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News blog XperiaBlog have revealed the details of Sony’s new flagship devices codenamed Sony Togari and Sony Honami Smartphones. Both of these will be water and dust resistant. The report comes a week after the report of another rugged Smartphone Xperia ZR was leaked by the same blog.

Sony Xperia Togari

It will be the first large display device from Sony. A Baidu forum member claims that it might carry a stylus as well. It will have a design inspired by Xperia Z and will come with a 6.44 inch 1080p display which would put its display at 342 pixels per inch (ppi). The Smartphone is rumored to be coming with a very thin body having a glass back.

As per GSMArena, Xperia C680X, whose benchmark scores leaked in February, could be Xperia Togari. The VR – Zone website claims that Xperia Togari might deploy Triluminos display.

Sony make believe logo

Sony Xperia Honami

Sony Honami is believed to pack a dedicated Walkman audio clip (might be on the lines of S-Master MX Digital Amplifier) and a 16 MP or 20 MP Cyber-shot CMOS sensor with Carl Zeiss lens. It might be even more attractive than Xperia Z or iPhone 5 and will be the best Sony can have in a camera or a sound department.

In terms of specs, it will have a 5 inch Full HD screen, a Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor that clocks at 2.3 GHz along with 2 GB of RAM. It is anticipated to come with respectable 2700 mAh or 3000 mAh battery. Another alleged set of specifications includes 4.8 inch Full HD display and 13.1 MP rear camera which is not very exciting as per today’s standards.

We believe if Sony intends to do something new and awesome, it should go to first set of specifications although it remains to be seen how it turns out. The VR – Zone website also claims for Sony Honami to be using a Triluminos display. With these rumors, it is further settled that Honami will only be one phone and Walkman and Cyber-shot will not get separate One Sony handsets. It is expected that Honami might see a July release, at least in Asia.

Some other reports also suggested that Sony is working on an affordable 5-incher which might be available in the second half of the year but since no robust details were available, so we suggest you take this with a grain of salt. Keep following our blog for more such updates and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest to get updates as and when they happen.

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The size of an electronic gadget has always been one of the prime factors in influencing purchase decisions with cameras being no exception. Though DSLRs are the best at capturing the right moment they tend to be bulky. As the size of the cameras reduce it becomes progressively difficult to cram in technology which eventually results in poor performance. However all of this is set to change with Sony’s all new offering from their Cybershot department, the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 camera.

Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 Review

The Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 is a point and shoot camera. Externally the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 has a sleek aluminum body with a pop up flash. The sleek and slim body factor makes this camera pocketable. Images and videos reproduced on the 3.2 inch Xtra Fine LCD display on the rear are clear and crisp. The NP-BX1 battery gives you enough power to click approximately three hundred thirty shots in one charge.

At the heart of the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 is a massive 1 inch 20.2 megapixel CMOS sensor which is almost 2.7 times the size of sensor in Canon Slim Power Shot 100. Though this sensor is smaller than the ones you would find in a DSLR its performance is comparable to DSLR sensors. The Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 has an extremely wide aperture of F 1.8-4.9 which helps you in taking pictures in low light and shallow field depth. Thus Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 has the best of both the worlds as opposed to its competition which have either smaller sensor with larger aperture or vice versa.

To compliment the massive sensor and the aperture the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 has a 3.6x optical zoom which helps in taking wide angle photographs. The camera sports a Carl Zeiss zoom lens which delivers stunning images. In addition to the Auto focus functionality the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 also provides the manual focus function. The control ring around the lens used to adjust the focus in manual mode gives a traditional camera feel.

The Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 not only excels in capturing still pictures but in the video department as well.  The Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 shoots videos at 60 frames per second at 1080p. On the software front you get a whole lot of features and functionality like Panorama Shot, scene selection, picture effects, face detection, etc. To top it up, with manual controls to adjust the shutter and aperture, you certainly can accomplish a lot with your video. Videos captured on Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 have good audio.

The Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 retails at a whopping INR 34,990/- (US$ 650 approx).

