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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 announced by Samsung is the successor to Galaxy Tab 2 and will come in two variants. The WiFi only variant will go on sale in May while the WiFi + 3G variant will go on sale in June. The pricing and availability details are not yet released but the specifications do not offer anything remarkably new over its predecessor.

Here are the official specifications:

  • 7 inch display with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution at 169 pixels per inch (ppi)
  • 8/16 GB inbuilt storage with expandable card slot up to 64 GB
  • 1.2 GHz dual core processor with 1 GB of RAM
  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 3 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera
  • 111.1 x 188.0 x 9.9mm dimensions
  • Weight: 302 g (WiFi variant) and 306 g (WiFi+ 3G variant)
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz UI on top

Galaxy Tab 3 official picture

In another leak by SamMobile, Samsung’s plans for 2013 tablet lineup includes a dual SIM tablet (Tab Duos 7.0), a follow up on their AMOLED line-up (Galaxy Tab 8.0), high-end 11 inch tablet (Galaxy Tab 11) and a first octa core tablet from Samsung and Google (Nexus 11).

Samsung Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0

  • 7 inch PLS LCD with 1024 x 600 resolution
  • Dual core processor
  • Dual SIM
  • 3 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera
  • Micro SD card slot up to 32 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0

  • 8 inch AMOLED 1080p display
  • 5 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera
  • Quad core Exynos 4412 A9 processor
  • Micro SD card slot up to 64 GB

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11

  • 11 inch Super PLS TFT display
  • 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera
  • Dual core A15 Exynos 5250 processor
  • Micro SD card slot up to 64 GB

Nexus 11

  • 11 inch Super PLS TFT display
  • 8 MP rear camera and 2 MP front camera
  • Octa core A15/A7 Exynos 5410 processor
  • Rumored Micro SD card slot up to 64 GB

The Nexus 11 tablet will need an approval from Google in order to be launched under its banner of Nexus. Galaxy Tab 8.0 will only see the light if Samsung is able to solve AMOLED burning problem. Galaxy Tab Duos seems just a dual SIM version of Galaxy Tab 3. There are no details on pricing or availability from the leak.

Keep in mind this is just a leak so take everything with a pinch of salt. You can read the complete report by SamMobile here. Keep following us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest to keep you updated.

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According to a report by Patently Apple, Patent Bolt revealed back in November 2012 that Samsung had filed for a patent involving the technology related to brain computer interface. The patent explains neural activity like EEG, EOG and EMG being tracked on a detecting device. The report further adds, “The idea is to tap into concentration patterns that would be able to respond to the user mental commands to “open file”, “close file”, “copy file”, “clicking”, “paste”, “delete”, “space”, or “inputting characteristics.”

The report claims that Samsung is planning to build, with the help of its researchers and Roozbeh Jafari (an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas, Dallas), a future Galaxy Note type Smartphone or tablet allowing users to use their thoughts to perform various functions like launch an app, power up and down, select a contact or play a song from the playlist. The research is in the early stages and Samsung is testing it out with EEG monitoring electrodes studded on caps as shown in the image.

Samsung R&D Institute America, Dallas.  Source: MIT Technology Review
Samsung R&D Institute America, Dallas.
Source: MIT Technology Review

Several years ago, a small keypad was the only input modality to control the phone, but nowadays the user can use voice, touch, gesture, and eye movement to control and interact with mobile devices. Adding more input modalities will provide us with more convenient and richer ways of interacting with mobile devices, ” says Insoo Kim, Samsung’s lead researcher.

This research is not exactly new or unique. In the past, there have been similar research done by many including a Sony patent for a similar system for gaming in Oct 2012. Lately, Samsung is trying to catch the fancy of consumers by using the marketing techniques to perceive itself as innovative and creating a buzz around their brand. It is inspired by the Smartphone revolution started by Apple in 2007. The actual product is still far into the future.

The Samsung Brainwave tablet will require the existing detecting and tracking technology to be miniaturized and practically implemented in the slim dimensions of today’s mobile devices to see it to reality. You can read the full report by Patently Apple here and you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest and keep you updated.

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After the initial rumors for Galaxy Ace 3 existence, the phone has made an appearance on benchmarking site GLBenchmark. The model number is labelled as GT-S7272 and the price and availability is expected to be announced on or after launch. We can expect it to launch sometime soon as Samsung’s lower-mid range Android bracket is craving for a new successor.

