5 useful Android Apps for Students

Now a days, I am picking the right Apps for right use and for the right people. I made many list of Android Apps and iPhone apps here. Now, in this article, you are going to find out the best 5 Android Apps, which are very useful to students


This is an excellent reminder tool, Android App that helps students to store notes, capture photos, record voice and to keep a track of their daily timetable and homework. You can arrange these notes according to date and the application help you to excel in your studies. Evernote boasts sharing options and larger upload capacity.

You can also search notes by title or keyword. To create notes you do not need paper and pen, it has a very simple User Interface. To store your files you get 500MB per month and with no ads.


Recordoid app on your Android lets you to record the notes and listening to them without any disturbances. It is helpful for student who find it difficult in both listening and taking notes of their teachers’ lecture at the same time, because you can record them down and play them back to remember the sentences you forget.

In this app you can store recorded data for hours, since recordings are saved directly to the users MicroSd card. In addition, you can also set a time to record option and search your recordings by date, time or title. Recordoid is much better for organizing and sharing recordings than the standard voice recorder which comes with your phone because it is much clear and also easy to listen back.


ShareYourBoard app enables you to capture the picture of the whiteboard in a classroom and transforms it into an easy to understand image. It takes a perfect snapshot of the whiteboard by detecting the edges of the whiteboard in a class room and then enhances the image to give you great quality picture so that you can see all the details written on the board clearly.

It allows you to share images with your colleagues and friends. It features image management so the user can save processed whiteboards, share whiteboards, edit whiteboard comments , and delete previously saved whiteboards.If you missed the class for days then this app can be lifesaver for note taking.

4.GDocs (Google Docs)

The Google Docs Android application is a simple tool that allows you to edit and access your documents from any computer in your Google Docs account. You can also create, import / export and send documents and files from Google cloud with this application.

This is extremely helpful for editing the documents, learning notes you have uploaded, and viewing your work in different formats such as in PDF on the go when you are away from the computer. Once you download your files you can then open it or share it via Gmail/email with friends, family or colleagues. This application saves your time finding your docs.


Quickpedia is a free, simple Android app with a simple user interface, which will helps in browsing Wikipedia. You can search, featured pages, news and a lot of things that you normally do on Wikipedia. Quickpedia is fast in getting appropriate information onscreen. Articles can be explored easily and if they are too long then it will be reduced with just showing the subtitles and can be easily extracted by tapping on them. In addition, it also allows you to search history which gives an easy access to previous articles.

The application provides the options to use a bigger or smaller font, send to friends, or send to self, when Wikipedia article is displayed on your screen. You can also refresh the article, which lets you read it even when you’re offline. Quickpedia saves the text of Wikipedia articles to disk, so going back to your favorite article is fast.  This Android app can take you to a randomly selected article, or you can view the featured articles from the front page of Wikipedia. It does not allow you to bookmark your favorite articles.

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