Apple Announces iCloud Service, Free 5GB Storage and Other Features

Apple unveiled iCloud service yesterday at the WWDC 2011 event. The service will host user’s digital lives for free on its servers and synchronize their files across all their iOS devices. Although iCloud follow similar moves to cloud-based storage like as Google and Amazon is doing. when Apple’s iCloud become available this fall, it will be easier for people to use iPads and iPhones as their primary computers.

Many updates are designed to let users forget about which files are stored where, so they can access documents, songs and photos from whatever device they happen to have in hand. It can let you access photos, songs and almost any of your data in any of your iOS devices from anywhere and it also synchronize all your data across the cloud.

By the way, this service replaces Apple’s MobileMe, a $99-per-year subscription service that stumbled upon its launch in the year 2008 and failed to gain significant popularity. In the WWDC 2011, where Steve Jobs promised iCloud would mark a significant improvement in the lineup. This is the second appearance of Steve Jobs at the Apple event this year.

When iCloud arrives, customers will be able to set up new iPhones and iPads simply by using their existing Apple ID and password. They can also create a new account on the device and from there, customer’s e-mail, photos, music, contacts and other information will download to the new device automatically.

When you sign up for Apple’s iCloud, you will automatically get 5GB of free storage. And it’s plenty of space, because of the way iCloud stores your data. One more interesting fact about iCloud is, your purchased music, apps, and books, and even your Photo Stream, don’t count against your free 5GB storage. Exceptions here are to your mail, documents, Camera Roll, account information, settings, and other app data. However, these things don’t use as much storage space on iCloud; you can utilize that 5GB for much longer period. This free storage is the introductory offer by Apple to attract more and more consumers to use this amazing service.

iCloud Backup as in Apple’s words:

iCloud Backup automatically and securely backs up your iOS devices to iCloud daily over Wi-Fi when you charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Backed up content includes purchased music, apps and books, Camera Roll (photos and videos), device settings and app data. If you replace your iOS device, just enter your Apple ID and password during setup and iCloud restores your new device.

After the iOS update of your device:

When you update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 5(iOS 5 will be packed with many new features), your Apple apps will be integrated with Apple’s iCloud service. So all your content and information will be available and up to date, no matter which device you’re using.

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