Android Ice Cream Sandwich Details, Release Date and All what you need to know

It seems that Google’s refrigerator could not hide the system “Ice Cream Sandwich” anymore. And the release of next version of Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” is near (expecting it on this fall), after Google gave some information about  its  next version of Android at ” Google I/O”  conference, we thought at  The Geeks Club,  that it is better to share some information about Ice Cream Sandwich with you of what we knew so far.

 1. Logo

 2. User Interface

The new interface bring some new features and themed icons:

  • New launcher.
  • New App drawer.
  • Revamped notification bar.
  • New icons in blue.
  • Totally rethemed Gmail.
  • Four icons on the dock of the new launcher and a new icon which appears to be a task switcher.
  • Apps/Widgets  Tabs at the new launcher from “Honeycomb”.
  • Multitasking UI, advanced applications and much more.
So we will get the new app launcher, and the amazing  holographic user interface, also a new homescreen widgets and a revamped multi-tasking panel.

3. Ice Cream Sandwich release date

The Major Information about the release date of  Ice Cream Sandwich is Q4 of 2011, and with Samsung working for the upcoming Nexus Prime , we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in October 2011.

4. Will it be Android 2.4 or 4.0?

The latest version of Android is likely to be Android 4.0. Unifying the OS will melt  Android 2.x and Android 3.0 Honeycomb, into jar called ” Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0″ .

 5. Ice Cream Sandwich features

Ice Cream Sandwich will incorporate all the best bits of Honeycomb,  and make them useable on smartphones too. it means one OS for all,  it will bring all the amazing Android 3.1 features to phones such USB support, so you’ll be to plug in USB devices such as mouse and keyboard and specially game controllers to phones to play Asphalt; Raging Thunder2; Hero of Sparta and more. It is worth mentioning that Google improved the camera application a lot by Face Recognition which will now feature software to track your face,and which now has a panorama mode.

During the Google I/O keynote we have seen a new stunning feature, 3D head tracking it was so cool and funny,and I really loved that feature, it uses the front-mounted camera and it has the ability figure out who is speaking among two persons and focus on him while he is talking .

So The Features are :

  • Open Accessory API
The Feature will make it easier for developers by releasing a new set of APIs that will help them to scale their apps across the various sizes of devices, this will give the application the ability to work across 3.5-inch smartphones up to 10.1-inch tablets.
  • Cloud Music
Google’s new music service aims to make all your music available everywhere you go. You can upload up to 20,000 songs, and play them back in any desktop web browser as well as the new music player on Android.
  • One OS for all
Google’s Mike Claren said, “we want one OS that runs everywhere.” it means the Android version “ICS” will be able to work on both Phones and tablets, carrying all the features from Gingerbread and Honeycomb.
  • NFC Sharing
Ice Cream Sandwich will bring peer-to-peer NFC sharing. Imagine that web page, and YouTube video sharing between your NFC-equipped Android smartphones and tablets. Just bring the devices together, data shared without launching any application.
  • Gaming improvments
  • Expanding, Resizable Widgets

Means you can expand the size of a scrollable home screen widget, while existing scrollable widgets can also be upgraded by devs with a couple of lines of code.

  • Ability to be a USB host (you can plug USB Keyboard, Mouse etc).
  • Face Detection (in Camera).
  • Single UI interface .
  • Reading offline for saved Web Pages.
  • Will be available for the Nexus S and Nexus Prime gets it first.

What are we expecting in Ice Cream Sandwich?

  • Support for multiple cores for phones (this is pretty much a given at this point).
  • A way to play DRM-protected files (especially movies bought in iTunes) on devices.
  • Holographic UI like in honeycomb.
  • Honeycomb-like multitasking.

We all know  the idea that pictures speak louder than words?  Once you watch the video you will know just what we mean.

Google I/O 2011: How to NFC

Face Detection and 3D head tracking:

Full Video of Google I/O 2011: Keynote Day One

 Pictures [RootzWiki]

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