Amazon Coming Up with a 10-inch Kindle Fire

The third quarter of this year could witness something big. Rumors have been circulating about Apple launching a 7-inch iPad mini sometime soon this year. What makes this news interesting is while Apple is reportedly planning a smaller version of iPad, Amazon, its rival tablet maker is busy developing a larger version of the Kindle Fire.

Amazon’s 10-inch Kindle Fire

It having problem deciding on the right size and therefore has put on hold, for a while, plans to launch much anticipated 8.9-inch tablet. So, if the rumors are to be believed we could expect a 10-inch version of the same tablet sharing all the premium features but on a large screen.

Initially, the online retailer was planning to come up with the 8.9-inch model  to take on Samsung’s Galaxy Note but later suspended its plans as it already holds a strong position in the market share and now wants to compete directly with Apple’s iPad.

The Taiwanese website DigiTimes was the first to report the next-generation Kindle rumors. Via its blog, DigiTimes reported, “Amazon is likely to launch a 10.1-inch Kindle Fire in the third quarter, while tentatively suspending the launch of a speculated 8.9-inch model. The company apparently plans to simplify its product lineup to focus its competition against Apple’s iPad”.

Some of the sources estimate that Amazon will ship 30-40 million tablet PCs in 2012. Amazon however, remained tight-lipped on details related to its new 10 inch Kindle Fire tablet. Sources also said that Tablet PC orders from Amazon will start gaining momentum at the end of the second quarter or in early third quarter

What will you buy, 7-inch iPad Mini or 10-inch Kindle Fire? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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