Anonymous hacks into Supreme Court and other Indian Government websites

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us” goes their slogan. They are Anonymous, a group of hackers from all over the world who incessantly have a strict watch over the Internet and have recently taken down associated websites which promote the act of preventing freedom of speech on the web.

A recent John Doe order by the Madras High Court and the blocking of The Pirate Bay (a torrent site) and Vimeo seems to have irked the Anonymous group who have hacked and taken down the official web portals of the Indian Supreme Court [] and the Indian National Government []. However, the Supreme Court website is back up (while writing this article). The point which the Anonymous intends to convey is expressed through a tweet from their OPindia account:

Next on target is the Department of Telecom website [], Reliance entertainment and Copyright Labs. After the recent steps undertaken by the Indian government towards censorship of online content, there has been huge uproar among the web users who consider this as an attack on their freedom of speech as web is the only platform in the present world scenario which maintains freedom of speech by every individual.

Though the Indian Government has setup a committee to look into the hacking of the government websites and may act soon, but we feel the Anonymous wont bulge and will continue its attacks till it is successful in conveying its message to the authorities.

Update: It seems the Anonymous have almost completed taking down the Department of Telecom website.