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One can easily hide files and folders in Windows OS just by accessing the ‘Folder Options’ window and clicking on ‘Do not show hidden files and folders’ under the ‘hidden files and folders’ option.

However, the same is not so easy with Mac OS X and therefore it has come up with the ‘Hide Folders’ software. Hide Folders is a software that is available for free just for Mac OS X to hide some necessary documents and folders in it.

Files and Folders

It has the capability to conceal all the desired files and folders with their contents just by a click and avoid their modification, viewing and deletion by any unknown users.

Some Key Features of the Hide Folders are,

  • Easy –to-use user interface
  • No file structure modification required
  • Password protection while running the program
  • Any number of files and folders may be hidden
  • Prevents access to your hidden files and folders by any unknown users, unless you unhide it yourself

Usage of the application is extremely straightforward. Just select the files you want to hide, drop them into the folder and click on ‘Hide’ to make it invisible.


If you wish to hide more files and folders, access ‘Hide View Options’ from the ‘Settings’ drop-down menu select ‘Add Items’ to add more names to the list.

Hide View Options

Similarly, if you want to make a hidden file or a folder visible then hit Show to reveal it at source path. The above mentioned characteristics are available in free version of Hide Folders only.


Free version of Hide Folders offer an easy way to hide and show private files and folders but it doesn’t allow user to protect its access using a Password. This feature is however available with the paid version that is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and with many advanced features.

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Deeper is a customization utility for Mac that enables or disables hidden functions of file managers such as Finder, Dock and applications like Spotlight, iTunes, etc. The utility is considered as a lighter version of Onyx- the maintenance and the optimization tool for Mac.

Deeper accumulates a collection of tweaks in 10 different categories, permitting users to reveal numerous Mac hidden features and toggle user interface elements of several applications with ease. The latest version of the utility has been specifically developed for Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and therefore may not be compatible with previous/earlier versions of Mac OS X (Snow Leopard and Tiger).

The general window which will be visible after the application has been downloaded and installed will allow its user to

  • On/off the window opening graphical effects
  • Select the mode of operation for Crash Reporter (Basic, Developer, and Server)
  • Set the default screenshot format
  • Alter the number of items in ‘Open Recent’ menu
  • Disable security warnings for applications downloaded from Internet
  • Replace inactive wallpaper with an animated wallpaper
  • Enable or disable Accent Picker from the keyboards
  • Install Preferences Pane

You will manually be able to manipulate Finder graphical effects like zooming and set horizontal and vertical spacing. Deeper also permits you choose which items you wish to display under the Finder menu.

Finder Icon

Though Deeper does not devote as many tweaks as the Docker does, it still includes several unique options listed below in the Screenshot. If the system Dock fails due to some event of misfortune, it is always possible to restore the default settings by clicking on the Restore Defaults tab.

Dock Icon

The Safari tab allows you customize navigation add printing options but make sure that the browser is not running in the background while applying tweaks.

The Mail window allows customization pertaining to different mail application message elements. For instance, you can enable data detectors and display attachments in messages. Besides this you can view e-mails in TEXT rather in HTML format.

In iTunes window, you can alter import settings such as Add Track Numbers and Automatically play the songs. The Window section also lets you to enable other Misc Options such Sow the Ping buttons, Show the link arrows, etc.


You can remove some of the icons from the system menu bar if you don’t use it too often. For instance, you can disable the Spotlight by clicking on Hide option.

Spotlight Icon

Misc icon

Thus, Deeper is all-in-one Mac Lion utility to customize Mac OS X Lion 10.7 usage and bump off other undesired native features and other botherations.


  • Adjust login settings
  • Advanced Finder settings


  • browser options compatible with Safari only
  • Limited features for Dashboard and Expose.

Check out Deeper!

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A Mac user at all times is required to quit an application from system menu bar since clicking on the red circular button, placed on extreme left of an application window does not quit or unload it from the memory.


