5 useful Android Apps for Teachers

There are wide variety of applications of Android Phones; it can be used for entertainment purpose – to watch movies, play games, listen to music etc. It also keeps users up to date with the news, helps to strengthen social bond and also has hundreds of different other uses. Many apps have been introduced for Education purpose which can help students and teachers. Here I have posted the best 5 Android Apps, which are useful to teachers.

Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Lite)

It is a simple recording app for Android phones that records CD quality audio in MP3 format which can be transferred from your phone’s SD card, send via Bluetooth or email to yourself to store it off of from your phone. This app will continue to record even if your phones display has gone off for battery conservation. Using this free version app you can record it for up to ten minutes. It is much better than the default sound recorder application.

Features of Hi-Q MP3 Recorder (Lite) includes; high quality recording directly into MP3 format where in songs, music, voice dictation, concerts and sermons can be recorded in 44 kHz. Alternate recording icon is provided to prevent users from unintended attention. Its Bit rate is supported up to 128 kbps and it enables users to set minimum disk space option. You can make the recording louder or softer by adjusting the experimental gain settings.

iRecord App for Android

It is the simplest of all the apps of Androids and has a very straight-forward interface. Recording is super easy using this App and the length of recordings is only limited it depends upon the space you have on your phone’s SD card.

Features of iRecord includes; It is perfect for recording lectures, reminders, music, voice memos, interviews, business meeting and kid’s voices. Very easy to start recording- just by a single click and can be saved to your phone.

The iRecord Apps will transforms your phone into mobile audio recorder and the recording will lasts for hrs or just seconds.

SchoolTool Android App

It is a translatable, customized and extensible Apps for Android phones for Education purpose. The features of SchoolTool provide web-based information about student, which includes student enrollment, calendaring, resource looking, student and teacher demographics, class attendance, intervention tracking and management of student interventions, grade books and reporting.

SchoolTool App has 9 Tools; to check for common grammar mistakes, to make your essay longer, Constitution, Periodic table, Quadratic Solver, European History, Slope Finder and Element Finder. This App is well suited for deployment in the developing world, with a great support for localization, automated deployment, translation and updates via package management system and Ubuntu Linux installer.

SchoolRack For Teachers

SchoolRack is the best application for teachers to create educative blog or classroom websites. It is a free educative application available online for teachers. Its system is simple, flexible and easy enough to meet every teachers, students and parents need without any technical knowledge. Just a click is enough to create an educative workspace.

Using this App teacher can interact with students and parents effectively, can collect, grade, post assignments, communicate via mailing lists, private discussion boards, and can also send private messages to students.

Features of SchoolRack; teachers can optionally manage students / parents group and can send emails to many people at once. It is freely available application, easy to use and also has the premium version. It allows for private discussion with parents/ students and keeps the discussion and classroom downloads protected. Students can post, collect assignments in their account and get report grades in return by teachers.

Footnote Android App

It is a great resource for educators; Footnote is a huge collection of nearly 58 million original historical documents that history teachers can make use of, as a teaching reference. Also have a vast and growing collection of public photography archives from The George Eastman House, The Powerhouse Museum, The Smithsonian, The Library of Congress, Oregon State University, The National Galleries of Scotland, and many more.

It gives information to students about what happened a hundred and fifty years ago than to let them actually explore original documents and sources from those ancient times. Users of Footnote App can also annotate original documents obtained to help others to understand better. Footnote not only helps in finding information but also allows sharing historic documents among colleagues, friends.


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