Adobe Muse a new Web publishing and design tool

Adobe Muse is a new beta tool developed mainly for designers to create HTML websites without having to keep the written code in mind. It is particularly developed for people who likes to design and develop websites without having to deal with the code.

If you are looking forward to spend more time in designing stuffs like InDesign and Photoshop, then Adobe Muse (code name for Adobe) will now work as a godsend to you. And if you believe that marginally to be as a code than a high profiled design, Muse has still something for you.

Adobe Muse a new Web publishing and design tool

Adobe Muse offers the two main features for better designing activities which includes

Firstly, a free mindset for designers by allowing them to use most familiar tools like Photoshop and Fireworks during their designing process instead of using the typical WYSIWYG editor. There is also another advantage for designer, now you can even import .PSD kind of files into Muse.

Secondly, Muse provides the advantage of integrating various web friendly content that it quite similar to it. It also comes with flowchart like facility along with drag and drop facility allowing you to organize page navigation with its best interface. It also offers various features for designers in integrating videos, maps and other interactive web contents using a predefined menu option.

It also offers many benefits in terms of Adobe hosting, Browser compatibility, Export to a provider facility, Trial sites for testing, along with various graphics elements of Sideshows, Tabbed and accordion panels, Light boxes, Embedded HTML, Auto-generated navigation, including some freedom to design facilities like Familiar Adobe tools, Dynamic page resizing, Image optimization, Round-trip editing, Text and paragraph styles, Precise typography, Pin to browser, Flexible width, Asset management, Preview your design.

Adobe is providing websites hosting as well option to export web pages to be exported somewhere else. You can also try out free trial sites for your convenience.

Adobe Musu is going to be fully free beta version until its official release by Adobe in the early 2012. Unlike other Creative Suites, Musu will be available on the basis of subscription needs with functionality and features for online exposure. The official and complete Suit of Adobe Musu is expected to be from $15 to $20 per month.

Try it out Adobe Musu for free