5 Alternatives available for RSS Feed Reader

A RSS Reader is used to keep tracks of any blogs or sites that are frequently being updated and updates you regularly about it. It works on the mechanism that all you have to do is copy-paste URL of the page that you want updates about in the Page URL Box option of any of the following RSS feed reader discussed below.

Say for an example my friend has a blogging site and whatever he posts on his site it’s just become visible to me through RSS Reader and I am regularly updated what he posts and about on which topic. It just totally eases out the task of bookmarking of any site. RSS feed provides you the latest things which are recently updated by the user. These days Google Reader or Feed Demon is mostly used by various bloggers. But never the less there still exists alternatives in several numbers out of which the best 5 are discussed here.

1.    Update Scanner

It monitors and notifies web pages that are uploaded with new updates. It also possesses annotation query error. Now it also comes as integrated in firefox as an extension to it. It provides option for choosing how frequent a site is viewed for any alterations or changes.


2.    WatchThatPage

It meets the needs of various users around the globe for keeping them updated about the latest posts and changes over a web page or site. Users have to choose the site or the page in the application to watch out for and rest of the task is done by the application.

3.    Page2RSS

Many people tend to face problems in keeping in touch with the altering information that are occurring over the web. Well no more because page2rss feed reader erases all your worries of getting latest automatic updates to you. Mostly if you are obsessed with article reading.


4.    ChangeDetection

This application provides changes and notification that come across any web pages or any site to the users using it. All you have to do is just fill out the form provided with the appropriate details of yours and leave rest of the work to this app. It is very simple to use.


5.    Changes Meter

No one would want to waste their valuable time spent over the internet checking out the latest things happening. Well then this job of alerting you with the latest info is taken by Changes Meter. It provides information in the form of Pie chart too for the better understanding.