Windows vs Linux – Which OS is more secure and easy to use?


Linux no longer works only via command prompts. You will find that it too has a great GUI (Graphical User Interface), esp in the latest versions of Linux. There are many versions, but, I feel Ubuntu is the best Linux OS to use in all my computers, except one Windows 7 PC (if something goes wrong and I am a newbie to this OS!).

Ubuntu is the best OS in the Linux OS lineup. Its simplicity and powerful performance makes it unique. However, Linux is the mother (source) of your favorite Android OS. Android runs on Linux kernel. I can’t understand why this awesome OS is having less than 5 percent market share. May be, the people like to use the paid things rather than free (no matter free is better than the paid one!)

Here are the important things to know about the market share of Linux Vs Windows

  • According to Linux market share in desktop usage is less than 1% in comparison to Windows, which has around 88% of share.
  • Microsoft Windows comes more pre-installed in computers, due to the company’s agreement with the vendors. A few small numbers of PCs, esp at the lower end, have Linux pre-installed.
  • Companies across the world use around 73% (officially registered) of Windows Servers and the market share of Linux Server is around 21%.
  • Here, Linux is far ahead of Windows Operating System: Web Server market share of Linux is more than 71% and Microsoft Windows share is only around 16%.
  • Linux is considered to be the more secure Operating System in the market, than Microsoft Windows. Linux hardly get any virus or malware infections. With  Linux having such a low market share, maybe malware writers do not want to target Linux users – who knows!? Windows OS definitely makes a more attractive target and hence it gets hammered at more often. Just recently we are seeing, now that Mac OS market share has crossed 5%, it too has started attracting the attention of malware writers now.
  • Almost 92% of Supercomputers runs on Linux family OS and Windows’s share are as low as 1% approx. 459 of top 500 Supercomputers runs on Linux Family.

Windows may be easy to use and have a good UI, but I consider Linux to be more secure and a better performing and dependable OS.

Linux is becoming more and more user-friendly and becoming more easy to use now with their neat and attractive graphical Interface.

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