Add Polaroid-stack effect to a picture using Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a very popular program for creating and modifying images. The software, powered with an intuitive user interface and a complete set of tools is available on a wide range of platforms such as Windows, Mac, and UNIX.

Adobe Photoshop devotes innumerable features to make your picture attractive and applying Polaroid-stack effect is one of them.

To add a ‘Polaroid–stack’ effect to your picture navigate the cursor to the start menu and select ‘Adobe Photoshop’ from ‘All Programs’. You will be presented with a blank window that accommodates a tool kit as a side bar on the left hand side, carrying all the essential and manipulating tools.

polaroid-stack effect

Click on the ‘File browser’ menu and select the picture to be altered.

Assign a profile to the picture if you wish to, and double click on the picture to enlarge its picture size.

From the tool kit select ‘Crop tool’, crop the picture to the desired size and double click on the picture to apply the changes. navigate the cursor to ‘Images’ option, select ‘Canvas size’ and enter ‘Width’ and ‘Height’  values in percent and click on ok.

polaroid-stack effect

Now navigate the cursor to ‘Images’ again enter only height in percent (do not change width value this time) and click on ‘Ok’. This process generates a Polaroid like frame for your picture.

Enter a suitable text for the picture and choose ‘Layers’ from the ‘Window’ option. Create a new layer and merge it with the existing background layer by doing Ctrl+E.

Double click on the picture in the ‘Layers’ option titled as ‘Layer 1’ to open the ‘Layer style’ window. Under the ‘Style’ column click on the ‘Drop Shadow’ option and choose the Blend Mode to ‘Darken’ and apply a subtle drop shadow effect.

polaroid-stack effect

Final step is to create a stack like effect for your selected picture. To do this, select ‘Move tool’ from the tool kit, use Ctrl+j to move the picture on either side and press enter.

polaroid-stack effect

Repeat the above step until a Polaroid-stack like appearance is generated. To learn more, watch video on the link  given below: