Tips to get the most out of your Android Phone

The most popular Smartphone’s in the market today are the Android-powered phones. Your Android based phone can do a whole lot of things for you. If you do not know how to get the most of your device you would not be able to enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Listed below are some of the ways which allow you to get the most out of your Android phones.


Task Management

You can use the Task Manager application in order to kill certain applications that are running in the background. Although the operating system is good at resource allocation but if several applications keep running in the background that can impact the battery life.

Power management

The Power Manager is an application that can adjust the power settings in a dynamic manner. The free version of this application provides several profiles like a/c powered, computer powered, low powered, battery powered and browsing mode. The paid version facilitates the customization of each of these profiles.

Social Networking Applications

It is better to disable the ability of applications to automatically refresh. They should be updated only on opening that particular app; that saves the battery life considerably.


Use Static Wallpapers

Although it’s true that live wallpaper adds to the beauty of the screen. But it consumes a lot of battery power every time the screen is on. Using a static image as wallpaper does prolong the battery life.


Getting more out of Messaging

The default messaging application may not be to your liking. The Hand cent SMS Application is a free application which can replace the default messaging application. It has a threaded interface that allows you to view the SMS’s exchanged as a conversation.

Get rid of your iPod

If you have an iPad and are carrying both your Android phone and your iPad along, you can ditch your iPad. Although the default music player in Android is nothing great, you can certainly try the MortPlayer in the Android market.


You can check out the video link below to get some more tips:


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