The closed application becomes invisible for a while but continues to run in background. It therefore is not shut down in real terms. Alternatively, a Mac user can quit an application by using a hot key (command –Q) as a keyboard shortcut.

A keyboard shortcut is a combination of keystroke on a computer keyboard that makes a command ready for an action. For instance, Shift-Command-Q logs out Apple Menu and Shift-Option-Command-Q Logs out from Apple menu immediately.

The same i.e., the log out procedure is quite simple in Windows OS as one can close any application by just clicking on the ‘X’ (close) button residing in the top-right corner of a window. Consequently, Mac OS X has come up with ‘RedQuits’- a Windows like application quitting method that replaces the default method of shutting down any application.


RedQuits is offered as a free utility by Mac for its users. It is easy to download and is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7. To install the application you will be required to enter a ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ first before initiating further actions. After the installation process is completed successfully, you can launch RedQuits by accessing the ‘Applications’ folder.

So long the RedQuits application is operating in the background without any hitch you can close multiple windows just by clicking the red button.

RedQuits download.

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Network Link Conditioner is a utility for Mac OS X Lion 10.7 that enables you to simulate unfit network conditions with good connectivity. It is a highly customizable and beneficial utility for gaming and other animation related sites that rely heavily on network connectivity.

Principally, this Network Link Conditioner utility was designed for Mac and iOS developers to test response time of the developed applications under different network conditions.

At first, you need to install ‘Xcode’. Xcode is a storeroom of tools developed by Apple Inc. to develop software for Mac OS X and iOS. Xcode can be downloaded for free for OS X Lion 10.7 from Mac App Store.

After the Xcode is installed, navigate the pointer to ‘Go’ menu, select the ‘Utilities’ option and search for ‘Network Link Conditioner’. Double click the ‘Network Link Conditioner.prefPane’ to run the tool.


Now just select the Bandwidth Profile you wish to simulate and click on ‘ON’ button to activate the tool. A set of the default choices will be offered which includes;

  • 3G, Average Case
  • 3G, Good Connectivity
  • 3G, Lossy Network
  • Cable Modem
  • DSL
  • Edge, Average Case
  • Edge, Good Connectivity
  • Edge, Lossy Network


If you are of the view that the existing bandwidth profiles is too limiting, click on the little lock icon, residing in the lower left corner and then on ‘Manage Profiles…’ tab to edit or create a new profile.

Manage Profiles

Here you can introduce the changes like response delay, up and down packets dropped, downlink and uplink bandwidth and even DNS delay.

In this way you can use Network Link Conditioner for Mac OS X Lion 10.7 to simulate Internet connectivity speed.

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Adobe Muse is a new beta tool developed mainly for designers to create HTML websites without having to keep the written code in mind. It is particularly developed for people who likes to design and develop websites without having to deal with the code.

If you are looking forward to spend more time in designing stuffs like InDesign and Photoshop, then Adobe Muse (code name for Adobe) will now work as a godsend to you. And if you believe that marginally to be as a code than a high profiled design, Muse has still something for you.

Adobe Muse a new Web publishing and design tool

Adobe Muse offers the two main features for better designing activities which includes

Firstly, a free mindset for designers by allowing them to use most familiar tools like Photoshop and Fireworks during their designing process instead of using the typical WYSIWYG editor. There is also another advantage for designer, now you can even import .PSD kind of files into Muse.

Secondly, Muse provides the advantage of integrating various web friendly content that it quite similar to it. It also comes with flowchart like facility along with drag and drop facility allowing you to organize page navigation with its best interface. It also offers various features for designers in integrating videos, maps and other interactive web contents using a predefined menu option.

It also offers many benefits in terms of Adobe hosting, Browser compatibility, Export to a provider facility, Trial sites for testing, along with various graphics elements of Sideshows, Tabbed and accordion panels, Light boxes, Embedded HTML, Auto-generated navigation, including some freedom to design facilities like Familiar Adobe tools, Dynamic page resizing, Image optimization, Round-trip editing, Text and paragraph styles, Precise typography, Pin to browser, Flexible width, Asset management, Preview your design.

