being discovered for such unified server software like the one provided by  Wowza Media Server.

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Recent surveys of companies and their customers’ responses concerning overall customer experiences were astonishingly disparate.  Remarkably, while 80% of businesses believed they were offering an excellent customer experience, only 8% of customers believed they were receiving customer excellence.  Several factors comprise optimal customer relationships, which we will discuss below.  At the heart of all of them, however, is a solid customer loyalty platform operating from sophisticated rewards technology software that can be delivered in total or customizable fashion to meet a company’s needs.

First, some protocols and processes are necessary to better understand the best way for your business to deliver a valued customer experience—one the customer truly benefits from and acknowledges, not just a high percentage of executives or department heads within your organization.  Part of this process necessarily gets down to measuring customer satisfaction accurately.  Having a sufficient customer loyalty platform package that interfaces and collects data effectively is part and parcel to achieving these goals.

The Fundamentals

Effective internal coordination across all business units is paramount.  In addition, developing a formal measurement process from both executives and customers is essential.  This includes knowing what you want to measure, not just how you will measure it.  By developing a customer loyalty plan with corresponding measurement tools that can achieve buy-in across all relevant departments, you will have established a vital fundamental for the program.

Avoid Disconnected Listening

When you implement and deploy a customer loyalty platform, secure one that offers a common data collection system.  Sadly, too many businesses end up ‘listening’ to the customer’s feedback from individual and isolated perspectives by using multiple and often divergent tools for collecting information.  By consolidating all listening from a single platform, you will collect more accurate feedback from your customers.

Use Common Metrics for Measurement

Once you have a customer loyalty platform selected, a sufficient plan from which to guide the loyalty program and coordinated listening data, it is important to define common metrics to measure how you’re doing.  Customer feedback is the first step.  After data is collected, you need to know how to measure progress that can be turned into action for the customer’s benefit.

Convert Data to Personalize Customer Benefit

Customers treated with respect for initial loyalty, including feedback they provide to your business, builds on itself.  When you show them what they value from data you have collected, it further enriches the company-customer relationship.  Without it, customers just may take their business elsewhere.  Conversion is a fundamental component of any customer loyalty program.

Share Customer Feedback with Customers

It’s important to share data with relevant business units and frontline employees within your organization.  It is equally important to share it with customers as well.  When you acknowledge that you have listened to them and return suggestions in the form of benefits, they not only are likely to remain loyal, but will continue to offer beneficial feedback in the future.

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Social networking is no more only an entertainment; it has become a source of earning, marketing and business tool. Tracking these social media will help you keep a track on your scores and content outlet on the web. Tracking can help you respond quickly to what people are talking about your product and any queries about your product/brand.

By tracking the conversation about the product/service, you get a better knowledge about the influential people in the niche. You can get the status of your brand whether they are creating a buzz or are criticized?

Tracking is a simple process; you must first be sure about what and how to track. There can be various types of tracking like tracking on how people share you links/blog/website/social network, tracking any specific social message/campaign, tracking the real time buzz etc. So set the goal on what to track and then use any one of the tracking tool to track the requirements.

The web is saturated with many tools and platform to help you to track your product/service/links in social media channels. Since there are a lot of tools for tracking, there are few tools which stand out from others and provide you with integrated monitoring. They help to inform about multiple parts of your business like: product development, customer support, public outreach, lead generation, market research and campaign measurement. Here are the top 5 tools for tracking and analyzing.

Radian 6

Radian 6 is one of the most popular and widely used social media tracking and analytical tool. This tool works with brands to help them listen more minutely to their customers, competitors and influencers with the aim of growing their business. They track keywords from all sorts of social media, sentiments and provide real-time data on dashboard. Other than monitoring dashboard, tracks monitors more than 100 million sites.

Top 5 Social media Tracking & Web Analytical tools

They have also begun integrating data from Web Trends web analytics, and SalesForce.com CRM information. It also has a flash based application which gives variety of pie-charts and desired fillers and keywords for brands. It is commonly used for social media measurement, web analytic and has integration of ComScore API. It is a monthly subscription based pricing model and fee varying depending on the number of topics monitored. It is dynamic and fun to use it.


