Alienware M14X – Gaming With Attitude

Now it is the perfect time to get rid of the alien demons and ensure the win in a confident way with the Alienware M14X. No doubt your battlefields and racing tracks are now going to be more exciting. Alienware has launched its new gaming laptop – Alienware M14X!

Several laptop manufacturing companies like Asus, Toshiba also had their take on gaming specific machines. They are also developing high end gaming laptops for their users. But as Hyper-Gadget reveals:

”Alienware is the best computer hardware systems yet.”

Though it is still up in the air but users are showing much interest in it. As per their reviews it is clear that M14x will be more convenient to handle as M15X is too large and M11 X is too small. The catchy sophisticated looks Of Alienware laptops are also factor for customer’s attraction. When good features and performance add with good look then surly no space left for any high price related negativity.

Developers focused mainly on its entertainment side. It has a wide rang of options like:

  • Latest Intel core processor gives i3-2310M up to i7-2820QM CPU options.
  • 1GB to 4GB DDR3 RAM.
  • Hard disk 250GB to 750GB with SSD up to 256GB, make it more interesting.
  • High quality stunning sound system Kilpsch can drive you away by the experience of real-life battlefield.

It is not about featuring the latest Intel processor! It has crystal clear picture with high resolution, amazing sound system, latest graphics technology, lightweight, and a 63whrs-battery life.  Alienware M14x is depicted as the complete package of all the latest technologies, for ultimate gaming experience.

A great laptop for hours of  passionate gameplay!