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On 4th October, We covered about the beta version of Firefox 8. As per the rapid release cycle tradition, Mozilla has just recently unleashed a new version of  their Firefox web browser. Yes, the Mozilla’s latest available web browser Firefox 8 is now is officially available to download.

Firefox 8 has been launched as part of a rapid release cycle tradition by Mozilla to stay ahead of the rapidly catching Google Chrome. Firefox 8 is currently the latest stable version by Mozilla.

Firefox 8

Firefox 8 comes with the usual security and stability updates and with some numerous new features. One of the biggest features is the ability to search Twitter tags and names from the search bar. Yes, Twitter is now included in the drop down menu of the search bar, alongside the likes of Google, Bing and eBay. So users can quickly and directly search for the latest trending  realtime tweets.

Firefox 8

One of the most interesting new features is a check Firefox performs after installation. This new feature lets you to see the status of your addons’ compatibility with the new version It also lets you to enable or disable the addons as desired. Additionally Firefox 8 now automatically disables any installed addons without the user’s permission. i.e applications such as Free Download Manager, BitComet, Skype, etc. The addons remover has been added for better integration with Firefox. Some of them nerver ask for your permission before installing the addon. For some users this can mean forced addons impacting the performance and stability of Firefox. Such addons will now default to disabled, and the user will have an option to install such an addon on launch.

Another feature of Firefox that can have a huge impact on power surfers with dozens of tabs open at a time, is a new load-on-demand feature for tabs. The Mozilla team has also made it quicker to load up browser sessions with multiple tabs. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support has been added and that lets web developers load WebGL textures from other domains in a secure fashion.

It now supports the new HTML5 context menu standard. This feature will allow websites to add options to the regular context-menu of browser. This will improve the integrated feel of the application. Some more web standards improvements are, WebSocket support has been improved. CSS Hyphen support has been added.  Support for the insertAdjacentHTML DOM API has been added.

Firefox 9 and Firefox 10 are already under development. Firefox 9 should release the Beta version soon, while Firefox 10 appears in the Aurora development builds. Firefox 10 should offer some newer interface useful for the users. Firefox 10 is currently available as a nightly build on the Firefox website.

Download Firefox 8 from the official website.

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If you are looking for an online project management application or an online timesheet that can manage your project expenses and track employees time, task time, etc then you may find OfficeTimer as the right pick.

The application helps to manage all the above mentioned tasks very effectively. With the click of a mouse it enables users to create projects, tasks and milestones. Apart from this, many features supported by OfficeTimer can be customized to suit the organization’s needs. For instance, one can customize expenses types, billing types, email notifications, user language interface and much more. The best part of the application is that it is available free for use.

Online app

 The fully web based project manager can also customize web based timesheets into:

  1. Daily Timesheet
  2. Weekly Timesheet
  3. Bi-Weekly Timesheet
  4. Semi-Monthly Timesheet
  5. Monthly Timesheet

To set a deadline for the project the user can configure the start date, the end date and the days of the week to be included or excluded in the timesheets. Also, the user can break down the projects into any number of tasks and assign the tasks to his employees. The assigned employees can update progress of the task time to time.

OfficeTimer supports multiple languages (English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, etc) and therefore  one is free to set the default user interface language as per his choice.

To do this, simply click on ‘Admin Options’ and choose ‘Preferences’ from the list. Select the language you prefer from the drop-down menu against ‘User Interface Language’.

How to Use or Work with Online timesheet:

  • Visit the website
  • Furnish all the basic credentials required and click on ‘Sign Up’
  • Soon the user will be directed to ‘My Area’ (Dashboard), the default landing page once you sign up.

Unlike other applications, OfficeTimer does not require any installation on your system. All the user has to do is register him with the website.

In all, this free timesheet aims to offer a hassle-free online management for various business needs. Besides, it also has the capableness to quickly export reports to PDF, Rtf, Text, and CSV.

To know more about OfficeTimer visit here.

