Amazon to offer $10 Gift Card for $5 on Coming Tuesday

One of the biggest eCommerce giant, will use two-for-one gift card offer to attract consumers to AmazonLocal, its daily deal service website.

Amazon will let consumers buy a $10 gift card for $5 on coming Tuesday, March 20. To redeem the gift cards, consumers have to go to As usual the gift card is limited to one per customer.

Mike George, vice president of AmazonLocal says, Amazon is applying its experience in the online retail space to the segment. “Some of our customers have up to a 17-year relationship with us,” he says. “Our job is to make sure they can make really informed purchase decisions.”

He also said that the promotion is the most high-profile yet for the service, which launched last June in Boise, Idaho. AmazonLocal is now in 90 locations in 26 states and Washington, D.C.

AmazonLocal isn’t the retailer’s only competitor in daily deals but it stands at No.2 in the business just after Groupon. Last year, Amazon lent its considerable heft to LivingSocial for a similar deal, offering a $20 Amazon gift card for $10. LivingSocial sold more than 1 million of the vouchers and greatly increased its visibility.

Let’s see how this offer will go for Amazon. I am going to buy one! :-)