Though the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 is expensive for a point and shoot camera, it is justified, given that you get a host of features and functionality comparable to that you get in some DSLRs in such a compact form factor. The Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 is certainly miles ahead of its competition.

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Sony XPERIA S has arrived a few days back into the market and is giving some fight to HTC One X. The phone is having Android 2.3 Gingerbread as pre-installed OS. Now, the Ice Cream Sandwich update is all set to arrive on XPERIA S. This update will bring in a lot of interesting stuff to the phone.

Sony is introducing three new applications for the Xperia S with this update. These applications will enhance the media by giving you a completely different experience. The three apps “WALKMAN”, “Album” and “Movies” will allow you to enjoy you music, movies and photos in a much enhanced way.

The Three Media Apps of Sony XPERIA S

The “WALKMAN” application blends the best of signature Sony audio technology with social features. It lets you to discover the music which your friends like. You can also share your personal favorites using the app. Facebook integration gives you a visual way to interact with content – accessing album art, artist images and information, directly from Gracenote®.

The “Album” application brings new intuitive ways to sort and browse high quality photos and videos in blazing speed. It will also provide instant viewing, commenting and sharing of photos on Facebook and other online albums. This will enhance the capabilities of the camera of XPERIA S

The “Movies” application streamlines the playback and viewing of movies in high quality audio and video. It also comes along with an intelligent database search which can grab movie posters and information for a richer experience.

Android 4.0 Upgrade for XPERIA S

Despite these three media applications, the software update will upgrade your current stock OS to Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The software update will bring some new features to the Interface of the OS. Some of them are –

  • Lock screen with improved functionality
  • Resizable widgets (improved personalization)
  • Improved control of your mobile data consumption
  • Recent Apps button for clear overview of your applications

You can update the software straight away from the device over mobile networks and WiFi. You can also install the update using a computer.

The size of this update is around 200 MB so make sure that you stay connected to the WiFi till the file will be downloaded completely.

Step-By Step Guide

Here’s a step-by-step video guide which was uploaded on XPERIA Channel.

Official Video – Software update of XPERIA S

Source: Sony Mobile Blog.

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It is raining high end smart phones this year, first we had the HTC one – a high end masterpiece from HTC, and recently we got the Galaxy SIII, an exquisite addition to Galaxy series. Expected to respond now was Sony and they did, but not with a high end model. Sony jumps in, by sneaking out a video on its YouTube channel. The new model is named as Xperia tipo. The forty second video showcases the phone from different angles, and no doubt it looks great. The screen resolution looks crystal clear, body is slim and the camera looks organized in to the frame.

Lets be clear upfront that Xperia tipo is single Sim and tipo dual supports two Sims.

Xperia Tipo and Tipo dual Specs, Features and Overview.

Coming down to the complete specifications and features, there are many and this can excite Sony Xperia fans. The Xperia tipo dual is a dual sim Android phone running Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS. Featuring 800 MHz Snapdragon processor and 512 MB of RAM, feels like Sony wants to keep the price low. The screen in not too large and sizes 3.2 inch comprising 480 X 320 resolution, the camera as well doesn’t looks impressive compared to other flagship models of the competitors, it has a 3.2 megapixel rear camera, and surprisingly there isn’t a front camera to this model. The general specs are 3.5 mm audio jack, FM Radio with RDS, 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi. The phone comes with 2.5 GB user-accessible memory that can be extended using micro SD card.

However the better side is this, the battery is 1,500 mAh and claims to run 24 hours while in service. The phone weights about 100 grams and is 13mm thick. You can imagine this to be comfortable in handling. Xperia tipo dual will be available in white and black shining cases. So if are looking from dual sim android phone, just hold on because this time you might get something packed with Android 4.0.

Here is how these two phones look like :

The price hasn’t been made public yet.

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Sony has added two new members to its Xperia family lineup. Named as Sony Xperia Go and Sony Xperia Acro S, the two phones would be joining Xperia lineup soon.

Sony Xperia Go is specially build as a survivor phone. Known for its sturdiness, you cannot expect better hardware specs and cosmetics from it, but it still has a decent hardware and features that a normal smartphone user needs. Go through the hardware specifications and details of Sony Xperia Go.

