Adobe brings Flash Video Streaming to Apple iOS devices via HLS

The latest news buzzing everywhere is that Adobe is finally bringing the Flash video streaming to Apple iOS devices using their newly developed technology.

Apple blocked Flash support on iOS devices few years ago due to security measures and iPhone users faced problem due to that to view Flash related stuff on there phones but this will happen no more, the new Adobe technology now lets you stream your Flash content over HTTP requests.

flash and ios

Adobe today demonstrated the new video streaming technology at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Conference in Las Vegas. It is Built on the Adobe Flash Media Server is capable to stream protected video to more mobile devices, including the Apple iPad 2, Samsung TVs, and the Motorola Xoom tablet and Atrix smartphone.

Watch Video demo of the new technology

Adobe added further, ” We are in the midst of another revolution in video delivery as we see video consumed on more devices than ever before. The complexity faced by broadcasters to reach these devices with a high quality of service and content protection can be overwhelming. Adobe is committed to developing technologies that simplify broadcast workflows to make it simpler to reach a fragmented lineup of devices”.

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an MPEG2 transport stream (container) used by devices such as the Apple iPad 2. By adding support for HLS within the Flash Media Server, Adobe is reducing the publishing complexity for broadcasters who need to reach browsers supporting HLS through HTML5 (such as Safari) or devices where Adobe Flash is not installed. Where Flash is installed, Flash Media Server packages the stream using MPEG4-fragments (F4F) to deliver video over HTTP to Flash

Via Adobe.