As per the report, the Smartphone will be getting the same CPU as in Galaxy S2 Plus, the 1 GHz dual core Broadcom CPU. It will run on Android 4.2.2. Jelly Bean and will have a resolution of 800 x 480. Samsung’s Nature UX 2.0 will complement the Android Jelly Bean. The size of the screen is not yet known although we expect it to be somewhere around 4 inches since its predecessor Galaxy Ace 2 had a 3.8 inch screen.

Galaxy Ace 3

There was no other information from the report at GLBenchmark but we can expect a RAM of 768 MB or 1 GB along with 8 GB of internal storage and a micro SD card slot for expansion. It should also come with all new connectivity features like WiFi, DLNA, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G along with a host of other Samsung’s features and customizations on top. We expect it to come with dual-SIM support, although take it with a pinch of salt.

Earlier this month, there was also a report from Sam Mobile claiming that Galaxy Ace 3 would be codenamed GT-S7272 and will be launched around May-end or beginning of June. The report said it will have a 4-inch screen, 1.2 GHz dual core CPU, 5 MP camera, 4 GB internal storage, 1500mAh battery and Android Jelly Bean. The report further added that it will be a dual-SIM Smartphone, will come in four colors and will cost around 300 Euros.

The predecessor Galaxy Ace 2 was launched in Feb 2012 and had a 3.8inch TFT LCD screen, underclocked 800 MHz dual core processor, 768 MB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, 1500 mAh battery and a 5 MP camera. It got upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean recently and thus proved to be a decent mid-range phone. Its successor should have a better specification than Galaxy Ace 2 above and should probably prove to be another affordable decent mid-range alternative from Samsung.

The previous phones in the Galaxy Ace range include Samsung Galaxy Ace and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus. Keep following our blog on social media sites for more updated info and let us know what you think by dropping your comments below.

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Greek technology blog has revealed specifications of two upcoming tablets in the Galaxy Tab series. According to the leaked specification, there will be two variants each with screen size 8.0 and 10.1, respectively. The picture that was released with the leak featured a home button, which is still awkward for an Android tablet. The specifications are not glass shattering for a third generation Samsung Galaxy Tab series so take everything with a pinch of salt.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

  • OS: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • 1.5 GHz dual core processor of unknown make
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10.1 inch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Micro SD card slot for expandable storage
  • 3 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera
  • WiFi, DLNA, WiFi-Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro USB
  • 7000 mAh battery
  • 256,7 × 175,3 × 8,7 mm in size and 533g in weight
  • 3G / HSPA+ or 4G / LTE

The GPU has been yet unknown and there is no information on screen type of being LCD or Super Amoled. The Android version is still outdated knowing that Samsung has released its Galaxy S4 with Android 4.2.

Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0

  • OS: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • 1.5 GHz dual core processor of unknown make
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 8.0 inch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution
  • 3 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera
  • Micro SD card slot for expandable storage
  • 3 MP rear camera, 1.3 MP front camera
  • WiFi, DLNA, WiFi-Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, Micro USB
  • 4500 mAh battery
  • 112,1 × 209,6 × 6,95 mm in size and 330g in weight
  • 3G / HSPA+ or 4G / LTE

No information was available on the GPU or internal storage for this 8 inch brother but it certainly will feature a better pixel density as it comes with the same resolution as on a bigger 10.1 inch display variant. It will be faster too as it features 2 GB of RAM.

Analyzing the specifications, it seems peculiar that the third generation of Galaxy Tab series will sport such an outdated resolution on screen and not THE latest Android OS version. Furthermore, the smaller variant getting double the RAM does not make sense with all other specifications kept mostly unchanged. Also, the specifications are more or less comparable to the second generation of Galaxy Tab series with only additions in connectivity, battery and updated OS. This seems highly unlikely of Samsung since it is known to clearly differentiate its devices between two generations by introducing major hardware and software changes.

The leak looks like more of a false alarm so we request all of our readers to not take it as anywhere near final because we expect major overhaul when official specifications are released. Keep checking our website for more such updates and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

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Over the last few weeks, we have had many rumors dropping in related to Galaxy Note 3, especially the ones claiming that the Smartphone will come with a near unbreakable display. These rumors were apparent after Samsung revealed that they are working on bendable displays which lends some sort of flexibility thus rendering the display less breakable.

