AMD Launches Opteron Series Containing 16-Core Processors

As Intel has introduced its new generation of processors quite few months ago, looks like Advanced Micro Devices aka AMD taking initiatives from this action, unveiled its series of next generation processors on Monday. The most interesting part about this series is the number of cores that processors contain.

The first processor unveiled on Monday by AMD was a 16-core Opteron 6200 series aka Interlagos, now isn’t the number of cores impressive? Another processor which was also flaunted by AMD at the event was Opteron 4200 series (aka Valencia) containing 6 and 8 cores.


The company claims that this new generation of processors will be able to provide 84% higher performance as compared to its predecessors and 73% more memory bandwidth for various virtual machines. The Opetron series is said to be highly energy efficient.

The AMD Opteron 6200 is a 16-core processor based on AMD’s Bulldozer architecture which will be made available in ten different variations based on frequency clocked between 1.6GHz and 2.6GHz. The Opetron 6200 is priced between $523 and $1019 based on its variations. Although only 5 of the 10 variations are equipped with all 16 cores, a couple of 12-core chips, two 8-core chips and a quad core model are also lined up.

The Opteron 6200 is world’s first and only processor packed with 16-cores. The processor has been developed keeping multi-threaded workloads in mind.  The processor are designed to fit into the same socket as its predecessors, i.e. Opteron 6100 models, which reached up to 12-cores.


While Opteron 6200 series has 10 models lined up, Opteron series 4200 has four 8-core models and four 6-core models. The higher end Opteron 4284 flaunts 3.0 GHz frequency which can be fitted into same C32 socket as previous 4100 series.

The series comes as AMD’s attempt to revive its lost market share after Intel’s new generation processor made their way to public. AMD market share witnessed great dive as Intel marketed their i-series with vigorous advertising campaigns.

Hopefully, this time AMD has got its steps right and will be able to fight back for its market share.

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