Announce the Name of an Invoked App using LaunchSpeak

No matter how good Apple’s iOS is it will always have some part that will not satisfy its users completely.  Thankfully, we have Cydia. You may all know Cydia is a software application for iOS that enables a user find and install many software packages such as apps, interface customizations and more but you need to have a Jailbroken device for this. So, what you don’t get in the App Store at times, you may find it in Cydia.  That said, A few days back, new and free jailbreak tweak landed in the Cydia store, dubbed LaunchSpeak.

What is LaunchSpeak?

LaunchSpeak as the name implies is a Cydia tweak by iOS developer fr0st.  The tweak allows users to specify a text string which is then read out by the device whenever an app is launched from the home screen. In short, you get a sort of ‘audio feedback’ after pressing the finger on the icon of any application.

The application requires you to reboot your device every time you change the text from the text input box. This is one shortfall of the application.

Apart from changing the text you can toggle the tweak ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ as per your convenience. So, if you are in a location where silence is expected and don’t want your phone to be speaking continuously while you use it you can turn off the tweak.

How to use LaunchSpeak?

Download LaunchSpeak, free of charge from the ModMyi repository and install it.

Once the installation is complete, you will find the tweak in the Settings menu with 2 configurable options,

  1. A switch to toggle LaunchSpeak ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’
  2. A Text field that allows the string of text to be entered

In the text input box/text field include “”and enter the name of application. Once done, LaunchSpeak will announce the name of the invoked app.

Two things that LaunchSpeak is missing currently is the ability to respring directly from the Settings application and a preferences pane icon. However, the developer promises to include both these features.

Although the tweak may not appear useful to normal users, it could help visually impaired users who may just want to confirm that they have launched the required application. Launchspeak is compatible with all iOS version.