Android Sync Manager – Sync your Android Phone over WiFi

The Android Sync Manager WiFi is an excellent free application developed for Android based smartphone. Using this program, it’s perfectly possible to synchronize and manage your contacts, music, videos and photos, or any other file you want to store,to computer, to the device or vice versa. And best of all is that this synchronization can be done without any cables, using a Wi-Fi network.

Android Sync Manager WiFi

You can make backups of your contacts with just editing them, send messages from PC to phone, download photos from your computer and can organize them into different albums, edit a certain image and send it directly to the device as wallpaper transfer, videos from PC to phone or phone to PC, manage all your music and synchronize them quickly, and many other options.

Besides all these functions offered, the Android Sync Manager WiFi also carries the Android Space, where you can download dozens of games and applications for your mobile phone for free. All items are divided into several categories such as communication, multimedia, finance, productivity, lifestyle, utilities, tools, games and arcade-style action, puzzle, casino, cards and more.

Another highlight of this application is that you can also synchronize all your contacts from Outlook to the phone simply uncomplicated.

This application does not cost anything. You can download it for free via the Android Market from following link:

Download Android Sync Manager WiFi.