Adding the +1 button will help AdSense publishers, says Google

With the introduction of the +1 button by Google in March, Google search took a small step in an important direction. Search results will now be more helpful, and more personal, when recommendations from the people you trust are there to guide your way.

The +1 button can help Google AdSense publishers, too, . As potential visitors see recommendations from their friends and contacts beneath your Google search results, you could see more, and better qualified, traffic coming from Google, says the AdSense Blog.

Since Google announced +1, they received lots of requests from Google search users and webmasters alike for +1 buttons in more places than just search results.

That’s why Google today has made available the +1 button to sites across the web.

Adding the +1 button to your website is a great way to help your content stand out in Google search. By giving your visitors more chances to +1 your pages, your search results and search ads could show up with +1 annotations more often, helping users see when your pages are most likely to be useful.

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  1. I wonder if having a +1 button your your site helps a sites position in the SERPS at all, or if it still only brings extra traffic from the social media side of things. We are a few months down the line now and still no clear answers.

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