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We are pleased to offer 20 licenses of the latest version of the popular CollageIt for Mac 1.4.0 software, to the readers of The Geeks Club.

CollageIt for Mac is an easy-to-use and automatic photo collage maker for Mac OS X. It allows treasured photographs to become an inspiring photo collage in less than one minute, it automatically create works of art making it suitable for people of all skill levels.


  1. Generate collage in an automatic way with a click
  2. Easy enough for users of all experienced levels to use. Pretty collage will be made by just a few mouse clicks.
  3. Just 3 steps to make a collage: add photos-> set parameters and generate preview->save collage as image file.
  4. Provide enhanced features and functionality to create diverse types of collage
  5. Preview the final collage in one second.
  6. Variable parameters – Photo count, photo space, photo frame, shadow, page margin, auto rotation mode, sparse mode, page size and background setup.
  7. Save the collage in common image formats such as bmp, jpeg, png, tga, tif etc to share with your friends and family.

CollageIt for Mac costs $ 19.90, but we are giving away 20 licenses free. To win a license, simply share this giveaway on any social website of your choice like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc and post its status URL here. Alternatively you can also post about this giveaway on your blog or forum. The more you share, the more your chances of winning.

The lucky 20 will be selected randomly after 8 days and the license forwarded to them by me directly.

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Apple has finally released the next version of iTunes viz v 10.5, which will bring much better support for iOS 5 as well as for iCloud services including more better and productive capabilities for new Wi-Fi synchronizing.

While iOS 5 and iCloud are also set to launch tomorrow as today the stage is for iTunes 10.5. For the users, all the official features will be available from tomorrow since the new version requires some of the potential features such as iTunes in the Cloud as well as wireless syncing via WiFi for users which will be made available to all users for both Windows and Mac.

Apple releases iTunes 10.5 with iTunes with Cloud Support now

What’s new in iTunes 10.5

  • iTunes in the Cloud. iTunes now stores your music and TV purchases in iCloud and makes them available on your devices anywhere, any time, at no additional cost.
  • Automatic Downloads. Purchase music from any device or computer and automatically download a copy to your Mac and iOS devices.
  • Download Previous Purchases. Download your past music, TV, app, and book purchases again, at no additional cost. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer on the iTunes Store.
  • Sync with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 5.
  • Wi-Fi Syncing. Automatically sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iTunes any time they’re both on the same Wi-Fi network.

According to Apple’s release notes, iTunes 10.5 will bring more compatibility along with iOS 5 and iCloud for users in use. Along with this, it will provide much better support for paid iTunes Match portion of iCloud which is expected to be the next generation technology. While iTunes Match will go on to be a $24.99/year service which will allow users to get their own music libraries that will be matching to Apple’s database which currently has over 20 million tracks.

This feature will enable all the songs as well as tracks to be made available for the users on any iCloud-enabled device as along as they posses their account login details. While the songs which are not available in the iTunes Store can be uploaded and users can take advantage of Apple’s servers, thus getting their songs to be available on all devices.

While, one of the most interesting part is Cloud support, which will not only allow you to get your stuffs downloaded all of your previous music, TV, movie, and book purchases on all iOS devices but will also allow the users to use these all personal stuffs on other supported devices as well.

You can download iTunes 10.5 From Apple iTunes Page

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Secure My Files is a software for the Windows operating system that uses AES 256b to protect your files, and IT’S FAST. Using this software, you can encrypt store your files in portable Secure Bins (password protected) and take them with you anywhere.


  1. Secure My Files uses AES 256b (Rijndael) to encrypt your files very fast.
  2. Protect your files in an encrypted and portable container.
  3. Secure My Files uses parallelization and multi-threading for a fast encryption/decryption process.
  4. Deny access to certain folders very fast with just a click.
  5. Encrypt/decrypt your removable drive in seconds on ANY PC.
  6. Secure My Files uses a simple Graphical User Interface.