Sony Xperia Go Tech specs and details

Sony Xperia Go will feature a 1 GHz CPU with dual-core architecture and 512MB RAM alongside. This unique combo has already blessed lots of Android devices for its performance and Xperia Go was next.

It has 3.5inch reality display placed on LED-backlit LCD panel having stock resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. It has a 5MP rear camera that is capable to shooting videos at 720p, but no front camera.

Internally it has 8GB built-in storage and additionally it supports microSD card upto 32GB. Out of the 8GB, only 4GB is accessible to the user.

Sony has really worked towards making this a sturdy phone. Sony claims that they have made it to resist. Its ultra durability is defined by the IP67 rating which it possesses. IP67 certificate prevents Sony Xperia Go from dust and water upto 1 meter and for 30 minutes. This makes it dust proof and water-resistant.

The sad part of the device is it is powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). While other devices having much low hardware specs than Xperia Go have Android 4.0, why not Xperia Go?

However, Sony has reported that it will get Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update soon.

Sony says, Xperia Go will be globally shipped in third quarter (Q3) of 2012.

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In my earlier post – ‘How to Update your PSP Firmware’ I mentioned that the Sony PSP runs on system software dubbed,  Firmware. Firmware acts as the software or so to say the operating system for your PSP device. Game enthusiasts trying to update their PSP can refer to the above mentioned post. Others, looking for downgrading their PSP are most welcome to read this post where I have highlighted the points to downgrade your PSP to an older Firmware version.

The main reason for downgrading your PSP Firmware is very similar to the reason why we Update it. People downgrade their PSP so that they either have a Permanent Crack on their PSP or because they feel comfortable with a particular Crack version which can be installed only when your PSP device is on a specific Firmware Version. So let us check out how to do it.

How to Downgrade your PSP Firmware

This is a method using which you can downgrade PSP Firmware (the one you are currently using) to an older Firmware, supported by your device.

In order to downgrade your PSP Firmware, you will need a tool called ‘Chronoswitch Downgrader’. You can easily find this tool on the Internet. Once found, download it. Also download the EBOOT.PBP file for the Firmware version that you want to install on your PSP. Make sure that you are downgrading your PSP to a Firmware that is supported by your PSP.

Once you have everything that is required, follow these steps to downgrade your PSP Firmware:

  • Connect your PSP to the computer.
  • On your PSP Memory Stick, go to PSP -> GAME and paste the Chronoswitch Downgrader folder here.
  • Now in PSP -> GAME, make a new folder named UPDATE and paste the EBOOT.PBP file in it.
  • If you have done everything correctly, you should observe ‘2 FOLDERS’ in the location PSP -> GAME. One will be the Chronoswitch Downgrader and the other one will be the Update folder.
  • Now disconnect your PSP from the computer.
  • On your PSP, go to GAME -> MEMORY STICK and you should find both the above files here.
  • Remember that you will not be able to run the Update File directly because you are already on a higher version of Firmware.
  • Hence you have to run the ‘Chronoswitch Downgrader’ instead.

  • Once done, Chronoswitch Downgrader will force your PSP to check and run the Update File even though the Update File has an older firmware.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and your device will be downgraded to the Firmware Version you wanted.

An important point to be considered here is that Chronoswitch Downgrader might create problems for PSP 3000 devices with model no. 09G. So if you do have a PSP 3000 with model no. 09G, then there is a 50% chance that this method will not work for you. For the rest of the models there have been no errors or problems reported yet. Hence, I request you to first check the model no. of your PSP .

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Till now only PlayStation Vita, Android and Nokia Lumia users were able to enjoy the Music Unlimited service on their respective devices. Apple users used to put their head down in front of their Android, PS Vita or Nokia Lumia friends. But not anymore; there’s good news for Music lovers who own an Apple device and don’t want to change it just for the unlimited music streaming.

