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It is said that Windows 8 is designed to make the OS tablet friendly. We saw the working of Windows 8 on a tablet at CES 2012. Now if you are one of the guys waiting for a Windows 8 tablet to arrive, then you need not wait for long as a leak has popped up on the Web. The computing giant Dell is busy working on its Windows 8 tablet which will arrive soon. This one is known as Dell Latitude 10.

Dell Windows 8 Tablet Latitude 10

Dell Latitude 10 is a 10.8” inch tablet with a screen of 10.1” inch. The resolution of the screen is 1366×768. It is powered by a Dual Core Atom processor and 2 GB of RAM. There’s also Intel’s Integrated Graphics on-board. According to the spec sheet you will be able to store up to 128 GB of data on the SSD. The tablet is very light in weight as it weighs just 740 grams. The Dell Latitude 10 is similar to Dell Latitude ST in terms of looks.

Dell Latitude 10 - Specifications

The Dell Latitude comes with in-built speakers; 3.5 mm jack for each, the headphone and the microphone. The primary camera of the tablet is of 8 Megapixels. The secondary camera which is of 2 Megapixels makes the tablet friendly for video-chatting.

Coming to the key feature of the tablet; the Dell Latitude 10 will come with a removable battery that comes in two flavors i.e. 2 cell and 4 cell. The 2 cell battery lasts long, up to 7 hours whereas the 4 cell battery has a life of 11+ hours.

According to the rumors, the specs which are showed along with the leaked image of Dell Latitude 10 can also be specs of other Dell tablets. Dell will offer same specs in different tablets with small amount of tweaks.

The tablet will go live in the market by the month of November. Nothing has been said about the price yet.

So what do you think about Dell Latitude?  Express your Views via comments.


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When it comes to syncing among devices running on similar platforms, it is very difficult to overlook Apple’s dominance. Thanks to AirPlay, it has been easy to sync data between your desktop running Mac and portable device running iOS.

Aerodrom – An AirPlay Receiver for Windows:

There have been many attempts by developers to dedicate an app for Microsoft Windows users allowing them to stream data like music, videos and photos with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but results were not satisfactory. Now with new app named Aerodrom, this integration can be easily established. Read below to know more about how to AirPlay content from iPhone to Windows platform.

We are all aware of how AirPlay allows hassle-free data integration among Apple products; Aerodrom works in similar fashion as Airplay receiver for Windows users. Provided that your Windows system and iOS or Mac OS powered device is on same local network or wi-fi network, Aerodrom can work effectively producing satisfactory results.

Aerodrom is a paid app but free demo version allows you to sync photos and videos only. For transferring music across devices, you must get its paid version which can cost you around $9.99.

Setup Aerodrom

Once you download the demo free version of this app, it can be setup following few simple steps.

  • Step 1: It is important to initiate multitasking capability of iPhone by double tapping home button.
  • Step 2: Scroll around to find AirPlay button
  • Step 3: Activate AirPlay Mirroring and then select Photo or Video from your device to transfer.
  • Step 4: Hit AirPlay button on screen and you are done!

Here are some features of full version Aerodrom app that you can get for 9.99 Euro.

  • Photo and Video Streaming using iPhone/iPad/iPod Photo app or Video app
  • Slide-show and Audio streaming from iDevices to Windows system
  • YouTube streaming using YouTube app for iPhone
  • AirPlay permitted third party app support
  • No limitations on amount of data to be streamed
  • Localization support
  • Frequent updates
  • Free minor upgrades for registered users

The demo as well as full version of Aerodrom can be downloaded from official website Funky-Factory. In environment of mixed system where users have PCs as desktop and iDevices as portables, apps like Aerodrom play vital role. Are you using Aerodrom? What are your views? Let us know in comments below.

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Are you planning to shift your experience from Windows to Mac but worried about your data and files? Well, now you’re here there is no need to worry. We have already seen how to migrate from Mac to Windows. Now migrating form Windows to Mac is also quite simple as shifting your data and files from a Windows computer system to a Mac computer system is a very easy process.