Source: iTechWhiz
Source: iTechWhiz

According to the latest rumors by OLED Association, this unbreakable display on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be a plastic OLED display, which will be thinner, lighter and less brittle than the standard glass substrate OLED displays. This plastic OLED display on our beloved Note 3 would be coming in a 5.99 inch wide diagonal screen and will have an RGB stripe, according to the rumors. It does not give any details about the display’s resolution.

The report further added that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 3 in IFA 2013 and the Smartphone will go on sale in Q4 of this year, although we advise you to take it with a pinch of salt since we doubt the launch and availability details leaking from the display manufacturer.

Previously there have been rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come with a new design in contrast with previous Samsung flagship models. Samsung was worried after seeing the build of HTC One and said that it would concentrate on the build and quality of its devices.

Note 3 leak comparison

It is expected from Samsung to move to high end quality materials like Aluminium as compared to plastics it employs for the casing of its devices, although it is hard to imagine that Samsung will start using plastic-based OLED displays now. It remains to be seen if that all such changes will work in favor of or against the Korean giant. Other rumored specifications of the phablet flagship Note 3 includes 8 core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 13 MP camera and more.

You can read our previous rumor collection for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs iPhone 5S for more details. The full report from OLED association can be read here, where more details are given related to the technological working. Keep following us for more such rumors to keep you updated and follow us on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Facebook to keep you posted.

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In agreement to the various rumors going around regarding Samsung planning to launch a small brother to its new flagship Smartphone Galaxy S4, SamMobile has released another report stating that Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has been spotted on Samsung’s UAPROF website.

The report from SamMobile claims that there will be two Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini variants, one with a single SIM card codenamed GT-I9190 and the other with a dual SIM card codenamed GT-I9192. The single SIM variant will be powered by a Quad core processor and the dual SIM variant will be powered by a Dual core processor. The report further adds that Samsung may also release another Galaxy S4 Mini variant with LTE support which is codenamed GT-I9195.

Other specifications of Galaxy S4 Mini for both variants include:

  • 4.3 inch qHD screen
  • 8 MP rear camera
  • WiFi, AGPS, 3G, Bluetooth
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz Nature UX on top
  • 2 color options: Black Mist and White Frost

Galaxy S4 Mini

In another report from SamMobile, Samsung has delayed the release of its Galaxy S4 Mini to Week 29 while previously it was Week 21 after the release of Galaxy S4. This two month delay has been introduced in order to better concentrate on the production and marketing of the more lucrative flagship device Galaxy S4. Those who were thinking about picking up this little brother at its launch will have to wait until July to get their hands on it.

In the past, Samsung has released a mini version Galaxy S3 Mini of its previous flagship Galaxy S3, but it hasn’t proved to be an instant seller. Judging from the initial specifications which are available right now, Galaxy S4 Mini looks to be a serious downgrade from the flagship Galaxy S4 as it offers a smaller screen and a less powerful processor for a dual SIM version. The details of battery, GPU etc. will completely determine together with pricing whether this will meet with a similar fate as a Galaxy S3 Mini or will become an instant hit in the mid-range segment, if it is priced appropriately for it.

Let us know what you think of the Galaxy S4 Mini in the comments below and keep following our blog on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest for more information.

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The supersized phones are here to stay and Samsung recently announced their new Megaphone family which it has called the Galaxy Mega (which was initially dubbed Fonblet). There were two phones previously leaked in rumors which are now officiated by Samsung.

According to Samsung two such devices will be launched this year:

Galaxy Mega 5.8 Specs

  • 5.8 inch qHD LCD display having resolution 960×540 and 190 ppi pixel density
  • Dual core 1.4 GHz processor
  • 8 MP rear facing shooter, 1.9 MP front camera
  • 1.5 GB of RAM
  • 8 GB storage, MicroSD card support up to 64 GB
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi a/b/g/n, WiFi Direct, IR Sensor, GPS and GLONASS
  • 2600 mAh battery
  • Size: 162.6 x 82.4 x 9.0mm and weight: 182 g
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s TouchWiz on top
  • Samsung apps: Group Play, Samsung WatchON, Samsung Link, S Memo, S Planner, S Travel, ChatON, S Translator, Story Album, Air View

Considering the sub-par pixel density of just 190 ppi and a dual core processor, it is not difficult to guess that Samsung has announced this for the budget conscious consumer. Mega 5.8’s 2600 mAh battery will also turn out to be respectable for this PPI and processor.

