anaPad: The fake iPad for kids

Imagine a 4-year-old kid meddling with a tablet instead of a learning slate when his geeky parents are all busy on their Blackberrys and iPads? Well with anaPad, that’s just possible. The anaPad is a magnetic white board framed inside a wooden frame with the exact dimensions of an iPad. It comes with “companion app magnets” and markers, making the anaPad a great device for drawing, games, and learning. It consists of a magnetic white board, perfect for drawing, games and learning and is framed inside a wooden frame inspired by the Apple iPad.

It looks exactly like an iPad and when looked at from a distance in the hands of a toddler. You cannot ignore admiring his technical knowledge holding an ‘iPad’ in his hand.

The motive behind the anaPad was that children learn form their parents. With today’s generation of parents spending most of their time on tablets or smartphones in front of their children, they too tend to do the same. You do not want them to fiddle with your iPad and mistakenly delete your presentation. You do not want them to open up your Blackberry and call ‘Dr.Mathew’ from the contact list, only to laugh with him later. So what do you do?

Give them power by buying an anaPad. They play, they learn and they live. They wont bother if you changed from an iPad to a Xoom. Because they have a ‘tablet’ themselves.

Available at Etsy for $30, grab one for your sweet kid(s) now. It’s worth it.