Airdrop: A new feature in OS X Lion to share file between 2 Mac computers using wireless technology

Apple has introduced a new feature in Mac OS X Lion, Airdrop that allows you to share file between 2 Mac computers even if they are not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

To share files between 2 Mac computers using Airdrop feature simply follow these instruction manual:

Step 1– Turn on Wi-Fi connection for both the Mac computers and choose the ‘Go’ menu. Click on it and select ‘Airdrop’ from the available options.

wireless sharing

Though Airdrop has a very useful function it is available in latest versions of Mac computers only (2008 and later). Wireless hardware of older versions of Mac computers does not support these types of P2P (peer-to-peer connections).

To check if your Mac computer has the Airdrop feature, just check for the ‘Airdrop’ option under the ‘Go’ menu. If your computer lacks this option then the computer does not support it and is an older version of Mac.

Step 2– After selecting the ‘Airdrop’ option, your computer will automatically locate and display all the Wi-Fi enabled Mac computers in its backyard.

Step 3– Choose the desired files to be shared and drag and drop them to the other Mac computer.

Step 4– After completing the above step you will be offered with ‘Do you want to send _ items to _?’ option. Click on the ‘Send’ button. Hold the next step until other user accepts all of your send files.

wireless sharing

Other user will now view a ‘wants to send you _ items’ and will be required to perform the following action,

  • Save and open
  • Decline
  • Save

wireless sharing

Step 5– Click on the ‘Save’ option that will allow you to save all the received files in the ‘Downloads’ folder.

You can perform the transfer in same manner even when you are not connected to a wireless network. Thus, if a passerby in a cafeteria expresses his desire to pick up a file from your system you can accomplish it in no time.