Lithium is also a social media tracking tool which will track and monitor the search specified in social media outlet and displays the result in a graphical method and numbers resembling stock market. This tool collects information from variety of platform like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, blog post, comments, web forums mainstream news, photo- and video-sharing site etc. You can also adjust your strategies surrounding your brand pre-, mid- and post campaign.

Top 5 Social media Tracking & Web Analytical tools

It gives the real time access to millions of social media sources. A big benefit is that you can change the tone and sentiments as you make your own assessment. It allows you to access the comments of customer about your brand/product; you can directly view their comments, complaints, appraisal and issues giving you a better opportunity to give faster response.

Social Mention

Social mention is a web based social media tracking tool which aggregates user generated content from across the whole web in a single stream of information. It is an analyzing platform which allows you to easily track and provides you with the comments on what people think about the product/brand/yourself and can also estimate any topic across the web social media landscape in real-time.

Top 5 Social media Tracking & Web Analytical tools

It monitors more than 100 social media including twitter, facebook, flicker, FriendFeed, YouTube, Digg, Google etc. It can also find the brand mentioned for search on any particular channel including blogs/microblogs and provide you with the comprehensive result. It also gives general perception about the positive, negative and neutral feedback about your link/brand.

Social Too

Social Too is a tool for creating social surveys and tracking social stats. You can track your new Twitter followers as well as those who stopped following you and it also sends daily e-mails about it, so it acts as a social networking power user. It can also automatically unfollow spammers on Twitter based on various criteria. It helps you manage Twitter and Facebook (and now MySpace!) and unclutters your stream and Social Graph so you can focus on what’s most important – relationships!

Top 5 Social media Tracking & Web Analytical tools

It has also created an automated valet for your Twitter account, once you’ve set your preferences at SocialToo’s Web site. Apart from this, it also includes other creative features like creating surveys and sending them to multiple networks, track social media stats, auto follow, auto filtering and much more.


Xinureturns is one of the best social media analytical tools. It’s an application which comes across dash board overview on social networks and search engines. It runs a report and then you can receive information on Technorati, Googe Pagerank, Diggs, and even backlinks of your website. Type “URL” and then click “Go”; you will receive most of the report from Syndication to Screenshot.

Top 5 Social media Tracking & Web Analytical tools

It checks PageRank, Backlinks, Indexed Pages, Rankings and more data for your website, to help you find out how well your site is doing in popular search engines, social bookmarking and other site statistics.

Most of them do the same job, But the above mentioned are the good ones to display the best results at finding value out of those analytics data, and putting things to proportion.

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The mobile market is all heated up with the latest releases by corporate giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Everyone, trying their best to earn themselves a place in the pocket, of each and every human alive on this earth. And, one such giants who is looking upon, all the facet of budget phones and tablet is Google’s Android Operating System.

Gingerbread vs Ice Cream Sandwich – A Comparison

Launched, in September 2008, and since then, there is no looking back for this masterpiece which was created by Google in collaboration with Open Handset Alliance (OHA).  This post summarizes the journey of Google Android so far, and reviews some the finest Android Operating System which are popular among users.

History of Android Operating System

Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google. Google purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc. in 2005

The version history of the Android operating system began with the release of the Android beta in November 2007. The first commercial version, Android 1.0, was released in September 2008.These updates typically fix bugs and add new features.

Since April 2009, each Android version has been developed under a codename based on a dessert or sweet treat. These versions have been released in alphabetical order: Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo (frozen yogurt), Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean.The pre-release versions of Android were dubbed Astro and Bender, but these names could not ultimately be used for trademark reasons.The most recent update to the Android OS was Jelly Bean v4.1, which was released in June 2012.

