Add Sound Effects and Tracks to your eBooks with Booktrack – An iOS App

Reading E-books books in leisure time will require your imagination to do all the hard work to add that extra bit of geekness. However, with the debut of Booktrack readers can freely imagine the character and atmosphere in the story.

Booktrack is a New Zealand born; New York based company and an iOS application that adds sound tracks and sound effects to your reading subject.

Music or sound effects follow the reader on words-per-minute reading speed basis. A handy speed test is also devoted inside the application to test your reading speed. The application allows minimal social media integration.

Booktrack, invariably makes an attempt to create a more engaging way to read books and enhance the experience to keep you absorbed in the story for a longer duration.

The idea to develop this application was first proposed by Mark Cameron, co-founder and brother to Booktrack chief executive and co-founder Paul Cameron.

The idea had originated when Mark Cameron was traveling in Hong Kong and attempted to read a book and listen to music on his iPod simultaneously.

He wondered if there could be any possible way to combine both the experience. Three years later, Cameron’s converted this wonder positively into a $13 E-book application.

Readers have the leverage to personalize reading speeds on their idevices. Soundtrack of the application matches pace with the story progression and adds music and sound effects to influence understanding of a scene depicted in the book.



Thus, if you go by the theory you can hear the clang of swords and impact of every blow when it comes to a fight scene.

One is free to fine-tune the sound effects volume, add a bookmark to any page or change the theme of the book page and share whichever part of the book he likes via Facebook.

Adjustment options

Booktrack is a free application that offers you both, free and paid versions of books and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The collection is however restricted to limited books only such as The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Power of Six, Selfish Giant and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi).

  • Download The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
  • Download The Power of Six.
  • Check out the demo.