Adobe is providing websites hosting as well option to export web pages to be exported somewhere else. You can also try out free trial sites for your convenience.

Adobe Musu is going to be fully free beta version until its official release by Adobe in the early 2012. Unlike other Creative Suites, Musu will be available on the basis of subscription needs with functionality and features for online exposure. The official and complete Suit of Adobe Musu is expected to be from $15 to $20 per month.

Try it out Adobe Musu for free

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E-Textbook maker Kno took the primary effort to bright up its platform by announcing the textbook E-Reader earlier this year, with digital textbook software including Facebook App which is different from the rest in the market. It has iPad App as well as Web E-Reader and now Facebook App joins the lineup.


Ousama Haffar, the Kno Vice President of Marketing said “I’d like to emphasize that this is a first step.”

Kno has found how the student interacts with textbooks and learning materials. Hence they released iPad App for eText Books readers including Facebook apps allowing students a unique way to get accession to their books through the social network sites.

The eText Books app comes with Course Manager that allows students to organize data by class, term and combines the best textbook and PDF reader technology.

The Facebook app has become an essential iPad app integrates academic social features by allowing students to post comments directly to their walls from the text, ask questions and share study documents with their buddies.

These apps allow students to pool their notes with friends in the same class or share them with students from other universities. Additionally, students can use the search feature to easily find topics of subjects within a textbook and can check in with places and characters on Facebook, to share it.

Kno’s other features for the iPad app includes “QuizMe” and “Journal.” The first directly turns any diagram in a book into a multiple choice quiz and the second allows students to create a digital notebook by clipping text and pictures from your textbook.


Haffar said “If you want to be a company that changes an industry, you need the content. If you don’t have the content, it’s just something that’s kind of cool.”

These apps are very interactive as it can be done without doing things manually. Kno has signed MOV with the leading textbook publishers to offer wide range of books and it also cuts the price tags of about 30%-50% of physical books.

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TouchRetouch is an award winning photo editor application that allows you to dispose of the undesirable contents from your photo just by a finger touch. The application is chiefly developed for Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded from Android Market or Mac App Store. It also covers video tutorials (Basic and Advanced) to guide you along the way.


The application is a serious competition to Photoshop in fact, scores a plus point over it in many areas. TouchRetouch is very versatile and is loaded with some great features and functions mentioned below,

1. Limitless Undo\Redo actions

2. Smart image background recovery techniques

3. No over refinements in final image

4. Easy to use interface

5. 1:1 view

6. Enables Facebook, Twitter, Flickr sharing

7. Finger move hint

App start

Load the image from your camera or from a picture gallery to edit it.


Use your fingers to zoom in the image and drag until you get the spot to be edited. The application will then offer several tools to retouch the image.


  • Lasso- It allows you to draw free- form outlines over the area that needs to be removed from an image using your fingers. This tool is perfect to use when you need to cover bigger objects.
  • Brush- Brush tool enables you to paint a mask over the spot/area that needs to be erased. This tool is very much identical to spot healing brush in Photoshop
  • Clone Stamp- It allows you to replicate a portion from the image into the erased area to overshadow the blemishes created by Lasso and Brush tool.
  • Go- You will notice when you use the Lasso and Brush tools you’ll get a red area over the painted object. Go button removes this red masked area and retouches your photo.

red masked area

  •  Eraser- This tool erases areas masked in red only that are made using Brush and Lasso tool and not the image.

All the above tools are intended for retouching. Other tools mentioned below perform miscellaneous actions.

  • Load Image
  • Undo
  • Redo
  • Info
  • Move
  • Save

After the final adjustments in the image are made and the desired result is accomplished save the image using ‘Save‘ option.

