Amazon is developing two Smartphones, one with 3D display : WSJ Reports

There have been rumors in the past suggesting Amazon developing a Smartphone. As per a new report from the Wall Street Journal, it is developing not one but two Smartphones, including one with a 3D display capability. The journal cites multiple anonymous resources to further add that the 3D display will be a native one without any need for glasses and even has retina-tracking navigation technology allowing the users to control it using their eyes only.

Amazon Phone

Amazon is targeting a broad category of hardware segment market with rumors reporting that it is also working on a set-top box, an audio streaming music device and next generation great value tablets and electronic readers. This is in line with the statement made by CEO Jeff Bezos in September last year suggesting that it is planning to expand its hardware device offerings in 2013. He refrained from revealing any other details.

WSJ further added, “Inside Amazon’s Lab126 facility in Cupertino, Calif., where each of the devices have been under development, the efforts are known as Project A, B, C and D, or collectively as the Alphabet Projects, the people said.”

3D technology has had its mix of praises and criticisms with native 3D displays being not as effective as the one with glasses. Amazon has constantly revolutionized the hardware market and revenue models with Amazon Fire and Kindle devices being the perfect examples, so we expect it to bring something amazing with its 3D display Smartphone, if and when it is launched.

Jeff Bezos

The report added that even though Amazon is expected to launch new hardware devices pretty soon, it warns that some of these devices including one or both the Smartphones in development “could be shelved because of performance, financial or other concerns.” It remains to be seen how successful Amazon is able to get developing its “hologram-like” 3D display.

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