Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – Initial Leaks and Details

This year another new version of Android has been developed again. As it happens every year which started from the BETA’s to the current stable release. This new version of Android (4.0) will be codenamed as Ice Cream Sandwich and is expected to be released in Q4 of 2011. Rumors says, October.

Have a look at the initial development of Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’,

Android 2.4

Android 2.4

In the above screen shots you can see a Nexus S device running on Android 4.0. That’s epic, but good to be true. Looking at the screen shots we can conclude that there will be a major revamp in the user interface, from what I can see now the dock as well as notification tray got the treatment.

The color of the UI has been completely changed and is now the mixture of Green color from Gingerbread and Blue color from the Honeycomb resulting in Teal color for Ice Cream Sandwich. The earlier on the go Google search with white text input area is changed (making it similar to Honeycomb).

It’s not yet clear that will it be v2.4 or v4.0, the hope was failed when the system information just showed IceCreamSandwich instead of the version. So the version mystery still continues.

Other updates that are reported at this initial stage includes:

  • Updated icons
  • Change in UI
  • Redesigned Gmail app for matching the UI
  • Panorama mode in camera

Phones released this year as well as in Q4 of 2010 are expected to support Ice Cream Sandwich. Like every new version comes built in a brand new phone, Ice Cream Sandwich will be seen in Nexus Prime which in June we reported as Nexus 3.

This is just the initial leak of Android, RootzWiki says it’s not 100% functionable. The hidden areas in the photos above are kept to prevent source identity.

This initial leaks and screen shots are brought by RootzWiki and Android Police, thanks!