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In 21st century people are unknown to each other until they meet any new people in their life. This world is connected by a series of a network called the Internet. Through Internet we can do many things out of which one of the major advantages is we can chat with unknown people in many various ways. Out of many one way exists which is most popular amongst the people is video chat.

Through video chat people come to know about each other in a very different way as it removes their boredom and revitalizes them with new interestingly manner. So I have discussed Top 10 Ways for Live Video Chat with Strangers that allows you to chat with strangers without revealing your identity and connecting to strangers that resides over unknown locations through out the globe. So let’s go through it.

1. Omegle

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

Omegle was known for its text chat with strangers. But no more, now it has launched web cam chat that enables you to live video chat with random unknown people that uses this application over the internet. No registrations and no age limit are mandatory for video chatting with strangers. Actually this omegle is an online site started by a teenager in the past for random video chats that boomed in market. Through this site one could interact with strangers easily.

2. Lollichat

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

Lollichat is yet another interesting site that provides video chat or visual random chat with strangers. The main element in all of the above ways for video chatting is all you need is that a web cam that is connected to your computer. You need to do is click start and new start then it automates the process of connecting to strangers using the live video chat facility. It also has video chat rooms which are categorized differently according to the country and the current active users.

3. Camfrog

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

Unlike other sites Camfrog is software which is compatible with windows and Mac OSX. Camfrog video live video chat allows you to connect randomly to the unknown users over the Internet. It also allows joining video chat rooms where you can chat with a group of people and hear them, see them at a time almost like a video conferencing of a business associates. It also allows voice chat for that no web cams are mandatory.

4. Chatroulette

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

This is a web based application or you can say a tool that allows people to meet new people in their day to day busy life and this application or tool which makes use of the mechanism called peer to peer communication over the Internet. The chatting process is very easy and simple all you need to do is just enable your web cam and just sign in over it; and wallah you have all the freedom in the world to interact with the strangers.

5. Tinychat

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

This is much similar in features provided by the Chatroulette. But here you need to install a flash plug-in to enable video chat with strangers. The main striking feature of this site is that you can only video chat through your facebook account login which is inappropriate to few of the people that consider it as a threat to the privacy matters. You can create your own chat rooms and some options also exist to invite people over the video chat.

6. 6Rounds

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

As the name itself implies 6Rounds is a site which has multiple features which not only allows you to do live video chat but also to play online games, listen to MP3’s and stream Youtube videos simultaneously. The only draw back of this site is that registration is mandatory and you must be above 18 yrs old. This site is very flexible and easy to use for the users. This site is more like an online dating service provider.

7. Anybody There?

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

This is also an online live video chat provider site. In this site you can post your queries regarding the chats. You can find people with similar interests in them. The users both the sides have to accept the video chat requests then only it is possible to chat with each other. The age limit must be over 13 and no registrations required in order to chat with strangers. It also has various options such as video, text and audio too.

8. CamStumble

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

As the name of the site itself reveals, we can stumble in the live video chats over the webcams. More than one conversation is also provided in this site’s as its one of the major feature. Age limit is limited for teenagers above 16 and no mandatory registrations are required. It also provides or offers random video chat rooms and group video chat rooms available.

9. ShufflePeople

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

It is much similar to the few of the sites themes presented above and provided similar chats. If you are not above the age of 18 then it is strictly advised you must not enter into any of the sites prescribed above in the article. It has no age limit and no registrations required.
Chat with new people and make limitless friends. You can very well and easily chat with the strangers. And keep on making new people as chat progresses.

10. Randomdorm

Top 10 Best Live Video Chat Tools to chat with Strangers

This site has mandatory registrations options. It is mainly designed for scholars who are at the higher degree like pursuing education at college. It only accepts the mail id’s which has .edu extensions provided by the educational institutes. With this site chatting becomes much easier and secure for students. With the help of security features you are not only allowed to chat with your own college mates but also stranger students through out the world and share knowledge.