Sony launches Music Unlimited App

Sony has just released its Music Unlimited app for the Apple iPhone. This app will allow the users to stream unlimited Music their Apple iPhone. This service will also go live for many more users who don’t own a Sony device.

Sony’s Music Unlimited app is similar to Spotify or Rdio. The Music Unlimited app lets you to stream songs and albums. It allows you to create playlists of your favorite songs. It was said that the Music Unlimited app will arrive only on Apple iPhone but plans are changed now. As music is the base of the app, Sony has planned to rotate the app across the Multiple Platforms like Android, Walkman PMPs, PS Vita and other Sony home theater products. There’s no iPad app yet in the store, but according to the news we got, an iPad app will also arrive.

Plans of Music Unlimited App

The Service isn’t available for free. There are two subscription plans for Music Unlimited App. The Basic Plan – costs $3.99 per month and The Premium Plan – costs $9.99 per month.

Only the Premium Plan allows you to stream unlimited songs and albums throughout the month. The Premium plan also allows you to save tracks to your phone. You can listen the songs offline as well.

The Basic Plan comes with a certain limitation. You will have to select channels that you can customize by liking or disliking particular tracks. In a basic plan, the only way to listen to the particular track is to match them with your Sony’s catalog from your PC library. But the thing which we liked about the Basic plan – there are no limits on how many songs do an individual wants to skip. And the app is completely ad-free.

It looks like that the Music Unlimited App is available in New Zealand Only. But it won’t take much time to spread across the globe.

The Music Unlimited App is available to download for free at iTunes Store.


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When you talk of Smartphones, Android is definitely a choice. Sony has also started to show its presence in the market. Sony has added one more device to its Xperia family. The new member of the Xperia family is known as Sony Xperia U. The Sony Xperia U was announced in MWC 2012 at Barcelona.

The mobile targets the youth as it’s a good phone which is priced lower than other phones in its category. I have spent some time with Sony Xperia U, so I decided to write a review for you guys. Here’s a detailed review of Sony Xperia U.

Tech Specs of Sony Xperia U:

  • 1 GHz dual core processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 5 Mega Pixels Primary Camera 720p video recording
  • Android v2.3 (Planned upgrade to v4.0)
  • Secondary Camera

Build and Looks of Sony Xperia U:

Sony always comes up with new designs and innovations. This time too it didn’t disappoint us when it brought to us Sony Xperia U, a new addition to Xperia family. Believe me, the phone has got brilliant looks. It lighted up my eyes straight away with its glossy effect! The materials used for building the shell of the phone is of good quality. So, the phone won’t lose its glossy effect anytime soon.
The Sony Xperia U isn’t one of the big phones in the market. It’s an average sized phone. It’s easy to grab single-handedly and you can drop it in your pocket with ease. The Sony Xperia U doesn’t fall under the category of slim-form factor phones. But still it is handy as it’s just 12 mm thick. The phone is very light in weight, just 110 grams and is available in two colors i.e. black and white. The phone looks trendy with the bottom caps. The bottom caps can be changed as per your choice (White, Black, Pink and Yellow).

On the front panel the phone showcases a screen of 3.5” inches. The three touch sensitive buttons are placed just below the screen. Above the screen there’s a speaker for voice conversations. A secondary camera resides just beside the speaker.

The volume rocker, dedicated camera button and the power key are placed on the right panel of the phone. The 3.5mm jack is on the top panel of the phone.

Turn the phone back, you will find the primary camera of the phone. The LED flash is just above the camera. A speaker resides just beside the primary camera of the phone. The official logo of Sony is at the bottom.

Overall, the build quality of Sony Xperia U is good. The materials used for the shell was better than that of Samsung Galaxy S II. The glossy feel of the phone was a plus point and it won’t lose it anytime soon.

Features and Performance of Sony Xperia U:

Sony Xperia U is powered by a dual core processor of 1 GHz and a DB8500 GPU on STE U8500 chipset. It has got 512 MB of RAM. Browsing the files on Sony Xperia U was delight. It didn’t take much time to open the folder. Multitasking is also good. I tested this feature by running a few applications in the background and then played Angry Birds. The performance was good till the time there were 3 applications in the background i.e. Music player, Reminder and Facebook.

