How to Video chat with Multiple Friends In High-quality Video

Skype for video chatting is good, but there are other services too which are capable of providing high quality video chat and shouldn’t be ignored in any way. ooVoo, a NewYork-based startup is one such service that gives you tons of methods to connect with people. It already has a wide user base (47 million worldwide) and is very popular among kids and young adults. Unlike other chat offerings such as Skype which support only 10 users at a time, ooVoo allows 12. Besides, the free video-chat service allows its users to record and upload video chats to YouTube and popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The best part of the application is that it works across all platforms (Android, Macs, iOS, Windows Desktops and PCs) and you do not have to be an ooVoo member for using the service. You can simply connect to the service via your Facebook or Twitter account and your friends don’t even have to download the app—they can simply talk to you through the ooVoo web portal. Great! One can use ooVoo for Video Calling, Video Call recording, sending video messages, etc.

On this note let me remind you, although you can partake in chat with 12 people at once, you can only view up to four people’s streams at a time.

How to use ooVoo for video calling?

  • First, make sure you have minimum 128kbps Internet speed (downstream or upstream). For high resolution and good quality video, 384 kbps downstream or upstream bandwidth is recommended.
  • Once checked, go to File, Settings, and then configure or test your equipment under Camera or Audio Devices.
  • Then, In the Contacts tab check the list of your friends and see if they are online so that you can video call them. Remember your friend should be online.
  • Next, Double-click on your friend’s picture to start a video call. You can add more friends to the list and invite them for video-chatting by clicking on the ‘Invite’ tab located in the upper right corner of the video call window. This however, is only applicable if your friends have ooVoo.
  • If you want to video call with friends who do not yet have ooVoo simply click ‘Web Call’ and share your Call Me link via Facebook, email or IM. Once the link is visible to your friends they can click on it and join your running Video Call from their Web browser.

To know more about ooVoo and use its other product features, visit the official website.

ooVoo – Google Play Store link.


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