Angry Birds hits Google Chrome – Play ALL levels using this hack!

The major gaming series on  handhelds “Angry Birds” is present on covered almost EVERY portable handheld device. It has later even came to PC’s. After Google I/O conference Angry Birds has now came to Google Chrome, and guess what, it’s FREE!

The game is modified version of original Angry Birds. Some changes includes new weapons like Google Bomb, mighty eagle feature and changed color scheme. These new weapons allow you greater devastation in single shot, making it easy to complete the level.

The game is available in two modes SD (Standard definition) as well as HD (High definition) depending on your bandwidth and screen size you are free to choose your mode. Well, as usual HD looks better!

All you have to do is just download Angry Birds from Chrome Webstore it will be automatically installed and you are free to play it. Chrome has even featured the game on the Webstore so it is easy to locate and download it, another way includes visiting this link.

Not only Chrome but Angry Birds for Chrome is playable on almost any web browser after installing some compatibility patches which are wide speared. Chrome link of Angry Birds even works on Firefox 4 without any hesitation (no patching required)

The game is still in BETA mode, hope ROVIO develops a stable release soon with more surprises and new series like the iOS platform.

After a small game play I wasn’t able to enjoy the game, it may be because I’m iOS platform player of Angry Birds. Seriously, pulling that Angry Bird using your finger gives more fun and enjoyment rather than pulling it with mouse!

Incidentally, the game has already been hacked by Wesbos who was able to find a hack that will give you access to all the levels, even the special Chrome levels! You can get the details here.

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