As soon as I opened 4th application in the background, the performance suffered a bit. I noticed a bit lag in the game while switching the levels. The RAM is definitely on the lower side. A 256 MB more of RAM would have given the phone a kind of boost which I was looking for.

The 3.5” inch LCD capacitive display is good and gives quick response. This is not one of the best in the line. We have seen some better AMOLEDs in the Androids and in Windows Phones too. But the Multi touch feature of the display is really good. The display of Sony Xperia U offers 4 fingers Multi-Touch. The resolution of the screen is 480 x 854 pixels which is decent considering the size of the display.

The Sony Xperia U has got a primary camera of 5 Megapixels. The quality of the images clicked outdoors was good. It falls behind when compared to the images of HTC Sensation. Indoors the quality of the images does suffer a bit. Even with LED flash coming into play, there wasn’t any major improvement in the quality of the images clicked indoors. The camera provides features like Geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, 3D sweep panorama and image stabilization.
The camera also offers HD Video recording ay 30 frames per second. The quality of the HD videos was good enough.

The sound quality of the Sony Xperia U is really good. The phone is powered by Sony 3D surround sound and audio technology. The audio output from the music files was really good. The call clarity of the phone is also excellent. It was easy to converse even in a low signal zone. The phone has got the 3.5mm audio jack. So you can plug in your favorite earpieces and have fun on the go.

The Sony Xperia U has got just 4 GB of internal storage. This is disappointing. You can’t even extend the storage by any medium. Just 4 GB of storage for an Android Phone is very less. A 16 GB of storage is must in an Android phone.

Talking about connectivity, the Sony Xperia U offers GPRS and EDGE connectivity. The device can speed up to 14.4 MB per second on a HSDPA 3G. It has got Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP. The device also supports microUSB v2.0 and it has got USB On-the-go features just like Nokia N8. The phone has also got Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Sony Xperia U ships in with Android Gingerbread v2.3. The Interface was really good and acted like an eye-candy. According to Sony, the ICS update for the phone will arrive in the second quarter of this year.

Sony Xperia U has got a standard Li-ion battery of 1320 mAh. Under the regular usage the battery lasted for two days.

Verdict on Sony Xperia U:

The Phone is currently announced in India and UK. In India the phone will go on sale on 10th of May. In the Indian market the Sony Xperia U will cost 17,399. In Amazon UK the Sony Xperia U is priced at £229.99. Looking at the device, it is priced a bit on the higher side. In US the expected price of Sony Xperia U is around $300

Ratings of Sony Xperia U:

  • Features – 7.0
  • Performance – 6.8
  • Build – 7.0
  • Price Tag – 6.5

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This is one of the most interesting topics in PSP Gaming. There definitely must have been a question in your mind whether it is possible to copy a Game from your PSPs UMD and paste it onto your computer.

So for all those people who have been waiting to do this and trying for long to copy a Game from your PSPs UMD to your computer there is good news. YES you can! This however is stipulated to one condition and that is you need to have a cracked PSP. What I mean by cracked PSP is that you should have Custom Firmware (CFW) installed on it. Note that you should be using the latest Custom Firmware so that the process can be executed on your device easily.

To be very specific, I would suggest you to go for the PRO-B series of Custom Firmware since they are easy to install and light in weight. And also ensure that you are on CFW 6.20 or higher. So once you are ready to start the process, follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the UMD Auto-Start option is Turned Off.
  • Insert the UMD of the game you want to copy in the PSPs UMD Slot.
  • Now press the Select Button on your PSP and you should see the CFW Menu.
  • Move down to the USB DEVICE option, which should be set to MEMORY STICK.
  • Using the Left Arrow key change it to UMD Disc and then EXIT the menu.
  • Now connect your PSP to the computer and select USB Connection.
  • If properly done, instead of the regular Memory Stick you will see the UMD Disc.
  • Simply open it and copy the Image File of the Game to your computer.