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You can run and open your files on Mac if you have the right software installed. What I mean by this?

Almost every Windows application has a Mac version of it and if not, there are other equivalent or similar applications that do the same job.

For example, all your Word and PowerPoint files that you create on your Windows machine will open on Mac if you have ‘Microsoft Office for Mac’ installed. Similarly all your Photoshop files can be opened on Mac if you have the ‘Mac version of Photoshop’.

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Ways to Migrate from Windows to Mac

  1. Using External or Removable Media
  2. Using Direct Connection
  3. Using Network Connection
  4. Using Shared File Server
  5. Using Migration Assistant
  6. Using Move2Mac

1. Using External or Removable Media

This is the simplest method. All you have to do is copy your data and files onto an external hard drive, USB flash drive or burn it on DVDs. When done, simply insert the removable media into your Mac machine and transfer the data.

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2. Using Direct Connection

In this method, you directly connect your Windows and Mac machine with the help of an Ethernet cable. Hence, both the machines should have an Ethernet port. Check them and when found follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Connect your Windows and Mac machine with the Ethernet cable.

2. Make sure that both machines are turned on.

3. Open Finder, choose ‘Go’ from the top menu and then choose ‘Connect to Server’.

4. Now, type your PC’s network address in the ‘Server Address’ textbox. For that use one of the following formats:



5. Now click on ‘Connect’.

6. Follow the onscreen instructions and fill in the required details like your PC’s workgroup name, username, password etc. and also the ‘Volume or Folder’ that you want to access.

7. Your PC Volume will appear on your Mac Desktop.

8. Open the volume and copy the files that you want and paste it.

9. Once done, simply unmount your PC volume.

3. Using Network Connection

To use this method, your PC and MAC should be on the same network.

If they are, follow these steps:

1. Switch-on both computers and connect them to Internet.

2. Open Finder, choose ‘Go’ from the top menu and then choose ‘Connect to Server’.

3. Now you have to type your PC’s network address in the ‘Server Address’ textbox. For that use the following format:


4. Now click on ‘Connect’.

5. Follow the onscreen instructions and fill in the required details like your PC’s workgroup name, username, password etc. and also the ‘Volume or Folder’ that you want to access.

6. Your PC Volume will appear on your Mac Desktop.

7. Open the volume and copy the files that you want and paste it accordingly.

8. Once done, simply unmount your PC volume.

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4. Using Shared File Server

In this method, you can use a ‘Shared File Server’ in order to transfer data and files. Simply upload your data and files to the Shared File Server from your Windows machine and download it from your Mac machine.

If your files are less in number and small in size you can even zip them and mail them to yourself from your Windows machine and download them from your Mac machine.

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5. Migrate from Windows to Mac using Migration Assistant

Migration Assistant helps you easily transfer your file from your PC or Mac to another Mac. You can transfer your user accounts including all of your pictures, music, and files.

When you log-in to your new account, the one to which the files are transferred, you will find that all your information is already organized and placed where it should be. For example, the Wallpaper for your new account will be the same that you had on your Windows machine and your email accounts and all its details will be set up in Mail etc.

So to move files using Migration Assistant to your Mac from your PC on the same network, follow these steps:

1. Make sure both computers are turned on and connected to the network.

2. Open Migration Assistant on your PC. If you don’t have Windows Migration Assistant on your PC, you can download if from the Apple website and install it.

3. Click on Continue.

4. On your Mac, open Migration Assistant. You will find it in this location: Applications/Utilities/

5. Now you will be asked how to transfer your information. 6. Choose ‘From another Mac, PC, Time Machine backup, or other disk’.

