Apple granted 19 patents covering iPhone, iOS, Folder and UI Management and more

The US Patent and Trademark office gave green light to Apple for 19 patents. The Apple granted 19 patents range from iPhone’s industrial design to three facets of iOS covering folder management. The well known ‘jiggle’ effect patent is also among those granted. 14 other patents include a wide spectrum of technologies related to antennas, databases, calendars and wireless matters.

Jiggle Effect

When one wishes to perform any function will icons on iOS, one tap and holds the icon till the entire UI begins to jiggle. This is the user reconfiguration mode and allows the user to create, display, add or remove objects to and from the folders. The user can also rearrange the objects or folders and can also perform similar functions with icons. Apple credits Imran Chaudhri as the sole inventor of this patent.

The three design patents granted include the iPhone 3Gs, Apple’s iOS icons for “Reminders” list and design for grouping apps into folders. Apple was also granted 6 MacBook Pro design patents in Hong Kong a few days back. It was also given the patent for a hybrid notebook tablet device two weeks ago. With Samsung and other tech giants hitting hard on Apple with patent lawsuits, Apple is seen to be aggressively strengthening its patent department by coughing up as many patents as possible.

The remaining patents that were granted to Apple can be seen in this image:


With the upcoming launch of iOS 7, iPhone 5S and the new iPad, it will be once again interesting to see how these newly granted patents take shape on those desired devices. Samsung is also gearing up to launch its Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Tab 3 in the second half of 2013 and is said to be giving more emphasis on building quality and design now. We suspect there will be more patent clashes and lawsuits once that happens.

The last update on Apple vs Samsung Patent Infringement Trial was that the Judge Koh reduced the S1.05 billion patent trial awarded to Apple by 40 percent. Diving in the glory, Samsung requested a retrial, with the new jury in the US, regarding the 14 Samsung devices which Apple alleged infringed on their patents and concepts. We will keep you posted on more news from the retrials and Apple’s arsenal loading up with new patents. You can read the full article at Patently Apple. Leave your comments below about what you think and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.