5 Alternate iPhone Browsers which outperform Mobile Safari

iPhone has become a huge sensation since its launch and as Apple releasing more iPhone products lately this year, its going to wrap up the entire market. The iPhone has safari as its default native browser which actually many people might not prefer to use it. The safari browser in iPhone has a problem that it changes drastically and lately you will have to add features like a graphic showing your top sites and Cover Flow unlike the desktop version.

Usually People prefer something extra in their browser and perform something extra which the current default browser can’t do or doesn’t support. Here is an opportunity to customize your iPhone the way you want and make your browsing experience special.

1.  Opera

5 iPhone Browsers Alternative Outperforming Mobile Safari

Opera is an iPhone application which has its own version of top sites and speed dial. It can display 9 easily adjustable sites in the view. It can also synchronize your bookmarks with your desktop version of Opera. The new opera version 6.0.1 has a fresh look without compromise, has Improved YouTube video integration, Added single column view, Added Opera Mobile Store icon to Speed Dial list and fixed various font-related issues.

2. Mercury


Mercury is also an iPhone application which has a kind of speed dial favorite menu. It is the most advanced and elegant web browser available for ipad, iPhone and iPod touch. This app allows you to transfer downloaded file via dropbox. It is rich with features which includes themes, Download, Fullscreen Browsing, File Sharing, Adblock, Tabs, Multi Touch Geature, User Agent Switcher, Private browsing, Passcode Lock, Save Page, Facebook/Twitter integration and a lot more. Something new in the version 4.3.3 is it Bug fix for Gmail loading problem.

3. Mango


Mango is one of the simplest and basic browsers available. It is better than safari; one of the best features in it is AR mobile. This feature allows you to use the camera to view the surroundings whilst you type and browse the internet. It also saves and sets the tabs and shows the address in big tabs to avoid the confusion. The new version 4.0 has a reader powered by readability and full screen transition.

4. Vanilla surf


Vanilla surf is based on the Safari’s technology under the hood. It comes in with many features; it is easy and handy browser just like desktop browser. It allows you to open many tabs and clears history and cookies too. It also allows you to surf privately. The version 2.1 Closes Tabs faster, Open unlimited Tabs (only limited by the device memory), Updated list of AdServers and Improved Auto-Completion.

5. 360 lite


5 iPhone Browsers Alternative Outperforming Mobile Safari

Digital Poke bring you this application with more features when compared to any other browser. It is different and unique and contains 2 separate dials that have many of the options. The features are Firefox sync, download manager, intelligent tabbing, media player, Dropbox, multi-touch gestures, plug-ins, quick access list; password lock etc. something new about the version 3.0.1 is Google suggest crash fix and Time Capsule Bookmark Plugin.