7. Click on Continue.

8. When prompted, enter your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’.

9. Select ‘From another Mac or PC’ and click on Continue.

10. If you are prompted to ‘Quit other applications’ that are running on your Mac, click Continue to quit all of them.

11. Now select your PC and wait for it to show the passcode displayed on your Mac.

12. If younotice that the displayed password is correct click on Continue.

13. Select the information that you want to transfer to your Mac and then again click on Continue.

6. Using Move2Mac

In this method you can use a third party software called ‘Move2Mac’ which will do the job for you.

Along with the regular files and data, Move2Mac also transfers other items such as your email account settings and address book, Internet Explorer bookmarks, desktop backgrounds, dial-up Internet settings, and more.

Please share if you know about any other easy way to migrate from Windows to Mac!

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For every Computer the sound hardware plays a major role in the computing experience. It is very important that there should be good audible sound that suits our need while watching a movie or playing games or working on any project. Otherwise, the experience of such application can be dull and unlikable.

no sound in computer

In PC’s the hardware which is used to drive the sound is called sound card. This sound card may be a piece of hardware or a built in chip in the motherboard. Sound card interact with the computers motherboard and produce sound through the speaker. To improve the sound settings and to recover from the sound driver/software problem in the PC it is important to troubleshoot the sound. So, here i am with some tips to overcome the problem associated with the sound card:

Steps to Resolve Sound Card/Driver/Software Problems:

Step 1: Test your speakers:

Whenever you encounter a problem with the sound system the first step you have to follow is to test your speakers. This can be done by directly connecting the computer speakers into a headphone jack of a portable radio or a CD player. Then verify whether the speakers are receiving the power and volume of the speakers are at adequate level.

Step 2: Diagnose sound card problems:

To start with this process, open the Control Panel and then click on System icon. Select the Hardware tab in the system properties sheet and click the Device Manager Button. As you browse through the Device Manager list, click the plus sign next to Sound, Video, and Game Controllers. There will be option of sound card. Re install it and reboot the system.

Step 3: Install drivers if corrupted or not installed:

If driver file is not installed or corrupted, try re installing. If the driver CD is included in the package along with the sound card or motherboard, then it is well and good. If not, it is bit harder to find the right driver file on Internet. Search for your driver files in Google (make sure your sound card/motherboard manufacturer and model name before searching) and make sure you are downloading from the manufacturer support website only. If you found the right one, then download it and install. Reboot the system once installation is completed.

Step 4: Check whether the sound from the speaker is cracked or distorted:

Make sure that the speaker cable is plugged into the speakers and the correct jack on the computer. If this is perfect and even if you find that the music in your library skips or the audio breaks up when you play it in Windows Media Player, there might be a problem with the audio driver installed on your computer. To solve this problem disable the speaker effects and update the audio driver.

Step 5: To solve the unrecognized sound card Problem:

To get around the problem of an unrecognized sound card, turn off and unplug the computer and remove the sound card. Now, boot and then shut down Windows normally. When Windows shuts down, unplug the system and insert the sound card. Now, reboot the system. If you still face problem, then it is the time to get a new sound card or any good motherboard from the computer hardware shop!


As soon as you install the sound card make sure that it is detected by the Operating Systems. You can also use the other Media Players to test the sound cards. It is also important that to get a sound in your system you need to install audio compression. For better working of your sound card play single program at a time. The above suggestions help to overcome your problem with the sound system even if you use advanced sound system or just two small speakers.

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In the rush of iOS based iPad2 and many Android based Tablets, somewhat notable Windows Tablets are also being released into the market. It is expected that Windows 8 OS will break all records of Android & iOS, but we should wait furthermore for those gadgets as Microsoft is yet to release the final version of the software.

With a Windows 7 Operating System and Android 2.3 Operating System, features a dual boot tablet known as ViewSonic ViewPad 10pi. It was showcased in CES very recently. The Tablet seems to have best specs with most popular OS equipped in it but there is a little frustrated feeling with the usage of software involved in it – only for Android lovers! The Dual–boot system in Tablet seems a little advantage in the market from consumer’s point of view.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pi Dual Boot Tablet specifications and Price

Tech Specs & Review of ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pi:


This Windows 7 Tab has a 10.10-inches LCD capacitive IPS touchscreen display which boots a customer into a full-fledged Windows 7 experience or an instant-on Android environment. Tablet provides 1280 x 800 pixel of resolution. As all Windows Tablet do, this tablet is also quite bulky with a dimension of 266 x 13.5 x 180 mm and weight of 1.81 pounds. We can also find a Built-in Swype keyboard.