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Google+ is the one of the new leading social networking website from Google. It has got lots of good features which attract the user to use the wonderful network. One of the new features is a Google+ Hangout which is the most popular one but it not built in option to record them. The Google+ does not contain the built in option of Hangouts the user have to record the next Hangout for free. There are 5 free tools to record the Google+ Hangouts.

1: ScreenCastle:

ScreenCastle gives the ability to record the full screen or change the screen to any size by adjusting the pixel dimension. The ScreenCastle will record from the moment you hit the record until you stop the record. Then user has to upload the video in the website. ScreenCastle also auto-generates a preview image from the use footage.


2: Screenr:

Screenr is really slick, smooth and social. Negative point of this is that it allows the user to record up to 5mins only. Recording is browser based and the user can resize the recording window to suit they style. When the video is recorded the user can add to             YouTube and embed them to the website where the user wishes to upload.


3: Screencast-O-Matic:

This browser based utility is simple to use and comes tried, and recommended to the Google Plus user. In Screencast-O-Matic, once the user hits the start button you can resize the window how the user wants to hangout and then click on the red button to stop as soon as the user finishes the recording. The free version limits the recordings up to 15ins. When the video is completed the user can download to YouTube or other networks. The recordings have Screencast-O-Matic have logo on the bottom right of the video.


4: BB Flashback Express:

Windows user can download the Flashback Express from Blueberry Software. Job can be done but the program looks a little dated. This is made up of two parts- the player and the recorder. The recorder opens in a familiar looks like window and records the full screen and once the video is recorded the clip can be viewed in the player. This can be uploaded in YouTube or other networks. This contains no recording time limits like other allots the time for recording.


5: Pixetell:

Once video is downloaded, Pixetell sits at the middle top of the screen as a small back icon. When the user is ready to record just click over that icon and select “record screen’, it automatically select the most forward window that the user have open. This can be adjusted by clicking on another window or may be changing of the record box. Pixetell adds a round menu bar to display the pause, stop button to the users. When it’s recording, the video shrinks down to a tiny timer. And when it stops, the Pixetell player window opens. This offers a direct uploading video to the YouTube. The user can also review the clip as well as explore the share and export options.


Now tell me, which one of these methods you will use it to record your Hangout. If you are working in Dell, then you might be recorded in your Hangouts (as Dell will be using Google Hangout for Customer interactions and company meetings). Stay tuned in The Geeks Club for more Google Plus Tips and Tricks.

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After nearly after one month of Mac OS X Lion Operating System’s release, Apple has released a new type of recovery boot disk utility to recover your Lion OS. You can now create a Mac OS X Lion recovery on any external drive or any USB device using LION Recovery Disk Assistant, a small (1 MB file) and effective tool from Apple. You can even repair your hard disk as well as reinstall Mac OS X Lion without using any external physical disk.

Lion Recovery Disk Utility

In Windows platform many users use Acronis recovery disk as well as Norton Ghost or some free imaging and backup software. All these tools are useful to clone hard disks, partitions as well as files and folders. Both of these got the bootable utility. Now, Lion OS also can be recovered in the same way.

Here you can’t make a bootable USB or CD or DVD. But, you can use an external hard drive or a thumb/flash drive of at least 1 GB free space. The backup and recovery process is very simple.

Follow the below step to start your Lion recovery disk.

  • Download the Lion Recovery Disk Assistant to create an external recovery disk.
  • Insert an external drive or recovery pen drive.
  • Launch the downloaded application.
  • Select the drive, where you want to install the recovery partition.
  • Now, follow the simple on screen instructions.

Follow these steps tosStart Lion OS X Recovery from External Disk.

  • Reboot your Mac.
  • Hold the option key while booting.
  • Now click on Recovery HD in Startup Manager.

Note: The newly created recovery partition will not be visible in Disk Utility or Finder. You must have an existing Recovery HD in order to create an external Lion Recovery using Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. It supports all major languages.

Tell me your experience of creating and accessing the External Recovery Disk in the comments field below.