Air Playit – Personal Cloud Server & Remote Video converter for iOS

Streaming video to devices from PC or Mac is getting more popular in digital world. It helps you watch your media files stored on PC/Mac in real time anywhere.  Compared with the traditional way of viewing video on devices, this method certainly gives you a better experience of watching video with mobile devices on the go. There are no wires involved, no copying and pasting involved and no more long waiting video conversion process involved.

Now video streaming apps spring up like mushrooms in the market. Users have many choices for this kind of video audio streaming apps. Here let’s take a look at a brand-new one called Air Playit which is totally free.

Air Playit acts as a personal video audio cloud server specially for streaming any video audio to iPhone, iPad from PC/Mac at anywhere without having to copy the media files to your devices. It is also a remote video converter software. With built in offline task manager, you can add video conversion task using your Apple iPhone iPad and download the videos to your device via WiFi and3G/4Gnetwork.


  • Stream & play up to 320 different video audio formats.
  • Convert video audio on the fly and play in real time.
  • Built-in HTTP server, supporting web browser access the play list and play it.
  • Support multi-tracks video.
  • Adjust audio/video quality and resolution for each video individually.
  • Support TV-Out, so you can enjoy video & music on TV.

To start using it, simply install the Air Playit server onto a PC/Mac and install the client on iPhone/iPad. The server is mainly for you to add video audio from folders or iTunes Playlist to “Shared Folder”. It will automatically discover the IP address and Port and show in the “Information” table.

Install and run the app client on your iPhone or iPad. The local server should show up immediately, but if it doesn’t, there’s an option to enter manual settings which you will find in the computer application.

Browse the folders under the server, click “Play” to watch video/music on iPhone iPad. You can choose to cache the music when it is played on you device. So, if you have no network connected you can also enjoy the cashed music.

For more information about Air Playit, please visit official website.