Advanced Task Killer for Android Phone

The Advanced Task Killer is a task management application for Android smartphones. It’s the kind of app you might use every day, several times, as because in some Android applications there is no close or exit button and many of you think that while running any application when you return to home page or start another app the running app closes.

Advanced Task Killer

But this concept is totally wrong, your calendar, notepad and apps that you call notifications on events runs periodically in background, and eating your smartphones battery. It is still running in the background. Advanced Task Killer helps you kill such apps.

It is worthwhile to download Advanced Task Killer app. When you use this app, you will be amazed at the number of apps that run on start-up without your knowing.

You can close the Advanced Task Killer, but we recommend leaving it running so you can easily use it several times a day. It is very easy to use – check out the screen shot:

Advanced Task Killer 1

Simply select which apps you want to close and click kill selected apps. You can download this application from the following link:

Download Advanced Task Killer