Accessing Wireless Network (Wi-Fi) with your iPad

iPad is a very popular tablet computer having and in-built Wi-Fi facility. This article will help you to connect your iPad to a Wi-Fi network if it is airing its name or SSISD (Service Set Identifier).

Step1– Turn- on your iPad and gently tap on the ‘Settings’ icon.

settings icon

Step2- After getting- in to the ‘Settings’ application tap on ‘General’ to view the ‘General Settings’ screen.

Step3- Tap on the ‘Wi-Fi’ category to navigate yourself to the ‘Wi-Fi networks’ section. iPad will now look for Available wireless networks that are in its surrounding/ nearby region and displaying their names.

A list of available networks will be displayed under the ‘Choose a Network..’ field after the search is complete.

Step4- Look for the network that you would like to connect and try to connect by simply tapping on it. Check if the network has a lock next to its name. If yes, enter the encryption password to establish the connection.


Step5- Use the password that was assigned to your wireless router. If you do not remember the saved password log on to your router, alter the password settings and create a new password.

(Note- Other devices that want to connect to this router wirelessly will also have to alter their settings to access the new password.)

Step6- Your iPad will now make an attempt to connect itself to the selected network and when done, will display the linked network under your ‘Wi-Fi Networks’ screen.

Look for a conical top like label next to the name of the selected network. The label indicates that your iPad is now connected to the wireless network.

conical top

You can cross-check the same by going back to your home screen and searching for the same conical top like label adjacent to the word iPad. You are now set to use any application that requires Wi-Fi connectivity.