How to activate 3G service on your Wi-Fi + 3G enabled iPad via AT&T

You can now setup 3G services for your iPad by activating your Cellular Data Account through AT&T 3G data service.

A series of screenshots coupled with the simple language will guide you for activating 3G service on your Apple iPad. This article contains a short summary of the Terms of Service for AT&T. Just follow the steps mentioned below, one by one, to navigate you to a page that displays the payment summary for the plan to be activated.

Agree with the terms, set up your Cellular Data Account and activate 3G service in no time.

Step1- Gently tap on ‘Settings’ to display ‘Cellular Data’ option under it. Tap on ‘Cellular Data’ to make ‘View account’ field visible.


Step2- A ‘Cellular Data Account’ management window will open up. Fill in all-important details required by the different sections such as,

  • User Information: It will ask for your first name, last name and telephone details.
  • Login Information: Add some essential information here such as email and password details.
  • Recurring Domestic Plan Options: This section offers you the choice to select the data plan type you wish to use.
  • Payment and Billing Information: This is the last section of your Cellular Data Account management window; choose the mode of payment for your cellular data account. Tap the ‘Next’ button after you have finished with filling in all the details.


Step3- the above action will now load the ‘Terms of Service’ page. Read carefully all the mentioned terms and tap on ‘Next’ to initiate the next action.


Step4- A brief statement that represents the main points of the account and selected plans will be displayed now. Tap on the ‘Submit’ button. This creates your Cellular Data Account.

submit option

Step5- You will now receive a notification indicating AT&T is activating your iPad. Tap the ‘OK’ button and go back to the ‘Settings’ state, sign up and wait until your 3G service is activated.


This is how you can activate 3G service on your Wi-Fi + 3G enabled iPad model.

data activated

Hope it helps! :)