Galaxy Mega 5.8

Galaxy Mega 6.3 Specs

  • 6.3 inch LCD HD display with 720p resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Dual core 1.7 GHz CPU
  • 1.5 GB of RAM
  • 8 GB/16 GB storage with MicroSD card support up to 64 GB
  • 8 MP rear facing shooter, 1.9 MP front camera
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi Direct, IR Sensor, GPS, GLONASS and LTE support
  • NFC and MHL
  • Respectable 3200 mAh battery
  • Size: 167.6 x 88 x 7.9mm and weight: 199 g
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with Samsung’s TouchWiz on top
  • Samsung apps: Group Play, Samsung WatchON, Samsung Link, S Memo, S Planner, S Travel, Story Album, Air View, S Translator, ChatON

This is a little better than Mega 5.8 in terms of pixel density but it will surely be not able to replace GNote 2 which comes with a Super Amoled screen, quad core processor, 2 GB of RAM and an S Pen. No pricing or availability dates are made available from Samsung right now but it has said that the handsets will launch globally starting in May when they’ll come to Europe and Russia. No specific or expected dates are made available for US markets right now.

Galaxy Mega

Even though these come with Air View, there is no S Pen included with them. It will be interesting to see how these “fonblets” pair up with the GamePad accessory that Samsung announced a few weeks ago. With these devices, it will become even more difficult to differentiate between phones, tablets, phablets, fonblets and the likes but we do like where this is going. There is possibly going to be a Samsung device for every screen size imaginable between a 4 inch phone and a 10 inch tablet.

So what do you think about the new Mega line from Samsung? Are you excited or dumbfounded on where this is going? Let us know what you think of the same and whether you will be keeping an eye out for the launch and pricing of these Galaxy Mega brothers from Samsung in the comments below. We will keep you posted with more info as it comes out.

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After formally introducing the Galaxy Win in China last week, Samsung announced the upcoming availability of its mid range Samsung Galaxy Win for the international markets. Galaxy Win packs a 4.7 inch screen with WVGA (800×480) resolution and 199 ppi, 1.2 GHz quad core ARM Cortex A5-based Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 8225Q processor, Adreno 203 GPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB on-board storage, MicroSD slot (up to 32 GB) and 2000 mAh Li-Ion battery.

International Galaxy Win will come with either single SIM or dual SIM versions, depending upon the market. The phone will run on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with TouchWiz on top and will have a 5 MP rear facing camera with LED (Recording up to 720p@15fps), Auto Focus, Burst Mode and a 0.3 MP front facing camera. Besides the usual connectivity options like Wifi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, MicroUSB, USB 2.0 and A-GPS, it will also have DLNA.

International Galaxy Win

It will come in two colors – Ceramic White and Titan Gray and will weigh 144 grams. From first looks and specifications, it looks like a budget-friendly Galaxy S3 clone. There are no details about the pricing and availability as of now but we think it should be a mid range device. Here are the details from the press release:

“As the perfect choice for users who want a device that can operate across multiple areas of their lives, the GALAXY Win offers intuitive solutions to enrich the Smartphone user experience. For seamless work-to-play transitions, this new device comes with a wealth of enhanced smart features, including:

Easy Mode: A simple and intuitive home-screen mode for streamlined access to your top functions

Smart Alert: Notifications of events you may have missed (calls, messages, deadlines) when you pick up the phone

Motion UX: Utilize functions such as Mute, Refresh & Update, and Scan for other devices with simple motion controls.”

From the specs and features on paper, it does look like a decent device for regular users who don’t mess around with their devices much but at the same time want good performance and balanced battery life. The large display will be hampered due to low resolution and it remains to be seen how Snapdragon 200 will perform. If priced correctly, this could become one of the biggest seller for the Samsung in the mid range segment. We advise those who are looking forward to getting new phones with the mid range budget hold their cash till the availability and pricing details are announced. Let us know what you liked and did not like in the specifications and if you will wait to get your hands on this new entry by Samsung in the comments below.

