Twitter updated with iOS version 5.6 and Android version 4.0.2, the menu button is back

The updated apps for both iOS and Android will now be able to show recent trends from over 100 new locations. Additionally, Discover tab will tell you what is happening on Twitter. It helps users better customize the trends according to their preferences.

Twitter for iOS (v 5.6)

It now supports inviting friends to join Twitter from within the app. It also brings improved playback of Vine videos with minor bug fixes. Vine is a video playback app from Twitter currently available for iOS only and might come to Android soon.

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The retweet department got the major revamp as the app will show the person who originally tweeted the messages as well as replies to retweeted tweets from within the app along with the retweeter as well. Here is a complete Change log for Twitter for iOS v5.6:

See what’s happening near you or around the world by viewing Trends in hundreds of locations.Invite friends to join Twitter from within the app

Improved playback of Vine videos

Replies to retweeted Tweets now include both the author and person who retweeted the Tweet

Enjoy a smoother experience due to bug fixes and other improvements.

Twitter for Android (v 4.0.2)

This is a comparatively minor update and brings back the menu button. It was previously removed forcing users to go to the tab and choose settings or other accounts. The menu button also allows users to easily switch between Accounts.

Twitter for Android received a major update earlier last month when it was brought more in line with Google’s Holo design. The complete Change Log for Twitter for Android (v4.0.2) is given below:

See what’s happening near you or around the world by viewing Trends in hundreds of locations.

Get quick access to account switching and settings via the menu button.

Enjoy a smoother experience thanks to bug fixes and other improvements.

If you have tried the new versions, leave your comments below and let us know your likes, dislikes and what more you expect in the next update. Keep following us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest for more info.

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