5 Useful Android Applications for Google Calendar

If you are a regular user of Google Calendar you may have created events and tasks which you need notifications for reminders where ever you go. Android Smartphones gives you the feasibility to get reminders of the events through its feature to install applications. With Google Calendar you can not only synchronize the events and to-do list reminders but also there are some applications which gives you the option to save your call logs with your Google Calendar account. Here are some applications for android for Google Calendar which are free to install.


Touch Calendar

Touch Calendar is the the application which shows all the events of the Calendar at glance and avoids you from the flipping to other screens. This works with Google Calendar and other Calendar web applications. Just tap and hold the date of the calendar to add the event . A clean interface app with the options to zoom and scroll the calendar, search feature to search the events and you can set the font size other than the default size.



Click Cal

This app keeps you away from typing or editing the events or tasks for the reminders. The events are created with the photos and voice messages. Just snap a photo of the reminder, for instance if you don’t want to forget your office ID card while leaving from your home to office, just take the photograph of the ID card with your built-in camera phone and save it as an event later get it as reminder while you are about to leave home. This works with the Google Calendar by synchronizing the events with your Google Calendar  account.



Note Leaf

If you have habit of forgetting your meeting schedules then install this app which shows you the reminders of schedules of the person to meet. This app works with both Google Calendar and with Linked In profiles. The function of this app is interesting, first you need to create an event in Google Calendar of the person whom you are going to meet and this app shows the LinkedIn profile of the person from the calendar or sends the text message with the link to the calendar.



Call Track

Call track is a superb app which tracks your call logs to Google Calendar including name of the caller, number and duration. Create a separate calendar in Google Calendar like ‘Call log’ for recording the call tracks. This application gives the option to user to track the type of calls like incoming or outgoing or missed calls to the Google Calendar.



Lock screen Calendar

This android app brings you the upcoming calendar events directly on the locked screen. This applications works for the smartphones with the Android v2.2 and above. When the upcoming event is shown on the locked screen just press ‘update’ to make the app ready to show the next event.