The processor running in this gadget is a Single core, 1.5 GHz Intel Oak Trail z670; which provides a pretty decent performance.


A lot more disappointment in this section as customers themselves will have to enable Android 2.3 Operating System as Tablet will only run Windows 7. There is a lot of confusion while using these Systems that might frustrate consumers, especially the beginners.


The tablet is equipped with dual camera. There is a 3.2 megapixel auto focusing camera and a 1.2 megapixel front facing camera for video calls.


Tablet offers simple ways to connect to other devices mainly via Bluetooth connection and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection. We can also find a USB port and a HDMI port. 3G is optionally provided by the company. Apart from the connectivity, it has Accelerometer sensor installed in it.


ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pi Tablet has 2GB of RAM and a 64GB Solid state drive, which is quite good for storing images, videos, games & plays them without hassle.


This dual boot Tablet has 3200mAh battery allowing up to 4 hours of usage.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pi Windows/Android Tablet Review

ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pi Price & Availability:

Hitting the shelves of North America, the Tablet is expected to be available for $849. Stay tuned for updated price & specs details.

As all Windows Tablets, this gadget also quite a bulky and priced bit higher. This Tablet is best for professionals and business usage. No surprises, if you are working in a company and your boss provide this Tablet to do some home work such as replying to emails, workout in excel sheets and charts. I would not recommend this Tab for normal users. You should only buy it if you want the simplicity of Windows 7. What is your view on this gadget? Have a say in the comments field below. Stay Tuned on The Geeks Club for more Gadgets Updates and Tricks.

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Corefoundation.dll is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file, which is used by the computer to open the media files. The application is Apple’s proprietary which shows up when the user is trying to open any of the Apple software applications. The messages like “The corefoundation.dll is missing” or “corefoundation.dll is not found. Try reinstalling” appearing on the screen when you start your computer indicates that corefoundation.dll is missing or corrupt. The error appearing with the corefoundation.dll can be fixed.

corefoundation.dll missing error

The meaning of this error message is that the corefoundation.dll file has been deleted from your computer or is unavailable because it is overwritten. The main cause of the problem is that the installation of the new Apple software or an upgrade to the existing application had removed the process. The error message may also indicate that the programme is corrupt. Mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow to fix the problem with the “Corefoundation.dll”:

Apple software should be re-installed:

Uninstalling iTunes on Windows PC to resolve Corefoundation.Dll error

Before you reinstall your software you need to check whether the software you are re-installing is the latest version or not. If you don’t have the latest version, then you need to upgrade your installation through the website. This re-installation is required if you have iTunes or Apple software in your computer.

Download the corefoundation.dll file:

If your error problem is not solved by reinstalling the program, you need to download the new corefoundation.dll file from the internet and replace it in the place of original file. Once after replacing the original file, register it by using this command (assuming Windows installed on C Drive):

regsvr32 C:/Windows/System32/CoreFoundation.dll

Scan the computer:

The infection by the viruses or the spyware is the main cause to obtain error with corefoundation.dll. So you need to regularly reboot your system with the help of antivirus software installed in your computer.

Clean your registry:

DLL files are the databases which stores the information of applications and your operating system. So, if there is DLL error message it indicates that there is a corrupt registry. You will be required to scan and clean your registry regularly to get rid of the DLL errors.

Another way to recover the corefoundation.dll error is to run the system recovery. Running the system recovery will undo the changes made to the file initially, which might be the main cause for the error message appearance. I hope these tips will solve your problem. If yes, then don’t forget to share with your friends on Social Networks. Stay tuned on The Geeks Club for more Tips and Tricks on your daily computing. Like we posted a tutorial to solve freezing iPod Touch.