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Apple is going to unveil its next Generation iPhone in the second half of this year while Samsung also prepares its phablet successor to Galaxy Note. Apple’s current generation iPhone 5 received a good start with 2013 but rounded off to a lackluster sales overall while Samsung current phablet flagship Galaxy Note 2 outsold iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Here is a rundown on the rumor mill surrounding the next Gen flagships from both manufacturers:


There are more chances that Apple’s will be called iPhone 5S if we go by the past naming conventions followed by the Apple, although iPhone 6 is not completely ruled out either. The Samsung’s big baby will be called Galaxy Note 3 (or Galaxy Note III), no surprises expected there.

iPhone 5S/6 and Galaxy Note 3 Release Date

The speculated time frame for iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) is June to October 2013 though with the expected dates of next Gen iPad around the same time, we will not be surprised if it comes a little too early or a little too late. It is likely to coincide with iOS 7 availability. On the other hand, Galaxy Note 3 is being scheduled to launch in the second half of 2013. It is most likely that the next Galaxy Note will be unveiled at IFA 2013 in Berlin, where Samsung may also release its Galaxy Tab 3.



A bigger screen is a no-no as per the CEO Tim Cook but Apple has done in the past what it says it wouldn’t do. Some rumors suggest that the bigger iPhone will come next year while others suggest it should come this year itself if Apple is to take up against Samsung Galaxy S4. The screen technology may be Igzo or OLED with Super HD screen display. In comparison, Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to have a 5.9-inch display. However, Samsung’s newly-announced GamePad accessory supports devices up to 6.3 inches in size, sparking suspicion that the Note 3’s screen will be that size. The 5.9 inch is easier to digest since a screen as large as 6.3 inches with an Octa core processor inside will be really heavy even with a 3300+ MaH battery. The screen resolution is expected to be at least 1080p. The best feature to expect is a flexible or an unbreakable-like display from Samsung as it already announced its progress with flexible displays. If it comes true, this could seriously heat up the competition for Apple since users are really conscious about their Smartphone screens, more than anything else.


The next iPhone is expected to come with beefier camera and a larger flash, although the MP count is expected to remain at 13 whereas Galaxy Note 3 will pack a 13MP or further better camera with all modern day features including 1080p video recording, LED flash and a lot more.


Other hardware features

The Apple iPhone 5S will have a faster processor and may be more internal storage taking hints from 128 GB iPad. Rumors also suggest that Apple filed a patent application for Wireless Power Utilization, a wireless charging system with near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR). So wireless charging is packed with the bundle. New functionality like NFC might be finally added along with a fingerprint scanner. In contrast, Galaxy Note 3 is being said to have the Eye-Tracking technology and 4G LTE capability. It is expected to ship with Exynos Octa Core SoC from Samsung, 2 GB RAM and a 3300+ mAh battery. Note 3 will also keep some dazzling smart features including an advanced S-pen, which will also allow users to interact with objects without touching the screen. Other than this, both will at least carry the best features and hardware of their previous flagship devices.


iPhone 5S is likely to come with iOS 7 with new features and improved (and maybe stable) Maps whereas the Galaxy Note 3 would most likely ship with Android 5.0, which it is expected to be unveiled at Google’s I/O event in May this year.


There might be a surprise affordable “new” budget-line iPhone. Reports started coming in that it might use Plastic body although that is highly unlikely with Apple. Some analysts even suggest iPhone Mini might be launched along with the regular iPhone starting this year onwards. Some crazy rumors even suggest that a dual-SIM iPhone 5S can be released but since it is Apple, it is better to keep mouth shut and refrain from daydreaming. Likewise with Galaxy Note 3, it is highly unlikely that Samsung will have a cheaper variant of Galaxy Note 3 although we might have two different variants each with screen size 5.9 inch (the regular one) and 6.3 inches (the Fonblet).

We long to see a major overhaul with Apple’s software and Samsung’s hardware, although only time will tell what both tech giants have in store for us. What are the features you would like to see in iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) and Galaxy Note 3? Leave your comments to let us know.

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There’s discussion on the web about Samsung’s new flagship smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S4. While most of the speculations about the phone’s features, specs and appearance have materialized, speculations about the price are still running rampant.

Here’s what we have with us till now, post launch event held on March 14, New York. The polycarbonate chasis is still in use i.e. the body of Galaxy S4 is built of polycarbonate material.

The polycarbonate unit is available in 2 versions: Black Mist and White Frost. Although thinner and lighter, S4 remains faster than its predecessor – S3. Some notable Samsung Galaxy S4 specs include a new 5-inch full HD screen, boasting 441ppi; a 13MP rear-facing camera; a powerful new 1.9 GHz Quad-Core Processor / 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor and more.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs


Specifications remain pretty standard but resolution has increased from 720×1280 up to a Full HD 1080×1920. This raises the pixel density significantly from 306ppi to 441ppi. Plus, the screen size is now 5-inch. It was 4.8-inch in S3.