Secure My Files costs $9.99 for 1 license, but The Geeks Club is pleased to offer 10 licenses of this very useful software free to its readers.

To win a license, simply share the following on any social networking site of your choice and post its status URL here.

10 license Giveaway of Secure My Files @TheGeeksClub. Get your copy for free at

If you do not use social sites, you could post this offer in you favorite forum or blog about it. The more you share, the more the chances.

The winners will be announced randomly after 7 days and the email IDs sent to the company, who will then forward the license to you directly.

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One might have noticed that Mac OS X turns off its screen automatically, if left unused for 5-10 minutes or more. However, some applications which are still running in the background keep it awake.

Please Sleep is Mac OS X utility software that forces your computer to switch itself to sleep mode even if some other applications and processes are keeping it awake.

PleaseSleep waits in the background for the sleep timer to hit ‘zero’, set in Energy Saver preferences pane attempting to put your computer to sleep mode when the scheduled sleep timer kicks in.

It is very easy to configure and one can enable or disable its preferences by accessing the system menu bar icon.

Mac OS X utility

Right-clicking on the menu bar icon opens Prefernces to create both Force Awake and Force Sleep exceptional lists.

Mac OS X utility

Features that are accommodated in newer version 2.1:

  • Compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and Intel.
  • New option to invariably enable ‘PleaseSleep’ feature when it launches.
  • Native 64-bit support.
  • New option to select a different menu icon.
  • Option to reset system activity for better force sleep result.
  • Option to monitor energy saver timer with display sleep timer.
  • Fixed the duplicate entries issue in app lists.
  • Adds UNIX executable files to the exceptions list.

Under Please Sleep window one can view 3 Tabs,

  • General- Launches the application at start-up, if enabled. Permits to fine-tune the ‘Display Mode’ and enable the ‘Reset system activity before sleep’ option as per one’s convenience.
  • Mac OS X utilityForce Sleep- Adds applications to a list for which force sleep mode needs to be activated or enabled. Click on the ‘cross’ imaged icon to add a program or an application to the list.
  • Mac OS X utilityExceptions- Adds desired applications, specified by the user and prevents the system to switch to sleep-mode while the applications are running in the background.

Mac OS X utility

Download Please Sleep Mac OS X utility from here.

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On 19th August 2011, We covered the news on the ‘Rapid Release: Mozilla Launches Firefox 6′. Just after the month, Mozilla corporation made another rapid release by launching Mozilla Firefox 7. As we all know, Mozilla Firefox 6 just released a month ago. It has not been a long time, since Firefox 6 came out. Just yesteday on 27th September, Mozilla launches Firefox 7. The Firefox 7 web browser is released, just six weeks after Firefox 6.

Firefox 7 uses as much as 20 percent to 50 percent less memory than Firefox 4, as a result of the MemShrink project to reduce Firefox memory usage. Mozilla Firefox 7.0 is currently the latest stable release by Mozilla corporation.

Overview of Mozilla Firefox 7.0:

As we said, Firefox 7 uses a new technology called the MemShrink project which is capable of reducing the memory usage of the web browser by 20 percent to 50 percent. Mozilla reported that, Firefox 7 loads and also opens tabs faster than before. Also, those who keep several tabs open should find the experience to be smoother. Heavy Internet users will enjoy enhanced performance when lots of tabs are open and during long session.

Firefox 7 also includes the W3C navigation timing spec, which allows developers to measure their websites’ page load timings. The all timings are based on bandwidth speed & websites traffic.

In Firefox 7.0, hardware acceleration always supports for HTML5 based animations & games. Also, Tabs contains several images in Firefox 7. Currently, Firefox 7 is available for all commonly used operating systems such as Mac OS X, Windows 7 or Linux based OS – Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora etc.