Android became the world’s leading smartphone platform at the end of 2010. For the first quarter of 2012, Android had a 59% smartphone market share worldwide. At the half of 2012, there was 400 million devices activated and 1 million activations per day. Analysts point to the advantage to Android of being a multi-channel, multi-carrier OS.

Reasons for popularity of Android Operating System

Google’s Android has overtaken Symbian and Windows mobile in terms of number of users. But how did Android manage this in just a few years?

  • Android is free

Android, since the day it was launched, has been available free of cost and Google made it clear that it will be free in future as well. The OS caught the attention of manufacturers across the world and many initially adopted it for low cost smartphones.

Seeing the huge response of the buyers to the Android-based phones, many equipment manufacturers joined the league and more are joining every day. Therefore the free nature of this operating system help in reducing cost thereby helping buyers too.

  • Open source Android

Unlike other operating systems that are protected by lots of copyrights, Google chose to keep Android open for all. By doing this, the company got many programmers from around the globe to develop applications, while keeping its liabilities to a minimum. With many brains working on the system, newer and newer ideas were incorporated, which in turn helped in making Android a preferred choice.

  • Open for customisation

Unlike Windows or any other mobile operating system, device manufacturers are free to modify Android as per their needs. Users enjoy much needed flexibility and ease of use because manufacturers are now able to modify anything and everything they need to make the experience a pleasant one.

  • Large number of applications

Android Market created an opportunity for millions of application developers around the globe to show their skills and come up with newer applications for Android phones. Its users therefore have a wide variety of applications to choose from and can customise their phones for a personal experience.

Android opened numerous possibilities for both device manufacturers and application developers, while helping to reduce the cost of smartphones, thus making them accessible to the common man.
Summing it up, Android has taken user experience to the next level while keeping the prices of smartphones well within the reach of the common man, and that is why Android has become the number one choice among smartphone users.

Popular Android Platform Versions

The  pie chart above is based on the number of Android devices that have accessed Google Play within a 14-day period ending on June 1, 2012. Thus, the most widely used Android Platform Version from above stats is  Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and Android 4.0.3 (Ice cream Sandwich) (excluding Android 2.2 (Froyo) as it’s no longer used).  So, let us review both the Android Platform version to know which one of them is best and why? .

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The December 2010 released Android 2.3 (Ginger bread) supports the following features which was lacking to it predecessors.

  • New user interface design with new themes
  • Extra Large Screen Size supported
  • SIP Communication Supported
  • Supports for NFC (High Frequency High Speech Data Transfer in short range)
  • Support for WebM / VP8 video playback, and AAC audio encoding
  • New audio effects such as re verb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost
  • Improved Copy and Paste functionality
  • Redesigned multi touch keyboard
  • Audio, graphical, and input enhancements for game developers
  • New sensors support (i.e gyroscope)
  • Download manager for long running HTTP downloads
  • Improved power management and application control
  • Support for multiple cameras

Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

 Android 4.0 was officially released in October 2011, and  here are some of it features

  • Android 4.0 is the first Android version optimized for both tablets and smart phones
  • The navigation buttons such as back, home are available as soft keys on Android 4.0
  • Switching between applications is more convenient in Android 4.0
  • Only Android 4.0 has the ability to dismiss individual notifications.
  • ‘Face Unlock’ feature, allowing users to unlock the home screen by face recognition is only available in Android 4.0.
  • Android 4.0 image capturing is enhanced with continuous focus, zero shutter lag exposure and decreased shot-to-shot speed.
  • Android “Beem” is only available in Android 4.0

The winner: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Although, the Android Ice cream sandwich is an enhanced version of Android Gingerbread. But, the released Ice cream Sandwich has reported a lot of bugs whereas, the Android Gingerbread is considered to be a stable Android Platform Version. In terms of the market share also Android 2.3 beats Android 4.0 easily with more devices in the market with Android 2.3 installed. And the fact that Android Gingerbread has more application available as compared to the newer Android 4.0. All directing us toward Android Gingerbread Operating System.

Thus, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) is the way to go. Do, let us know about the post in comment box below.

Source: Android Developer Homepage.