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Now you can share your videos or music from your Windows computer to any other network media player. This includes transfer of videos from your Playstation 3 over your LAN. DLNA is a non profit collaborative for the companies but it is very useful for the consumers to share their videos, music, digital photos. The DLNA certified devices have different classes like Home Network Devices, Mobile Handheld Devices and Home Infrastructure Devices.

stream videos from pc to ps3

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is a standard that allows the digital devices to share data with the other DLNA compatible devices. The digital devices may be a personal computers, digital video recorders or televisions connected on a network. There are two main functions of the DLNA compatible devices. The “servers” distribute the media such as video, music or picture etc whereas “clients” receive and play the media. Connection of the PS3 system and DLNA Media may be by a wired or wireless connection.

Set up the DLNA Media Server so that it can be used by the PS3. Using this feature you can exchange or share data between the two devices. The personal computers with Windows Media player 11 also supports DLNA standard. You can also connect PS3 to Windows 7 through WMP 12.

stream video to ps3 from windows pc

Methods to be followed to share the Videos:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and then select Network Sharing Centre.
  2. In this make sure that the Media Sharing centre is turned on.
  3. Next open Windows Media Player and click Library.
  4. Then click add library and then add the folder you want to share with the other device. The folder may be a video, music, picture etc.
  5. After this click Library again and select Media sharing.
  6. In Media Sharing select “Share My Media”. Thus select the media into which you want to share the data. The media may be automatically detected by the computer if the detecting features are available or else you need to make available the media for sharing.

You can send the video or music of any length. If you have 480p or less video you will face no lag problem in streaming the data to your media player using wireless G. If the streaming is required for 720p or 1080p there requires at least a wireless N connection or cabled LAN to be able to play the files. You can also set up your Windows PC as a DLNA Media Server for PS3 video streaming. There are more than nine thousand products on the market which are DLNA certified. This includes TV’s, DVD and Blue-ray players, game consoles, digital media players, photo frames, cameras, PC’s, mobile handsets and many more.

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Two high visual effect games are set to release this month , Both designed for hardcore lethal combats and gun experience, will surely make you jump over your seat. First game is the crazy Zombie experience and the second is high profile drug and smuggling business. Let us show you what we experienced when we played them.



Gamers are in for a treat this September with some heavy games to be released. The first bang comes with the release of the mind blowing zombie survival horror game DEAD ISLAND on 6th  September. The theme and story looks much more like resident evil a long traditional epic in zombies. The story starts in a fictional island where an epidemic turns residents and visitors into zombies.

Player has the job of surviving the chaos and gunning down the zombies using lethal weapons.

The featuring heavy weapons are

  • Fragile Auto Rifle
  • Inexact Feeble Auto Rifle
  • Heckler & Koch USP
  • SPAS-12

The game is well enjoyed on single players prospective and has first person shooting camera alignment. The recommended system requirements are:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz / AMD Athlon II X2 240
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • GFX: GeForce 9600 GT 512MB / Radeon HD 3870

The game can be downloaded from Official Website.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel


Another sizzling PC game to be unveiled is classical Call of Juarez: The Cartel.  Game starts with bloody encounter with drug cartels in Mexico. The game takes the war against Mexican mob to next level. Embarked with revenge in minds the game kicks of taking you to a bloody road trip from Los Angeles to Juarez, Mexico.

The game may be lacking imagination, but it’s technically competent. 5 stars is what is deserves on graphics. My personal experience with the game says, this is the game I was waiting for.

Let us show you the recommended system requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 3GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3Ghz or better
  • RAM: 2GB for Windows XP / 3GB for Windows Vista or Win 7
  • GFX: Nvidia GTX 260 / ATI 4870 or better

The game is available for purchase from its website.

The game has already been released on Xbox and Ps3 platforms mid this year and making debut in Windows PC this month.