Samsung Galaxy Screen


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has two cameras: a 13-megapixel snapper (Auto-focus, LED Flash) on the back and a 2-megapixel camera at its front. The 13 megapixel snapper lets you capture photos and shoot videos in HD while the 2 MP rear camera finds use for video chatting. Moreover, it includes an eye tracking software to support Smart Pause feature.


Samsung used its own Exynos 4 Quad processor for the Galaxy S3, a quad-core chip. It clocked at 1.4GHz and was based on the ARM Cortex-A9 architecture. The same has been upgraded in S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts Exynos 5 Octa processor which if you remember, Samsung had announced at CES. Octa means 8 so yes, S4 will be the first Samsung Smartphone to boast an 8-core chip. It will consist of four Cortex-A15 cores clocked at 1.6GHz for performance while the remaining four are Cortex-A7s clocked at 1.2GHz.

RAM and Storage

With Samsung Galaxy S4, you also get 2GB of RAM, twice the amount in the iPhone 5. The RAM has been doubled from 1GB to 2GB. In terms of storage, the smartphone is available in 16, 32 and 64GB variants.

Operating System

It’s the latest and greatest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and on top of that is, you’ve guessed it, Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI. The touchWiz interface as you know lets you control your device with touch and gesture. Plus, it boasts many nifty features like,

  • Smart Scroll – A software designed to monitor your eyes for movement and scroll through text accordingly. The feature uses the device’s internal motion sensors that le you scroll when you tilt the phone.
  • Smart Pause – Pauses a video you are watching when you look away or take your eyes off the screen. How does it do that? Simple, the features uses eye tracking software via the front-facing camera.
  • S Translator and drama-shot – It’s a translator service that lets you easily translate between languages. Drama Shot on the other hand, is a nifty camera feature which lets you capture numerous photos in rapid succession and superimpose them, to create a composite motion image.
  • Group Play – Group Play has been optimized for playing games. It uses NFC to handshake between devices. Then, using Wi-Fi Direct, the handsets can play games and music together. Big-wigs such as Gameloft and Glu have already optimized games for this service.
  • Air View – An interesting feature that changes the way you interact with your phone. Rather touching S4’s screen directly, the feature reacts when you hover your finger just above the screen, ideal for performing tasks like previewing videos, accessing speed dial favourites or magnifying content.
  • Air Gesture – Takes the Air theme a step further. The feature lets you perform tasks just with gestures.  Air Gestures mean you’ll be able to jump to the top of lists, skip music and flick through pictures/answer calls without even touching the screen.
  • S Voice Drive – It’s for the driver who loves multitasking. The feature is capable of reading incoming text messages aloud when you are driving and allow you dictate text messages. You can even use its navigation features with your voice so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.


Samsung Galaxy S4 includes full 4G LTE networks support (download speeds of 100Mbit/s and uploads of 50Mbit/s). Full 3G and 2.5G support is also present. For use at home there’s also better Wi-Fi support, with the new 802.11ac standard supported.

Near Field Communicaion (NFC) support

The Galaxy Smartphone supports NFC too. So the phone should be compatible with Google Wallet. This means you can pay for your shopping in compatible shops using just your phone. Other area where the technology can be employed – Group Play. By tapping your Samsung Galaxy S4 to another one, you can share music and pictures.

Other Specifications include,

  1. Li-Ion 2600 mAh battery
  2. Body dimensions – 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm (5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 in)
  3. Weight  130 g (4.59 oz)
  4. Display Type – Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
  5. Protection – Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  6. Sensors – Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, temperature, humidity
  7. Browser – HTML5, Adobe Flash
  8. GPS – Yes, with A-GPS support and GLONASS
  9. Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Pricing and Availability

Samsung hasn’t revealed the official pricing for Galaxy S4 yet, but has assured that it will cost around same as that of any previous flagship Samsung smartphone. The company may even lower its price in order to compete. As per as per GSMArena, Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available in the US for approximately $579. The website has also mentioned the European pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Its 650 Euros!

To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to test the power machine yet. Regarding availability, Galaxy S4 will be launching on 327 carriers in 155 countries, starting at the end of April 2013, most probably April 26th.

How do you think it compares to Nokia Lumia 920?