ApenA4 Digitizes data – Digital Pen for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

There has been a release of new product from E-FUN, a consumer electronics marketer of fun and lifestyle products. The name of product- ApenA4! It is a digital pen for iPhone and iPad users that capture your strokes and transfer then to a computer. A 30-pin USB connector that comes along with this digital pen allows you to transcribe your notes instantly to the above mentioned i-devices.

E-FUN, the manufacturer, says “APEN A4 works like a standard ink pen, which means you can write as you would normally, though when the battery runs dry (80 hours) it will just be, well, just a standard pen”.

The receiver of ApenA4 has the capability to store up to 100 pages of data that can be uploaded to a computer or iOS devices at a later time. All you need to do is just clip the receiver on a paper; special software in the digital pen automatically digitizes your handwritten notes or images. The digitized data can then be shared via email or uploaded to social networking sites immediately.

Features of ApenA4:

  • Compatible with Apple products (iPad, iPhone and iPodTouch)
  • Digitizes and records handwriting while the unit is not connected to a computer
  • Works on regular paper
  • Records up to 100 pages in the receivers’ memory
  • Photo sketcher for annotating written words or drawings on computer images
  • Allows sharing of photos on Facebook, Flickr and other social networking sites
  • Allows sharing of handwritten documents and photos via email

ApenA4 works with Windows OS (XP and later), Mac OS X 10.5 and above, and iOS 3.0 or above. When connected to a computer, APEN allows users to sketch, or write on images and perform real-time computer annotation such as eSignatures within MS Office applications and on digital photos. It is available at national retailers in Canada and the U.S.market for $129.99. To know more visit here.