This way you can copy all your games to a computer and store them on your system. But once you are done, do not forget to change back the USB DEVICE option back to MEMORY STICK.


This section is going to be really helpful to a lot of people out there. If you have a PSP that uses an older Custom Firmware Version and if it does not allow you to update your PSP Firmware but gives you a message saying, “Your PSP is already up-to-date” then this will solve your problem.

The problem arises because of a file named Version.txt in which your PSPs firmware version is set to 9.90. And in order to update your device all you have to do is follow the same procedure I showed above but instead of UMD Disc, set the USB DEVICE option to FLASH0. Then connect your PSP to the computer and select USB Connection. Now you should be able to access the system files of your PSP. Find the text file named Version.txt and just change your version from 9.90 to say 6.00 or 6.20. Once done save the text file, exit and you should be done !!

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The Sony PSP is one of the best handheld gaming consoles. There are a lot of things that you can do with it apart from playing Games, the main purpose of the device.

And if you happen to have a cracked PSP, then you definitely must have heard about PSP Homebrew Applications. Homebrew Applications are applications that are developed by third parties but are not digitally signed by Sony and hence cannot run on PSPs with Official Firmware (OFW). Of course you might be able to find Homebrew Applications that do work on all PSPs since they are signed. But to be honest, most of the cool Homebrew Applications do require your PSP to run Custom Firmware (CFW).

So here is a list of some of the best and interesting Homebrew Applications that I have been able to find for you. I will surely tell you about all of these but I will not be able to give you the actual files nor will I be able to give you any links using which you can download them. So you will have to find them on your own on the Internet. It won’t take much time if you Google them.

1. Homebrew Sorter

This is one of the best Homebrew Applications you will ever come across. This application lets you sort the Games and Other Homebrew Applications present on your Memory Stick using a proper sorting menu. Many a times it happens that the games you transfer on your Memory Stick are arranged in a manner that you do not like and there is nothing you can do about it, simply because many people think there is no way to do anything about it. But now you will know how simple and easy it is once you get this Application.

2. Lock the Folder

This is another cool Homebrew Application. This application allows you to lock the content on your Memory Stick. So you can lock the Photos, Music, Videos and even the Games present on your Memory Stick using a password system. Hence no one will be able to access your Games and Data without your permission. The best part is, you can lock only those things that you want and the other things can be kept unchanged.

3. Module Checker

This is a Homebrew Application that runs even on a PSP with Original Firmware. Actually speaking, this Application is made specifically for PSP 3000 models running OFW and CFW. Module Checker tells you the MODULE of your PSP 3000. This information is very important and mandatory if you are planning to downgrade your PSP 3000 to an Older Firmware. This is important because PSP 3000 models with Module ‘09G’ have a high probability of not being able to go back to an older firmware. Hence it is very important to check the PSP Module.

4. Chronoswitch Downgrader

As the name suggests, this application is used for the purpose of downgrading. Many a times, PSP users want to downgrade their PSPs Firmware instead of updating it to the Latest Release. Logically speaking, downgrading is not possible but Chronoswitch Downgrader makes it happen. It is easy and simple if you follow the step-by-step process but if you miss out somewhere or do something wrong, then things might get complicated. If you are interested in downgrading your PSP using this tool, then you might want to check out this post.

5. Black Speed 2

This is an application that lets you test the Speed of your Memory Stick. This application provides us with a very simple, fast and easy way to check the READ and WRITE speeds of your Memory Stick. Hence using this application, you can check whether a Memory Stick is Original or not since almost all fake Memory Sticks will show very poor results when tested.

6. PSpaint

This application is fun to use. PSpaint tries to bring the ‘Microsoft Paint’ to your PSP. You can actually draw and color on your PSP and even save the files that you have created. Considering the screen size of the PSP and the limitations due to the controls, the PSpaint does a very good job.

7. Bookr

Bookr is very similar to PSpaint. Because Bookr brings the ‘Adobe Reader’ directly to your PSP. That’s right, using this application you can run PDF files on your PSP. So now you can even read your favorite books on your PSP. How cool is that, you do not need a separate device to run your PDF files.