Soon we will get you the upcoming, mind blowing PC games to be released. So subscribe with us through RSS and make sure you don’t miss out any thing.

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Zizorz is a new screen-shot capturing tool for Windows that allows you to instantly copy parts of screen or a selected area to your file or web. This tool is quick and easy to use. The application is developed with an aim to give some serious competition to other free screen-shot capturing applications like Greenshot and Shotty.

Zizorz logo

By default all the captured screen-shots are saved under C\: disk automatically but does not give any prompts while being saved. If you wish to change the default settings you can do it by just right-clicking on the ‘Zizorz’ icon located in system tray, choosing ‘Settings’ and making the desirable changes.

For instance, you can create a shortcut on desktop and enable or disable the notifications.

Main feature of the tool/application is that when it is not in use or after it completes the assigned function, it exits itself to prevent any sort of system memory consumption. Though, this is considered as an advantageous feature by its developers it could be bothersome for its users as they will be required to re-launch the application for capturing another screen-shot.

Moreover, they will not get a preview of the captured screen-shot and therefore will have to backslide manually to the saved screen-shot list.

After the application is launched a message will be displayed on your computer screen; guiding you how to capture, save and upload the screen-shots. The application works well with Windows operating system (Windows XP and Windows7). To copy the screen-shot to Windows clipboard just select the desired area to be captured and hold the Ctrl key.

Zizorz guide

More controls are available but restrict their usage for free image hosting websites such as ImageShack. Developers therefore are interested in getting feed-backs from users to add more services and enhance the usability of its future versions.

Image Shack

Zizorz Download

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Android is an operating system that supports innumerable SmartPhone applications. One can choose and download the desired applications from Android market, an online software store.

Android OS also permits you to share its files with a Windows computer using your local wireless network. However to do this, you must install ‘SwiFTP’- a FTP Server on your Android phone.


 SwiFTP is an open source FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server that enables you to connect your phone to wireless network and upload or download various files.

To access the Android phone on your computer map a network drive- a folder located on every remote computer and set up with the intent to enable sharing over LAN.

After connecting your Windows computer and Android phone to the same Wireless network follow these elementary steps’

Step1- Download the ‘SwiFTP Server’ from ‘Android Market’ and install it on your computer.

Step2- Supply the required information (Username and Password), change the port number if you are unable to access the phone from your computer and click on the ‘Save’ button.(Note- At this stage you will notice an address in the URL field which will prompt you to  stop the application if you are not running it.)

URL address

username and password

Step3- Run the application by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. Navigate the cursor to ‘Computer’ icon, right click on it and select ‘Map network Drive’ from the available options.


Step4- Click on the link ‘Connect to a Website that you can use to store your documents and pictures’.

network drive

This will open up the ‘Add Network Location’ wizard. Simply click on the ‘Next’ button to run the wizard.

Step5- Select ‘Choose a custom network location’ option when prompted with ‘Where do you want to create this network location’ query.

network location

Step6- Enter the address (same as step2) in the URL and tap the ‘Next’ button.

Do not tick in the ‘Log on anonymously’ check-box when prompted with the following statement- ‘Most FTP servers all users to log on anonymously with limited access to the server. Do you want to log on anonymously?

check box

Step7- Specify the Username and Password mentioned earlier in the SwiFTP settings and click on ‘Next’.

Step8- Give a suitable name to the network location and tap the ‘Next’ button.

Step9- Tick in the check box- ‘Open this network location when I click finish’.  You will get the notification ‘You have successfully created this network location’, click on ‘Finish’ once you view this notification.

finish option

Step10- A ‘Log On As’ window will now pop-up on screen after completing the above step, enter the Username and Password (same as in step2) and tap the ‘Log On’ button.


Step11- Check contents of the Android phone. You are now ready to share files between your Windows computer and Android phone.

To access your android phone from the computer click on ‘Computer’ icon twice and check for the mapped network drive icon under ‘Network Location’.