What’s new in Mozilla Firefox 7.0:

  • Added a new rendering back-end to speed up Canvas operations on Windows systems
  • Improvements in memory handling in certain cases.
  • The WebSocket protocol has been updated from version 7 to version 8
  • Bookmark and password changes now sync almost instantly when using Firefox Sync
  • The ‘http://’ URL prefix is now hidden by default like Google Chrome
  • New CSS 3 animation effects. Text-overflow (ellipsis), Web Timing specification, MathML has been added.
  • Added an opt-in system for users to send performance data back to Mozilla to improve future versions of Firefox
  • Security and stability related bugs and issues has been fixed.
That’s all! Now you are ready to enjoy the experience of a new Firefox 7. Download Firefox 7 from the official website of Mozilla Firefox. You can also check out the preview of Firefox Aurora and Firefox Nightly by downloading them.

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If you are a Mac user, you definitely dont want to miss this giveaway! Download iSkysoft iTube Studio for Free!

iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac helps you download videos (HD videos supported) from YouTube, FaceBook, TNT, BREAK, Google Video, and many other video-sharing sites opened in Safari. Convert the downloaded videos or FLV videos on your hard drive to use with iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP and mobile phones; or to any video and audio format of your choice. Built-in Mac FLV player enables you to view the downloaded videos conveniently.

  • Download videos from YouTube and other similar video-sharing sites
  • Convert downloaded videos for iPad, iPod, iPhone (iPhone 4) and more
  • Play and manage downloaded videos or flash videos on your Mac’s hard drive

This YouTube Downloader for Mac costs $29, but the company is offering it as a free download. This giveaway campaign will run 6 days from Sep. 14th, 18:00, GMT+8 to Sep. 19th, 18:00, GMT+8.

Want a copy? Go get it here!

Please do remember to share this post with your friends too. :)

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Lync for Mac 2011 has been released will now  available for download for Office for Mac users, starting October 2011.

Using Lync, Mac users will be able to experience the integrated communications experience that Lync has become well known for. From the updated contact cards to the ability to set up Lync conferences from Outlook 2011 for Mac to enterprise voice features, Lync for Mac 2011 offers Mac users integrated functionality for presence, instant messaging, conferencing and voice and is designed to work with both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Online.

Stay in sync while staying in touch

  • Spend less time wading through e-mail and more time with value-add activities
  • Easily connect with integrated e-mail & calendar tools
  • Manage workload from virtually anywhere


  • Database files are stored individually through a more resilient and open architecture
  • Outlook is built on Web Services to allow for better performance
  • Easily import Outlook .pst files when setting up a new Mac.

Get more information at Microsoft.

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Zizorz is a new screen-shot capturing tool for Windows that allows you to instantly copy parts of screen or a selected area to your file or web. This tool is quick and easy to use. The application is developed with an aim to give some serious competition to other free screen-shot capturing applications like Greenshot and Shotty.

Zizorz logo

By default all the captured screen-shots are saved under C\: disk automatically but does not give any prompts while being saved. If you wish to change the default settings you can do it by just right-clicking on the ‘Zizorz’ icon located in system tray, choosing ‘Settings’ and making the desirable changes.

For instance, you can create a shortcut on desktop and enable or disable the notifications.

Main feature of the tool/application is that when it is not in use or after it completes the assigned function, it exits itself to prevent any sort of system memory consumption. Though, this is considered as an advantageous feature by its developers it could be bothersome for its users as they will be required to re-launch the application for capturing another screen-shot.

Moreover, they will not get a preview of the captured screen-shot and therefore will have to backslide manually to the saved screen-shot list.

After the application is launched a message will be displayed on your computer screen; guiding you how to capture, save and upload the screen-shots. The application works well with Windows operating system (Windows XP and Windows7). To copy the screen-shot to Windows clipboard just select the desired area to be captured and hold the Ctrl key.

Zizorz guide

More controls are available but restrict their usage for free image hosting websites such as ImageShack. Developers therefore are interested in getting feed-backs from users to add more services and enhance the usability of its future versions.

Image Shack

Zizorz Download